The Best Way to Learn How to Lead Worship

Learning how to lead worship effectively is not an easy task.  You can watch all the DVDs, imitate famous leaders and search the internet yet still not really confidently learn how to lead worship, so where does a young man or woman start in their quest to become a powerful worship leader in their church?

Learn How to Lead Worship by Study

How to Lead WorshipAll the good intentions and humility in the world cannot take the place of some basic training.  Learning how to construct songs, arrange music, go up keys, blend songs and choose wisely are basics that every potential praise and worship leader should learn.  These can give you the raw materials with which to build a successful ministry.

They are not, however, the power and anointing of God!  They are simply the tools needed, the framework if you will, that you can use to allow the Holy Spirit to move powerfully in your congregation.

Some feel that training is not necessary if you really long to serve, but I would disagree.  Your pastor has trained to preach, your keyboard player has learned to play and your local doctor has hopefully trained in his profession.  Don’t gloss over the fact that you have things to learn with a spiritual veneer.  If your pastor has trained in his skills, surely you should do the same in yours if you want to learn how to lead worship properly!

Learn How to Lead Worship by Relationship

The most effective way to learn how to lead worship is to sit with and under a successful worship leader.  Part of this relationship is the transfer of information, much of it not revealed in any other way.  Most successful worship leaders have some tips, techniques or ideas which they don’t reveal, but spending time with them can show you how to lead worship in a similar way to them.

As a successful worship leader for over 20 years in churches around the world, I confess that I do not have time to mentor all the worship leader I am in touch with through our website.

I cannot sit with them, discuss issues with them or show them exactly how to lead worship in their context and their church.  However I can and have written down everything I can think of about how to lead worship, from how to choose songs right through to how you react to adversity.  Teaching can reveal lots of things like how to link songs, blend songs, arrangements, relationships in the team and a host of other areas that I have learned over 20 or so years.

So get some training and establish a relationship with an already successful worship leader if you really want to learn how to lead worship effectively.

How To Lead Worship