Learn How to Lead Worship With Great Anointing

Want to know how to lead worship with power?  You need to think about 2 issues if you’re going to grow to be a powerful leader in your church, then you need to learn the best way to develop them instead of having either one or the other.

How to Lead Worship With Your Heart

how to lead worship with anointingThe first area you must look at is your personal heart, and particularly your relationship with the Lord.  To be effective your heart has to be close to Him and you need to promise to serve Him faithfully with your whole being.

So learning how to lead worship starts with a humble spirit, open and thirsting for God.  In addition to a vibrant devotional life it is advisable to just be sure you keep away from sin, especially the commonest ones for this profession, which are lust and pride.

By walking near the Lord you learn how to lead worship with humility and a servant’s heart, and this makes it easier to guide your congregation into deeper worship.

How to Lead Worship with Your Skills

Learning how to lead worship doesn’t cease with having a right heart.  In addition you will need to learn skills necessary for the job, and train in these effectively.  These skills include things like

·    Arranging songs
·    How to go up keys, and the appropriate time to do so
·    Team management in order to produce the very best they can in worship
·    Microphone strategies, and different technical aspects of sound
·    How to decide on the right songs, and tips on how to introduce new songs correctly in order that your people embrace new material rather than reject it
·    How to flow songs together to create a worshipful environment
·    Easy methods to lead worship with authority, even when things go wrong.

There is so much extra to learn to help you obtain the skills you want to develop into a powerful leader in music in your church, but you will need to note this:

To lead successfully you could develop both elements in your life, not one or the other!  Don’t have all relationship with the Lord but no skills, and don’t neglect to learn the skills needed for the job and only spend time getting close to Him.

So, develop both areas as rapidly as you can.  Keep a vibrant and dynamic relationship with Jesus, but in addition get the most effective training you possibly can to learn the methods and tips for worshiping.  Combining these two can assist you to learn how to lead worship that transforms your church in little or no time!

This is why we have this website… the teach people how to lead worship in the most effective and fastest way!