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Anacua Common Name: Anacua Ehretia anacua Tree Size: Medium Leaf Type: Evergreen Comments: Drought-tolerant native with gnarled trunk and sandpapery leaves. ["Bidens alba." The branches grow at odd angles and intertwine amongst themselves to create an odd effect when you lock up into the tree. Interpreting Wetland Status. Johnst. 2019 BCMGA FALL PLANT SALE SIZE EK SCORE* DESCRIPTION LINKS PRICE ANACUA - Ehretia anacua 1 GAL Anacua $10 ARROYO SWEETWOOD - Myrospermum sousanum 1 GAL Arroyo Sweetwood $10 BALD CYPRESS - EKTaxodium distichum var. Most vacant city woodlots in Brownsville have a mixture of Anacua , Texas Ebony ,Ash,Mesquite,Huisache, and Hackberry. South Texas native that is evergreen south of San Antonio due to the light winters, but semi-evergreen anywhere else. The name Sandpaper Tree comes from the rough sandpaper texture of the leaves. Small evergreen tree 25-40’, may sucker or have multiple trunks Full to part sun, moderate water, 10°F Larval host for Anacua Tortoise Beetle (Coptocycla texana), nectar rich flowers for insects, edible fruits for birds, mammals, people. TYPE: Evergreen (almost) shade Tree. Ehretia anacua is medium-sized tree found in eastern Mexico and southern Texas in the United States. It is also called the Sandpaper Tree due to the rough texture of the leaves. HEIGHT: 30-40 feet with ultimate height of 50 feet.. Anacua. Botanical Name: Ehretia anacua. The wood is … Anacua (Ehretia anacua) “Sandpaper Tree”; “Sugarberry” You have come to a great tree in your search! Plant database entry for Anacua (Ehretia anacua) with 6 images and 44 data details. EHRETIA ANACUA sandpaper tree. Berlandier Croton or Pepperbush or Low Croton - Croton humilis. Native Plant. Teaching Composting and other gardening principals. Bring the pleasure of growing Bonsai trees to the smallest spaces! Ehretia sp. Anacua reaches a height of 20–45 ft (6.1–14 m)[2] and a diameter of 0.3 m (0.98 ft),[4] often producing suckers or multiple trunks. The bark of ehretia is grey-brown and deeply ridged. FAMLY: Boraginaceae (Borage Family). Bastardia or Viscid Mallow - Bastardia viscosa. The rough leaves, and boy, are they rough, have been used to polish metal. Anaqua (Ehretia anacua) and Chinese parasol (Firmiana simplex) make sound choices, but fast-growing shade comes from the Arizona ash (Fraxinus velutina), sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) and fruitless mulberry (Morus alba). Temperature: Ehretia prefers temperatures between 60-72F in winter, University of Texas At Austin. It blooms from spring through summer with white, fragrant flowers that … Anacua trees are kept for their dense canopy, thus good shade value. [2] The bark is reddish-brown to gray with narrow furrows and peeling scales. Native trees and shrubs like the Anacua (Ehretia anacua) and Tamaulipan Fiddlewood (Citharexylum berlandieri) provide an excellent source of nectar for pollinators. If this is Ehretia anacua, there's something wrong with it - the bark should just look grey and narrowly furrowed, like the parts around the orangy coloured deposits. Bees make a light-colored honey from the nectar of the fragrant flowers. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, n.d. More Accounts and Images; ARS Germplasm Resources Information Network (EHAN) … The dark green leaves are 3–8 cm (1.2–3.1 in) and 2–4 cm (0.79–1.6 in) wide and elliptical or ovate. The most widely known Ehretia species is the Fukien tea, a tropical shrub originating in … Let us know if we can help you further as you search for that special tree. Ehretia anacua blooms from spring through summer with white, fragrant flowers that cover the tree in dense clusters. Anacua grows here in xeric conditions and alkaline soils of clay to loam and even sand. The ripe orange drupes [fruits] are eaten raw or made into jelly. We at Wilson's hope that you find this plant information to be helpful and interesting. texana Brasil (Condalia Bluewood) Condalia hookerii… FINAL SPACING: 30-40 feet apart. Related Links. Family: Boraginaceae Puzzle bush Origin: South Africa, Southeast Asia. Plant Common Name Botanical Name Trees Anacacho orchid tree Bauhinia lunarioides Anaqua Ehretia anacua Blanco Crabapple Malus ioensis var. $25. Without a sufficient supply of food for our pollinators, both groups may cease to exist someday. The tiny white flowers are funnel shaped. True Aquatics • Frogbit (Limnobium spongia) • Lotus (Nelumbo lutea) • Spadderdock (Nuphar lutem) • Blue Water Lily (Nymphea elegans) • Yellow Water Lily (Nymphea mexicana) • White Water Lily (Nymphea odoratum) Elegantly shaped Bonsai trees in ceramic planters. Scientific Name Common Name Area Best Adapted For * Growth Rate Outstanding Characteristics * 1-EAST TEXAS • 2-SOUTH TEXAS • 3-WEST TEXAS • 4-NORTH TEXAS • 5-CENTRAL TEXAS • 6-ADAPTED TO MOST AREAS OF TEXAS MEDIUM AND LARGE TREES: Betula nigra: River Birch: 1: Fast: Trunks and bark It is a member of the borage family, Boraginaceae. At maturity it can reach heights of up to 50 feet and a spread of 30 feet. Anacua Ehretia anacua South Texas native that is evergreen south of San Antonio due to the light winters, but semi-evergreen anywhere else. The ancient art of