Worship Leading not drivingWhen it comes to worship leading, we all want to do a great job leading an inspiring our congregations into deep worship experience. However, some congregations are a lot more difficult than others to lead, and so many zealous worship leaders find themselves driving their people rather than leading them!

Signs of Driving Your Audience

One of the key signs that you are driving an audience rather than leading them involves you as a worship leader carefully observing the people you are ministering to. You need to know that your congregation is with you every step of the way when you are worship leading, and one of the classic worship leading mistakes occurs when the band and singers are lost in worship, but the congregation is simply standing there looking at them.

As a general rule, if people are looking at their watches or checking their cell phones you have lost your audience. You are no longer leading them but attempting to drive them into worship, and they clearly don’t want to be there!

Another sure sign of driving your audience or driving them occurs when you are constantly imploring them to greater heights of worship. It is okay to verbally encourage them from time to time, but when this is a constant thing you would do well to stop, look at yourself and what you are doing, and ask if you are actually leading them!

Signs of Leading Your Congregation

Successful praise and worship leading is not about whether you worship, but whether your congregation follows you into worship. A sure sign that you are leading your people successfully is when you can see the majority of the audience lost in worship, with their eyes closed, hands raised and maybe even a smile on their faces.

Another sign that you are leading your congregation occurs when open worship explodes spontaneously from the Somme you are single, rather than being forced or concocted by the worship leader. When you sense God’s power and anointing taking control of the meeting, you can be sure that you are worship leading rather than driving.

So how can you lead rather than drive your audience every week?

One of the best things you can do is to get some good worship leader training, because the more training you have the more skilled you will be at directing and leading an audience deeper into the presence of God. Another thing you can do is to spend more time with the Lord, because your worship leading ability will be directly dependent on the vitality of your personal relationship with God.

And if you find yourself driving your audience, and all of us do from time to time, this is the time to step back and let God take over. Trusting His leading can change the situation where you are driving people into worship they don’t want to be a part of into authentic, powerful and life changing worship leading.

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.