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The Challenges of a Praise and Worship Leader

Being a new praise and worship leader can be one of the scariest ministries in the church.  It is not so much whether you can sing or play, but the very fact that you have to lead your congregation to a deep relationship and experience of the Lord can be a scary thing.  Doing this with a group of talented and gifted people can also make becoming a new praise and worship leader terrifying!


The First Challenge of Being a Praise and Worship Leader


Praise and worship leaderEvery church ministry has its challenges, but becoming a praise and worship leader is one of the most public areas of the church.  This means that everything you do, sing and say is in front of the people who know you best, your strengths and your weaknesses, and the end product of your ministry is one of the most controversial in the church.


The first major challenge for a praise and worship leader is the fact that you are public, because if you make mistakes, everybody knows!


The Second Challenge of Being a Praise and Worship Leader


The second challenge is that you are working with a group of talented, gifted and often very sensitive individuals.  Being a praise and worship leader is first and foremost about leading, leading your congregation in worship but also leading your team.


Most often the praise and worship leader faces a team who are more talented in music than they are, and this is indeed a challenge!  However, you must remember that your calling is to lead, not play and sing and be a star!  Leadership skills are vital at this point, because many of your team will be sensitive to criticism, sometimes prideful and often aggressive about their sound.


The praise and worship leader must lead with dignity, honesty and genuine love for their team.  They must be firm but kind, available always and often they become a counsellor as well as a worshipper.  Leading your team involves musical knowledge, sensitivity to the Lord and a pastor’s heart of love!


The Third Challenge of a Praise and Worship Leader


The third challenge is to lead the congregation closer to God.  It sounds easy, but any praise and worship leader will tell you it is not that easy!  You need to keep your heart right before the Lord, your spirit gentle and open and you need to take chances and put the people before your own musical tastes and desires.


Above all, you have to be a humble servant, serving your team, the congregation, your pastor and the Lord Himself.


The challenges for a praise and worship leader are great, but with a humble heart, the right training and sensitive leadership you can rise to the challenge.  If God calls you to this ministry, rejoice and start training because with the right attitude and a little bit of learning I believe you can become a great praise and worship leader!

By Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.