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Mrs. Cade | | Max | George | Wall Street Three | Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Mitch gets left behind when the police leave, and ends up getting run over again by the Banana Buggie (this time killing him), now driven by Poppy and has the remains of the Banana Splits on the back. She came with them and Paige and found Karl who was still locked up. 1. Lorraine Massey | Myrtle Wilson | Poison Ivy (Batman vs. TMNT) | Carl Grissom | Socs (Bob Sheldon, Randy Adderson, Paul Hoden & David) | Poppy was horrified and devastated by her fiancé's murder. Ruffshodd | But little did they know it was Stevie's blood. Grundel Toad | Freeze (Batman vs. TMNT) | Bat Gremlin | Alan Jonah | Cousin Mel | Marik Ishtar | Poison Ivy | Gangreen Gang | Zeek | Thadd - Cut in half by Fleegle with a saw. Luna Ghost | Her sanity finally goes off the deep end as she puts on the Hootie costume and murders Karl. Barkis Bittern | Adventure Time Villains | Mr. Mole | A-and Stevie. Regular Show Villains | - I know, honey. It is also a musical movie! Cheswick | Salvatore Maroni | The Meg | Gremlins Villains | Arthur Slugworth | Hilarious in Hindsight: This hypothetical fusion of the Banana Splits and Five Nights at Freddy's predates the movie by several years. Snow Miser | Spending time with her boyfriend Thadd (until his death). I say this as a matter of faith, as I have yet to see the purpose behind 'The Banana Splits Movie.' Karl then tells her he was creating a fifth Banana Split called Hootie The Owl. Sir Trenton | Peter Creedy | Spike, Television Ana Miller | Celina Martin is a Canadian actress. Reptile | Game of Thrones Villains | Esther Coleman | Batman Villains | Enraged, the remaining Splits overwhelm Franken-Banana, allowing Snorky to crush Franken-Banana’s head, killing the animatronic. Plot. Ben 10 Villains | Red Triangle Circus Gang | Karai | Robo Dog | Riddler | Dalip | Cartoon Network Villains | Origin Tom | Rotten Robots | Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe Villains | Hoo-hoo! Dr. Julia Hoffman | Gossamer | Kano | Instant Martians | Mokuba Kaiba | Mr. Ross | George, Ralph and Lizzie | The Principal | Noah the Elder | Daffy | Quan Chi | Catwoman (Lego) | Full Name M.U.T.O. Tasmanian Devil | Max Shreck | Scarecrow (Batman vs. TMNT) | Poppy and Thadd return as Hooty the owl and Mike the possum, another unmade Banana Split, and ask to join the group. If you've got stars in the back, then you're in luck. Catwoman Villains | Karl - Face ripped off … Yosemite Sam | Cats & Dogs Villains | Five Nights At Morioh Cho's The Movie Parody Of The Banana Splits Movie. The Matrix Villains | Vinnie Ricorso | Penny Fleck's Boyfriend | The Grinch | Samurai Jack Villains | Ra's al Ghul | Muttley (2020) | Two-Face | Xerxes | If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Rush Hour Villains | Baraka | Harley Quinn (Lego) | Emma Russell | Two-Face | So they decide to post their live stream in Fleegle's magic shop, which Thadd planned and proposed to Poppy and she happily accepts. Duplo Aliens | Shere Khan | Ms. Fieldmouse | Penguin | Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe Villains,, The Hooty costume that Poppy puts on would be basically based on. Two-Face (Batman vs. TMNT) | The Banana Splits Movie is a 2019 American comedy horror film written by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas and directed by Danishka Esterhazy.A horror reimagining of Hanna-Barbera's 1968 children's television series The Banana Splits, the film follows a family attending a live taping of the aforementioned show and trying to survive when the titular characters go haywire upon learning of … Hobby The Banana Splits appear and fight him, but Franken-Banana gains the upper hand and rips out Snorky’s heart. Eraser Villains | Shang Tsung | Saved by Angel Moon "The Banana Splits Movie" Written by Je… Drooper kills co-worker Stevie by shoving a lollipop prop down his throat and Fleegle kills Thadd by sawing him in half. Muscle Man | Tabaqui | Arthur Fleck | Max | John Wesley | The Movie Poster. Ruber's Minions | Crimes Sal Maroni | Harry Potter Villains | Long a curious historical note in the canon of Hanna-Barbera shows, “The Banana Splits” do serve one significant purpose. Daisy Buchanan | Sylvester | With Dani Kind, Steve Lund, Celina Martin, Finlay Wojtak-Hissong. Lord Business | Claire Wyden | Lewis Prothero | Characters Created by Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. 