Learning how to lead worship inside a conservative church is a real challenge, but I believe that it is a sound and worthwhile thing to pursue.

Does YouTube Show You How to Lead Worship Effectively?

Have a look at some of the awesome praise and worship leading displayed on YouTube and you will certainly be inspired to lead effective worship.  Here is the catch… almost all the clips you are watching take place in mega churches or huge conferences, most of which are very Pentecostal or charismatic in nature!

So, in a more conservative church, is it possible to apply some of the ideas showcase on these clips and learn how to lead worship in your local church, regardless of the denomination?

Th answer lies in being wise and choosing the right techniques and ideas to apply, not transplanting the entire performance into your local church!

Many conservative churches long to have powerful worship in their meetings, but do not want what they perceive as some of the excesses that many Pentecostal churches have.

Learning How to Lead Worship… What is In, and What is Out?


Firstly, anything that is offensive to your denomination is foolish to try and bring into your conservative church. If your people don’t raise their hands, learning how to lead worship effectively must involve you not commanding people from stage to do the very thing they hate! So if I was leading worship in this environment, I would not instruct people to raise their hands.

Next, and style of music that potentially offends your people should be avoided.  Many in more conservative churches dislike heavy or hard rock, so I would only be leading worship that is more subdued with perhaps a soft rock or folk basis.

Finally, choose the songs carefully, because doing songs that are theologically dubious is sure to cause offence!  When exploring how to lead worship in a conservative church environment, I would make sure that almost all the songs were those my people recognize and love.

And yes, in a more stayed church it is a perfect opportunity to do beautiful arrangements of hymns.  Hymns do not have to be boring and dull, but if you do them right, they can become masterpieces of God’s love, touching hearts in both conservative and charismatic congregations.

So if you are learning how to lead worship in a more traditional church, be careful what you command people to do, choose a style that most will love, and do songs they know, especially new or even rock arrangements of some of the classic hymns. With a little bit of wisdom and care, and the right training, you can have a major impact on your local conservative church and touch people’s lives every time your lead worship!

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.