For the Love of Worship!

love of worshipHow many times have you been involved in a worship time that has flopped or is going nowhere, and you have stopped and asked yourself “Why am I even here?”

Other people may say that it’s a great worship time, that the music is excellent, that the singing is awesome, but you know deep down in your heart that there is no true worship going on… And your spirit is frustrated!

What you are experiencing is a love of worship, and a desire deep within to not settle for something less than true and genuine worship.

Why do we practice hard, do our best and play and sing to our best ability when we are involved with the worship team? It is for the love of worship!

Why do we press hard in a quiet times, spend time reading the word of God praying and preparing our hearts? It is for the love of worship!

Why then are we grieved when we see so many people pretending to do worship and only offering at best a good performance and at worst a glorification of themselves? It is for the love of worship!

When you genuinely love worship, you do not want to settle for anything less than true worship. You do not want a happy clappy time, you do not want a great performance and you do not want people coming up to you afterwards and saying that your singing or you’re playing was awesome.

When you genuinely love worship, what you want is from God to transform people’s lives as they come before his throne worshiping. As a praise and worship leader, it’s not enough to do a good job or a professional job, you want to see the holy spirit moving on people’s hearts as they humbly worship Jesus.

I believe that anything less than that is a love of good music, clever playing or singing and most often a love of self… Let us not fool ourselves thinking it is a love of worship, because if we genuinely loved worship we will pay any price, sing any song and do anything we could to see God’s holy spirit impact on people’s lives as a worship.

Although our intentions may be good, many times we settle for less because we think that that is all that we can do. But when you have seen God’s holy spirit move so beautifully and so powerfully in a congregation, you learn to not accept an imitation of the real thing!

If you are a worship leader who genuinely wants to be used by God and a powerful way to impact your congregation, I urge you to get on your knees and beg the Lord for more anointing, more skill and above all a heart that is totally devoted and totally thirsting for God.

Why do we do what we do? For the love of worship, that’s why!

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.