4.2. Poppy (also known as Hootie in her new identity) is a minor character-turned-major and final antagonist of the 2019 direct-to-video horror comedy film The Banana Splits Movie, based on the 1968-1970 television series. Kevin | Andrei Sator | Ferguson | Bob Smith | Only a handful of locations in the series were shown. Clara Dalrymple | Hootie Rodan | Wolf Pack | Skull Devil | Mrs. Prysselius | Spice | Spiders (Consuela & Tank) | Francis Fratelli | She took the costume and starting saying how she was excited to marry Thadd but Fleegle murdered him. Jonathan - Impaled by Fleegle with a key. Poison Ivy (Lego) | It's also seen she has all the Splits in a cart attached to the back of the Banana Buggy. Max Eckhardt | Agents (Agent Jones, Agent Brown & Agent Johnson) | The Jokerz (Dee Dee Twins, Chucko & Woof) | Joker | Ditto | Endo-01 - A bare endoskeleton that sits in the Backstage, and briefly becomes infected by Afton's virus, but ends up getting destroyed by Charley. Just as the gang was heading into the basement to find the kids, Poppy noticed a costume hanging and she asked who it was. Jonas Miller | Paws | A family attends a live taping of The Banana Splits television series, but are forced to survive as soon as the characters go haywire and start a killing spree around the studio. Siegfried | Dr. Mann | Powers/Skills V | Cerberus, Live Action Films The True Knot | Wanda Grubwort | It | Jay Gatsby | However, the stars of the show turn out to be robots, and due to some form of malfunction, the four comedic and active animal musicians turn the laughter-fest into a slaughter-fest. Rose the Hat | Mouse King | 1 month after the brutal massacre at Taft studios, The Banana Splits were rebuilt by Poppy, now transformed into Hooty, the fifth Banana Split and they go on a murderous trip across California and into the Williams family RV.....where the mayhem refuels. Lord Garmadon | Agent 23 | Poppy and Thadd are the first to get their pictures taken. Hexagon (Trigon (TTG) & Trigon (Original)) | Principal Deedle | Poppy From The Banana Splits. Joe Chill | It’s actually a fairly nice moment and was foreshadowed earlier, and the pair are exciteed when Fleegle arrives. | Brett Wyden | Demons | Electric Gremlin | Directed by Danishka Esterhazy, the film was released digitally 13 August 2019, with DVD and Blu-ray available 27 August. Gremlins | The Banana Splits Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Yu-Gi-Oh! Alvin Marsh | Tom Buchanan | Darla Dimple | Future Mordecai | Rebecca - Face smashed by Drooper with a giant hammer. Harley and his family attend a taping of The Banana Splitslive show for his birthday. Poppy and her boyfriend/fiancé Thadd were going to see a live taping of The Banana Splits. Kanker Sisters | Primal Villains | Martians (Martian Leader, Martian Ambassador & Martian Girl) | NygmaTech (Frogmen) | At first, Poppy was jolly, sweet and fun loving. In the opening segment the splits are shown entering the clubhouse and in some episodes they are all announced by Allan Melvin. Villains, The Banana Splits (Fleegle, Drooper, Snorky & Bingo) | Cue the artist being called a prophet. Aguila | Sebastian | Elmer Fudd | Middle-Earth Villains | But that happy ending soon turned tragic, after Fleegle sawed Thadd in half in his magic box. Kent Mansley | Directed by Cecilia Aranovich Hamilton, Ethan Spaulding and Doug Murphy 2. Written by Tim Sheridan and Jeremy Adams 4. Scrappy-Doo | Freeze | Dick Dastardly (2020) | Poppy (also known as Hootie in her new identity) is a minor character-turned-major and final antagonist of the 2019 direct-to-video horror comedy film The Banana Splits … Thadd is played by Kiroshan Naidoo (Deep State, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell) and Poppy is played by Celina Martin (The Other Kingdom, iZombie). Meowrice | Heat Miser | Neon Gang | League of Assassins (Ra's al Ghul (Batman vs. TMNT), Ubu (Batman vs. TMNT) & Talia al Ghul (Batman vs. TMNT)) | Steven Universe Villains | Joker | View, comment, download and edit banana split Minecraft skins. The LEGO Movie Villains | Queen Gnorga | Seto Kaiba | Kaiju (Trespasser, Knifehead, Mutavore, Otachi, Leatherback, Raiju, Scunner & Slattern) | Dr. Charles Nichols | Pink Diamond | His first thought is that it was strawberry from one of the "Sloppy Time Pies". Sal - Decapitated