How To Lead Praise and Worship That Really Flows

If you want to learn how to lead praise and worship that flows there are some things that you can do to encourage this.  One of the most common problems I see in many worship leaders is that the service does not flow naturally and gently from song to song, either because of the church service format all because of the leaders in experience.

How To Lead Praise and Worship by Programming the Church Service

One of the most significant barriers to learning how to lead can be the church service structure.  Many churches see the music as punctuation around the other areas of the service, so the church service program allows only one or two songs to be sung in a sequence before the flow is broken up by other activities, such as announcements, the offering, prayer, missionary spots, and so on.

If you want to learn effective worship  leading that really flows, the first step is to approach the pastor about the format of the meeting.  Ask him if he would mind combining all of the above listed activities into one particular place in the service, allowing you to run three or four songs together in worship.  This simple change in format can change the way you lead praise and worship very significantly.

Blending Songs

how to lead praise and worshipOne of the key elements in learning how to effectively lead praise and worship lies in song selection.  If you select songs in a similar key, or songs that are easily able to be blended together, then you will be going a long way towards a worship service which flows naturally from song to song.  This can transform your church because they would no longer be singing a selection of songs that they will be able to flow from song to song and enjoy an entire worship experience.  Learning how to do this effectively is one of the great keys in learning how to lead praise and worship in an anointed way.

Speaking Less

One of the most frequent problems I see with inexperienced leaders who are learning is that they speak too much.  If it is not going well they speak to the audience, in telling them to get involved or praying with them.  Please do not misunderstand, I am not saying it is wrong to speak during the worship service.

However, my experience is that as you grow in your ministry you will also learn how to keep quiet and let God draw people’s hearts into the service, not your words.  This allows people to concentrate on the world and not on your thoughts, prayers or opinions.  Most of the truly great worship times I have ever experienced, with myself or someone else leading, have involved little or no talking between songs.

There is much more to learn about how to lead praise and worship effectively, but these three points can start you getting the right direction.

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