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border patrol agent job description

To qualify as a candidate for employment as a border patrol agent, applicant's must be under the age of 40, be eligible for Veteran's Preference or have previous federal law enforcement experience. .block-group { text-transform: uppercase; 'event_category': 'click', You must test negative for drugs in order to be considered. This includes four elements: preliminary vetting checks, a polygraph examination, the investigation itself, and the final determination. I supervise a unit consisting of twenty one Border Patrol Agents, and also oversee the Presidio Border Patrol Station Horse Patrol Unit consisting of sixteen Border Patrol Agents and sixteen horses. Some border patrol agents may receive pay on top of their salary depending on where they live, called locality pay. box-sizing: border-box; They work in shifts to ensure 24-hour coverage and may be assigned to remote locations throughout the country. } This includes preventing terrorists and weapons from entering the U.S., preventing smuggling, stopping the entry of illegal immigrants, and catching those people who do try to illegally enter the United States. float: left; Tim Roufa wrote about criminology careers for The Balance Careers and has over 14 years of experience in law enforcement.