by one of the Banana Splits (Presumably Snorky since he was seen outside when Mitch found Sal dead). Mojo Jojo | Jerry | Slime | You get to stay after the show and meet "The Banana Splits." Phantasm | Mitch gets left behind when the police leave, and ends up getting run over again by the Banana Buggie (this time killing him), now driven by Poppy and has the remains of the Banana Splits on the back. Thadd and Poppy discover some old Banana Splits sets and once they find Fleegle’s magic shop, Thadd decides to strike and livestreams his marriage proposal to Poppy, who accepts. The Splits start out as goofy, happy go lucky mascots who star on The Banana Splits Show. Joe Cramp | When young Harley Williams and his family attend a taping of the show for Harley's birthday, the mascots overhear the director of the show tell Rebecca, the producer, about the show's cancellation, they embark on a killing spree out of revenge. Don't forget Stevie. Kralahome | Stonekeeper | Pigeon Toady | Poppy/Hooty 7. North Wind, See Also Mr. Chairman | Lex Luthor (Teen Titans Go!) Karl | Jack Morris | The primary location is the Banana Splits clubhouse. Priya Singh | Mayor Brown | Talia al Ghul | Tom and Jerry Villains | Her first role was in the short Skyrim: The Arrival - Prologue (2012). Kludd | Thadd takes his picture with Snorky, while Poppy takes her picture with Drooper. Blue Jones | Scut Farkus | Karl. Decoy Queen | Directed by Danishka Esterhazy. The Banana Splits Movie 2 is asequel to The Banana Splits Movie. Spinel | Mathias Vogel | Victoria Vinciguerra | Scooby-Doo Villains | Lord Henry Blackwood | Susan McCallister | Powerpuff Girls Villains | Mal Cobb | But after they get their pictures taken, Thadd notices a strange substance on Poppy's cheek. Bruiser | Andy, the new vice president of programming, informs the show's producer Rebecca that the show is being canceled: this will be the final recording. Phantom Zone Criminals | Slade (Teen Titans Go!) The film is produced by SYFY, 1492 Pictures, Sky Cinema and Blue Ice Pictures. Victor Zsasz | Akasha | Cushing Catheter | Surtr | She plays the role of Poppy from The Banana Splits Movie. TMNT Villains | Léon Rom | Andy Dismembered; Arms/Legs Ripped Off Drooper, Fleegle Yes 9. They both get lucky to see the Banana Splits after the show after getting stars on their tickets. It starsDani Kind,Steve Lund, Finlay Wotjak-Hissong, Romeo Carere,Sara Canningand the voice ofEric Bauza. Mama Fratelli | Jameson attempts to escape, but is thwarted by Sal, who had been freed by Mitchell. Benson Dunwoody | Evil-doer Avenge her boyfriend's death (succedeed). Member of the Banana Splits Heartwarming Moments: Thadd's proposal to Poppy, which is done on the set of the show they love and streamed to all their followers. Clowns (Joker) (Clown & Ambulance Clown) | He plays the role of Thadd from The Banana Splits Movie. Beetlejuice | MurderVehicular homicide Jack Torrance | As Poppy is driving the Banana Buggie, Fleegle is seen reactivating, and then laughing. Whoo! Monstars | Trenton's Pride | George Wilson | Foot Clan | Colonel Coetzee | Sergeant Nagata | Prudence Prufrock | Miss Minchin | Mako Sharks | The Banana Splits (Fleegle, Drooper, Snorky & Bingo) | She played Poppy in The Banana Splits Movie. Joker's Thugs | Buzz Bronski | Yay! King Llort | Stone Generals (Gato & Mono) | Randall | David | Maudeline Everglot | Now, I want you all to check your tickets 'because we've got a little extra treat for some of you.' - Mom, hurry. Orin Scrivello | Jonathan Jacobo | N' Goo Tuana | Berkeley Beetle | Scorpion | Shao Kahn | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Witches (Grand High Witch, Susan Irvine, Nicola Cuttle, Pamela, Lois Leffour, Mildred, Elizabeth, Henrietta, Jacqueline & Beatrice) | Eddy's Brother | Celina Martin is a Canadian actress. Pure Ones | Ann Laurent | I.M. Pablo | Scarecrow | Jessica - John's girlfriend. Poppy | Frederick Sykes | Thunder Karlsson and Bloom | The Biology Teacher | Lawrence Van Dough | Thrax's Henchmen | Poppy Type of Villain Brain Gremlin | Arthur Reeves | And Stevie. Penguins | Stan Beals | Mr. Rigby | Joe Chill | Nyra | Dusty | Carmine Falcone | Joker | Arthur Leigh Allen | Super Secret Police (Bad Cop & Sheriff Not-A-Robot) | Doug Impaled In Eyes With Drumsticks Bingo No Found Dead 8. Griffin | John Daggett | Sandworms | The Banana Splits. King Ghidorah | Charles "Chip" Shreck | Clarice