The World’s Best Worship Training

Worship training is readily available in many forms these days, from worship conferences to online training and most of it, especially online, is relatively inexpensive.  This means that there are abundant opportunities to receive worship training, yet many inexperienced worship leaders either choose not to get worship training or cannot find the relevant material that can give them a huge advantage as they learn to lead their congregations in inspired, anointed worship.

Get the Right Worship Training Yourself

Like most types of lessons, worship training requires some time and effort on your part, and often some expense.  Some material is available on the internet for free, but this tends to be patchy and haphazard at best, meaning that you can learn the skills over a long period of time, but you cannot quickly and effectively learn what you need to supercharge your worship leading gift.  Blogs like ours, for example, provide lots of material and our free podcast is another amazing tool to help young worship leaders learn the skills required to become more effective.  However, the actual training is far more potent, easier to apply and gives far superior results to the endless hours of searching the internet for training!

Different worship leaders provide different aspects of worship training depending on their particular slant on the skills you need.  Many talk about your motivation and getting your heart right, and that is extremely important, but in the countless seminars I have run most people want me to go a different direction.  What many tell me they need is practical, easy to apply techniques for making the worship experience amazing, including things like how to blend songs, how to go up keys and how to arrange and produce the songs themselves.

So if you are starting out and looking at worship training ideas, make sure you learn material which is practical and works in your situation to quickly and effectively improve your worship leading abilities.

Commit to Worship Training for Your Team

worship trainingI believe that a great worship leader is not only gifted and anointed at leading worship, but brings the very best out of his team members.  This is why you need to not only get the best worship training for yourself, but you need to pass it on to your team members so that they too continue to grow in their abilities and gifts.

Henry Ford once said, “My best friend is the one who brings the best out in me” and this is what a worship leader needs to be for the team members.  Whether they are great or poor at their instruments or singing, my aim is always to develop their gifts, skills and relationship with Christ to the point where they continue to grow, improve and get better in their field.

So, worship training is not just something you can use but something you can pass on to encourage and improve the members of your team.  The question is, “How do you introduce worship training to your team?”

Develop Worship Training in your Practices

The most practical and effective way to develop worship training in your team is to do so in practices.  Most often, practices are just rehearsals for the songs being done on Sunday, or learning new songs, but if you are getting great worship training yourself, why not set aside 15 minutes to pass on some nuggets of truth to your team?

Skills like song arranging, blending songs, going up keys, developing solos and open worship can and should be explored together as a team, and the skills you learn in your worship training can be passed on to others.  This not only helps them by improving their skills and abilities, but it also builds your credibility with the band and improves the overall worship experience.

The world’s best Worship Training is something that you can obtain yourself, then pass on to your team members so that together you can lead your congregation in anointed, dynamic worship!

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