Bonsai brings the pleasure of growing trees to even the smallest of spaces. This plant has no children Legal Status. A native evergreen, round headed tree having thick, rough, dark-green, elliptic leaves; a profusion of small, fragrant, white flowers in the spring which are followed by numerous oblong tan berries that turn red when mature. ANAQUA (Knock Away) Ehretia anacua (Boraginaceae). Ehretia anacua Family: Boraginaceae Anaqua, Knockaway, Sandpaper Tree Origin: Mexico. PRONUNCIATION: eh-REE-shah ah-NOK-you-ah or ah-NOK-wha. Anacua or Sandpaper Tree - Ehretia anacua. Similar plants: Ehretia rigida (Puzzle Bush) Ehretia sp. OTHER COMMON NAMES: SANDPAPER ANACUA, SANDPAPER TREE, KNOCKAWAY, KNACKAWAY, MANZANITA, MANZANILLO . Botanical Name: Ehretia anacua Family: Boraginaceae Origin: South Texas Hardiness: USDA Zone 8: 2 gallon pot. Baretta - Helietta parviflora. We have presentations at our Arboretum and have speakers available for your class or civic organization. The wife and I are getting ready to marry off our third daughter next weekend so we decided to make a little trip down to the river today to pickup some pecan to smoke the briskets and yard birds with. Anaqua Ehretia anacua Evergreen F L N Y Loquat Eriobotrya japonica Evergreen F M N N Fireman’s Cap, Coral Tree Erythrina crista-galli Deciduous F M N N Freezes / May come back Coral Bean Erythrina herbacea Deciduous F L Y Y Needs good drainage Eucalyptus, Red Gum Eucalyptus rostrata Evergreen F L N N Freezes/Comes back from root Leaves evergreen, some falling seasonally, up to 4 1/2 inches long, mostly smaller, ovate or narrower, upper surface rough, margins smooth, tip pointed. Print This Page Anacua. Berlandier Acacia or Guajillo - Acacia berllandieri. Madrone Nursery 2318 Hilliard Road San Marcos, TX 78666 Phone/Fax: 512-353-3944 1 Plants for Ponds and Wetland Areas I. Barbados Cherry or Manzanita - Malpighia glabra. American Forests National Tree Register, Species: Tree Sparkleberry (Vaccinium arboreum), State: TXDescription Good overall health, dense crown, few dead … Wetland Status. There are many ways to encourage plant and pollinator diversity and abundance. SPREAD: 30 feet . Do not eat the seeds though. They are very drought tolerant but … (Puzzle bush) SPREAD: 30 … The Hillier Arboretum and Kew have fine mature specimens. Ehretia anacua Anacua Full Sun Excel White Sp-Fall Adult Nectar Source Erythrina herbacea Coral Bean Full Sun Good Deep Coral Spring Adult Nectar Source showy Guaiacum angustifolia Guayacan Full Sun Fair Purple Sp-Sum Lyside Sulphur Helietta parvifolia Baretta Full … Ehretia anacua, a recent addition to bonsai, is more resistant to heat and draught. Beggartick, Burmarigold, Spanish Needle, Hairy Beggarticks, Fragrant Beggar Tick EDIBLE USES: People in South Africa, Zulus and Indians consume the fresh or dried leaves by boiling them. Ehretia anacua (Terán & Berl.) The latest reference books say that ehretia are frost tender but we would strongly disagree. West Texas is a high desert climate of … Lighting: Likes a bright position (1000 Lux). Anacua, Ehretia anacua, is native to South Texas and is often called Sandpaper Tree. A very small genus of tropical tree which was once referred to (and still often listed as) Carmona. (Ehretia anacua) Anaqua (Ehetia Anacua) The sub-tropical knockaway or anacua is a 20-45 ft., evergreen or partly deciduous northward tree, often with suckers or multiple trunks. Most sources recommend only about an hour of direct sunlight daily, although success has been reported growing it in a sunny position all day. distichum 3 GAL 7.2 Bald Cypress $30 SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA -- EK Magnolia grandiflora 3 GAL 3.6 Southern Magnolia $30 AMERICAN ELDERBERRY - EK … The light brown wood is hard, heavy, and strong, and is used to make fence posts, axe handles, etc. Ideal flowering tree for alkaline areas, however it will tolerate acidic soils. if you like shade trees,but dont know which to use for your yard in San Antonio, check out our top ten list or call us at (210) 695-2703 The leaves are rough to touch and are often called the sandpaper tree. More About this Tree BOTANICAL NAME: Ehretia anacua. OTHER COMMON NAMES: SANDPAPER ANACUA, SANDPAPER TREE, KNOCKAWAY, KNACKAWAY, MANZANITA, MANZANILLO BOTANICAL NAME: Ehretia anacua PRONUNCIATION: eh-REE-shah ah-NOK-you-ah or ah-NOK-wha FAMLY: Boraginaceae (Borage Family) TYPE: Evergreen (almost) shade Tree HEIGHT: 30-40 feet with ultimate height of 50 feet. Anacua is an attractive tree mainly native to South Texas but can be found as far north as Austin. Anacua / Sugarberry Ehretia anacua; Height: 49 feet Bloom: June to October The yellow orange fruit is an important food source for birds and mammals including the coyote, raccoon and chachalaca. 28 May 2013.] I.M. It is also called the Sandpaper Tree due to the rough texture of the leaves. – knockaway Subordinate Taxa. One of its common names, Anacua, is derived from the Mexican Spanish word Anacahuite, as is … We carry a large assortment of Bonsai and all the specialized tools, authentic japanes bonsai pots, soil and fertilizers needed to keep them in top condition for many years to come!.

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