Do you want to be a worship leader who really impacts the church? Where does your power as a worship leader come from? I am sitting here in Singapore airport waiting for flight into India. I have just been doing my quiet time, and have been struck by the thought of where our power comes from as worship leaders.

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Be a Worship Leader of Power

All of us have the desire to be a worship leader of power, and most of us are smart enough to know that it does not depend on ourselves. How well I lead depends to a certain degree on my abilities, and my training, but the real power manifest in our worship leading must depend solely on the holy spirit.

Be a Worship Leader Without the Spirit?

I have just been reading about the Chinese Christian who coma on visiting an American Church, commented that it is remarkable what Western Christians have achieved without the Holy Spirit. Those of us in Western countries Mayfield this is a bit harsh, but I believe I know what this Chinese brother is saying. We can do so many things with the right programs, equipment, teams, etc., and be so good at what we do we can do it without the help and power of the holy spirit.

In fact, for the experienced worship leader, if God failed to show up in our worship many people would not even realize it!

Be a Worship Leader Who is Weak!

I am always reminded that when I am weak, He is strong, and I want to be a worship leader who is weak enough to see that strength. It is 4 AM and I am sitting in the airport at Singapore feeling very weak (I clearly need more coffee!). I face a rigorous two weeks of demanding ministry, and I simply cannot do this under my own strength. These are the moments that cause you to stop, look at yourself, examine yourself and realize that you are simply a vessel, no matter how talented, clever or confident you may seem. With all the training, teaching, podcasts, and so on which we offer on this website, I recognize at this time of the morning on my way to India that it is all about Jesus, it’s not about myself and my ability.

If you want real power when you lead, don’t get too cocky and overconfident! Be less reliant on what you know you can do, and more relian on who you know.

If you want to see the Lord do something amazing in your church, pause and reflect that it is all about Jesus, not you or your ability. At 4 am with. It enough coffee far from home, I am more aware than ever that I am weak and I have to rely on He who is strong.

That’s how to be a worship leader of real power!

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.