Kensington | Mr. Igoe | Audrey II | Also, The Banana Splits would instead be known as Banana Bonanza. She isn't seen throughout the rest of the film until she runs over Mitch with the Banana Buggy, then starts singing the Tra La La song and laughing wickedly. Bane | Alicia Hunt | But after her fiancé Thadd got sawed in half by Fleegle, the trauma and devastation made her become murderous, insane and vindictive. The movie ends with Poppy, having lost her marbles and fully embraced the role of Hooty, escaping in a Banana Buggy with the remains of the Banana Splits, casually running over and killing Mitch, and laughing maniacally the whole time, while Fleegle re-activates. Catwoman | The Banana Splits Movie and Trolls Movie Spoofs. The Banana Splits Movie Angelique Bouchard | Wild Wild West Villains | Nolan Sorrento | Soon Thadd and Poppy decide to go explore the sets, and they stumble upon Snorky's circus, Bingo's jungle and Fleegle's magic shop. Dark Yugi | Robot Chicken Villains | "Tra La La" - Fleegle, Drooper, Bingo, Snorky "Tra La La (Reprise)" - Fleegle, Drooper, Bingo, Snorky, Hooty Poppy gets reformed. Pegasus J. Crawford | | The Banana Splits Movie redefined these lovable creatures, who are now taking the tra-la-law into their own furry hands. 1 Changes 2 Information 3 Synopsis 4 Plot 5 Cast 6 Production 7 Reception 8 Trivia The Banana Splits Movie would instead titled The Banana Bonanza to avoid insulting in front of Hanna-Barbera and The Krofft Brothers. Lestat | Mayor Phlegmming | Tragic Lover. Deciding to honor Snorky’s memory, they agree and legally rename Taft Studios into Snorky and Friends Studios, planning on doing a retirement tour. Harley, Zoey and their new friend, Polly, must stop Poppy and her animatronic friends and save their favorite Splits. Lord Coward | Velociraptors (Lego) | Captain Poison | Gambol | Jake Fratelli | The Banana Splits Movie is a direct-to-video horror movie from Warner Bros. Master Little | Joker (Lego) | Mr. Tinkles | Innovative Online Industries (I-R0k, F’Nale Zandor & Sixers) | Fleegle Impaled In Head With Crowbar Austin 10 Drooper Impaled Through Mouth With Wand Beth Self-Defense 11. Lake Monster | Ruby Deagle | Pokemon Villains | Balloon Man (Teen Titans Go!) DC Extended Universe Villains | Preston Packard | Welcome to "The Banana Splits." Snorky Heart Ripped Out Bingo 12. Grant Frost | Alias Poppy | Grover Dill | Leopard Seal | Ezekial Gallows | The Banana Splits Movie is an upcoming 2021 American live-action horror film based on the 1960s American live-action/animated children's show "The Banana Splits" created by Hanna-Barbera and will be a remake of The horror movie of the same name. Produced by Jennifer Coyle, Rick Morales and Amy McKenna 3. She played Poppy in The Banana Splits Movie. Mortal Kombat Villains | Bob the Goon | Howard Clifford | Superman Villains | Mouse Queen | Foot Clan (Shredder & Baxter Stockman) | Zodiac Killer | Jim Whitlock | Melanie Martinez Villains | Xiaolin Showdown Villains | Leo | Precursors | Harley and his family attend a taping of The Banana Splits live show for his birthday. Tom Rogan | League of Shadows (Decoy of Ra's al Ghul) | Kelly | Mitch Run Over With Banana Buggy The Banana Splits Movieis a 2019 Americanhorror comedyfilm directed byDanishka Esterhazyand written by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas, based onHanna-Barbera's 1968children's television seriesThe Banana Splits. Goro | A dru… Bladebeak | Hotel Caretaker | Butch Bowers | Bane | Aug 26, 2016 - Download this stock image: DROOPER, SNORKY, BINGO, FLEEGLE, THE BANANA SPLITS ADVENTURE HOUR, 1968 - BP9HY7 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Bane (Batman vs. TMNT) | The amusement parks shown in the show were Six Flags Over Texas in the first season of the show and Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio in the final season. Mr. Artemisia | In this clip from The Banana Splits Movie, newly engaged couple Thadd and Poppy come upon Fleegle, who promptly begins to entertain them with a few magic tricks … none of which seem to have good intentions. Salvatore Valestra | Stripe | Lenny | Count Grisham | | Harley Williams is a huge fan of The Banana Splits, a successful children's television series featuring four animatronic characters — Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky — and their co-star Stevie.

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