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whirlpool french door refrigerator wrx735sdbm not making ice

Now I have to use ice chests to keep my food safe. The Sears technician came to check it and said that there was the seal problem. The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair simple and easy. The Kitchenaid leaks water inside the freezer, making it impossible to open the freezer door.

Is there a way I can get KitchenAid to replace my fridge. I bought a KitchenAid French door bottom freezer and I’m waiting for it to be delivered are you saying the did not fix the problem. However, this can result in some functions no longer being available. The Ice Maker also was replaced. The ice maker is a joke, and refrigerator does not cool. Now the part that should last a minimum 10 years failed in 2 years. The dumbest part is when we added up all the labor, parts, and food loss cost, it equaled the cost of the actual refrigerator. Mine refrigerator is only 14 months old. Required fields are marked *, A class action lawsuit says a defect in Whirlpool French Door Bottom Mount refrigerators prevents them from cooling properly. I am another dissatisfied consumer. Ice maker replaced 3 times.

They claim that they were financially injured by the company. So how do we file claims? It was purchased in 2016 and this frozen up many many many many times. Either way I wish you luck! We would like to file suit, we have records and pictures. I purchased kitchenAid model #KRMF 706E SSOO/ serial # K52922793 and it worked fine until 2/19. Make your friends jealous. I would also like to be part of the class action suit. We bought an igloo icemaker separate from fridge and use that. Compressor, 2 circuit boards…now icemaker will not work… circuit board less than.6 months old bad. I spent a lot of money on this one. I wanted to purchase a used Sub Zero which would still be working. The water dispenser is a dream and provides a reliable drinking source and negates the need to buy bottled water. Three days later I wake up to a huge puddle in front of the fridge right side. Thoth then Whirlpool was supposed to be better that LG or Samsung. How terrible that they can get away with this!! ft. 36″ 5-Door Freestanding French-Door/Bottom Mount refrigerator, the KRMF706ESS model, from Lowe’s. $4600.00 pile of crap. How can I join this lawsuit. Bought extended warranty from Lowes for 5 years. Each time we have lost hundreds in food – between the fridge and the freezer – and were required to pay parts and labor to repair. We paid $3800 for this French door “luxury” refrigerator! Whirlpool 30 Inch French Door Refrigerator WRF560SEHZ (Exterior Water Dispenser, Spill-Proof Glass Shelves, LED Lighting) Why We Love It. Unit leaks water continually on floor, is rusting from excessive moisture, and cools poorly! I bought the Whirlpool plan but I think the refrigerator is bad. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Whirlpool WRX735SDHZ refrigerator. free service plan to ‘restore our faith’ in the brand. We are currently waiting repair for the 3rd time for the same issue. You will need your model and serial number, located on the inside wall of the refrigerator compartment. Same thing happening with my whirlpool bought in 2015 french door. Purchasing several 20 pounds of ice every 2 days is a pain! Yesterday, I contacted Whirlpool/KitchenAid and spoke with supervisor Ashley #6410. 5 service calls later it was replaced with another Kitchenaid refrigerator. The remaining or next cubes build up and block all further ice cubes. REFRIGERATOR SAFETY One month later it failed again–the fridge also stopped producing ice–and this time I am hoping that Sears will be forced to replace it under our 3-year warranty and Texas lemon laws. Have checked water pressure, have replaced water inlet valve to ice maker. All three times, the back of the fridge frosts up and it stops cooling. You can search for class action law suits and find many complaints on the same issue. How do I join this lawsuit. I called that company and they informed me they do not do either for Whirlpool anymore. This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens. Worst refrigerator ever. ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator Wait 3 days for full ice production. This past week, they told me it must be the control board and it’s not covered under warranty. No ice, no freeze, no light. First we believed in the Maytag name, then the first thing within 2 months the ice maker failed Needless to say, thus far we have incurred a $95 service call to diagnose the problem (new thermistor, evaporator cover kit & control board needed at a cost of almost $1,000 fitted); we are currently endeavouring to get Whirlpool to cover the cost of the parts, but that is proving a bit of an ordeal! Please add me. I called Whirlpool requesting any assistant’s and was turned away. They also said they could replace the ice maker, but we would still run into the same problem down the road due to the bad design. French door with freezer on bottom. Model #WRX735SDBM02 Whirlpool refrigerator. We have put in a new evaporative fan and a new control board, and it still won’t work. It is as they have sold me a lemon and ran with the 1,500 dollars I spent on it, I am a senior and purchasing this refrigerator at this price should have lasted me the rest of my life. Whirlpool said only way to continue to repair unit was to buy extended warranty which cost an additional $400 + dollars on top of refrigerator cost! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Whirlpool WRX735SDBM 25 Cu. I have a KitchenAid refrigerator freezer that I bought in 2015 for around $2,000 and have had nothing but problems. Our chat service hours are Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Saturday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST. So I will have applianes that will not match and appliances that are brand new constantly being repaired. Lost food, hassle to get someone out to repair. Tags. Guess that’s why the Maytag repair man can’t be found anymore It has not been making ice and I'm not sure why. Please advise. Not even close to covering a new unit that is smaller and not even close to the same as what we had. Has done this several times since purchasing in 2015. Whirlpool Refrigerator WRX735SDBM00 Leaking Leaking is the most common symptom for Whirlpool WRX735SDBM00. We went on and put in the new part but days later the grinding began again. Took 3 hours to thaw. Ice Maker for Whirlpool WRX735SDBM00 Refrigerator. Living out of a cooler for 4 days now. 5 more house calls, loss of food, missed work then conveniently after the manufacturers Warranty expired Kitchenaid deemed it unrepairable. Bought fridge as old one totally defrosted everything in 90 degree temps and whirlpool was the only one that could be delivered the next day. Have lost thousands of dollars worth of food ! Issues with bottom drawer too. Ice maker replaced and still produces ice irregularly. JUNK. By Lyle Weischwill. Can we be added to this lawsuit? 3500.00 fridge third time not cooling. Same problem here. I’m having the same issues on my whirlpool French door refrigerator. I am appalled at the lack of quality in a unit in the $4k range. Cable connecting fresh food drawer to control board breaks from flexing. These refrigerators should last more than two years without problems. We have a Kitchen Aid KRF 707Ess01 Model. Lowes stepped up again and upgraded to a KitchenAid KRFF507ESS01 at no additional cost. The puddle got bigger and bigger on the bottom right front. Qualifies as CA Lemon Law so they are replacing. We’ve replaced the evaporator fan as well as the thermistors and it continues icing up on the bottom. Luckily no one got ill eating spoiled food. Would like to file claim. Fortunately, purchased extended warranty. drug injury lawsuits and product liability lawsuits. I am scheduled for an appointment a couple of weeks from now. Just finished up the remodel and plugged it into the water hookup after installing the filter for the first time about a week ago. This makes the fridge part not cool properly even though the freezer is cold. Now this loud noise is another issue. You must contact the I would like to be included in the class action lawsuit which I came across by accident while I was trying to find alternate fixes for my continuing refrigerator problem now with an expired warrantee. Fridge never fully recovered. We have the KRFC300ESS01 and after waiting for several months for it to be available to install in our newly built home, I noticed within a week that food, in the top left section especially, was freezing. Whirlpool made the unit!! Ft. French Door Refrigerator is a great item. Tomorrow I am waiting for the technician to call for this repair. It looks like it costs them about 50 cents to make. Whirlpool 36 Inch Freestanding French Door Refrigerator with 24.51 cu.