Preparation for worship leading is an important part of any worship leading ministry.

Why Bother with Preparation for Worship Leading?

Now I know many of us worship leaders consider ourselves the Kings of Wing, but even for the most free flowing person, preparation for worship leading is still applicable.  Some are meticulous, planning every aspect of leading worship. Others are like Darin, floating along making things up as we go and “shooting from the hip.”

OK, somewhere in the middle is a balance, where we can be flowing with the Holy Spirit but where adequate preparations have been made.

Even the free-flowing guys like myself will definitely benefit from preparation for worship leading.  Wise leaders will prepare well, but still be ready to flow when it is necessary.  preparation and freedom are not mutually exclusive!

So in this podcast we want to look at the ways we can prepare for our ministry.  We examine this on a personal level, how each leader can prepare their heart to minister more effectively, but we also look at it on a team level, how you can prepare your team to up their game and lead more powerful, more anointed worship than ever before.

As a leader, we need to be the ones who are stepping up and making the commitment to excellence in our worship teams, and preparation is a huge part of this.  It also means that we can share this information with others and see them rise up to be the worship leaders they long to be!

So instead of floating along and making things up as you go, listen to this pod and learn how to prepare and lay the groundwork for your ministry.  Remember, preparation can make even the best of flowing people even better.

Settle back, prepare your heart and listen to this podcast believing that the right preparation for worship leading can build a more powerful, more highly anointed ministry to your people!

Is it OK to visit other churches, or if you do is it an act of disloyalty?

Be Honest if You Want to Visit Other Churches

This is a controversial and uncomfortable question, so the pod team thought we should have a balanced and serious look at this.

Many worship leaders feel guilty if they skip one of their church services and visit another church, mainly because we tend to visit larger, more successful churches than our own.  Is this guilt justified?  Should we tell others, or just sneak around on our own?

Erick and Darin share real-life experiences they have had visiting other churches and discuss the ethical and moral implications for those who do take a week out from their church and their responsibilities to check out other churches.

Clearly, we all can learn from other churches.  As a worship leader, I am constantly learning from watching other worship leaders and other worship teams in an effort to improve my praise and worship leading. Attending another church can add to this experience.

You can also visit other churches when you are away on holidays, and this is one way to glean useful information without the guilty conscience!

However, there are times when some worship leaders (not you of course!) go to another church to connect with their pastor and potentially open the door to a better worship leader position.  As the team discusses today, this is definitely not an OK reason to visit another church!

Oh, and we also discuss what you should say to your pastor.  In the end, honesty is always best, but you can share your heart without upsetting or becoming a threat to the leadership.

So settle back and listen to the worship leader podcast as we discuss this important issue.  If you’ve ever wanted to check out another church, this is a very important podcast for you…

We are all after the “secret sauce”, so what is the secret source of worship leading power?

The Secret Source or Worship Leading Power

Many successful products have some kind of secret attached to them.  KFC has their 11 herbs and spices, McDonalds has their Big Mac sauce.  Many other products have something secret that they do not talk about, but which makes all the difference.

So today we ask the question, what is the secret something that makes the difference between nice music and mind-blowing worship?

We have all seen it before… some great musicians and singers, pretty good songs, but while it may be a great performance, you cannot sense worship leading power that draws you closer to God.  Then again, you might have an average team of musicians and slightly dodgy singers, and suddenly the heavens open and you experience genuine, Holy Spirit inspired worship leading power.

This is not completely random!  While I always advocate training hard and being the best singer or musician you can be, sheer ability is not the secret sauce!

Song choices, talent, being nice, even Bible study is not the secret source of worship leading power.  No, there is something else, something more elusive perhaps, but tangible enough that many worship leaders discover and apply this sauce and get tasty results every time!

This podcast is a look behind the scenes at what really is the source of worship leading power in your ministry.  It takes a frank and compelling look at the various methods we try to make our worship leading better.  It also reveals what our team believes is the secret sauce, the thing which gives worship leading its true power and anointing.

So don’t miss this exciting podcast, and make sure that every time you lead you are touching lives and seeing people worship deeply.  There is a secret source of worship leading power, and it is yours to explore…


325- Gearing for Growth

Are you gearing for growth in your worship team?

Gearing for Growth is Important

If you are not growing in your worship team, and in your ministry, then you are often going backward!  Growth is a normal and healthy part of team development, and so it is important that you constantly look ahead and dream of the future and the growth of your ministry…

Philippians 3:13-14 English Standard Version (ESV)

13 Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

The best worship teams continue to grow and develop over time, and while you want to see stability and commitment from your team members, stagnation is not what you want to see in your worship.  So are you gearing for growth, are you stuck in a rut (which is just a grave with the ends knocked out after all)?

In this podcast, we look at not only the growth of your worship team but also of your worship ministry.  Are you growing in the things of the Lord, and are you growing in your ministry, getting better and better, and getting more anointed and powerful as the years go by.  With the years of experience our team has, we are still always looking to grow and improve everything we do.

So grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and sit back and enjoy this week’s pod.  It’s time to forget what is behind and concentrate on what is ahead, straining towards excellence and gearing for growth in your team and in your own personal walk with God.

And click here if you want to improve your worship leading abilities!


Jealousy can become a destructive force in any worship team.

You know the drill… someone else does something better than you, or someone else sees you doing something better than them.  Without doubts, jealousy and rivalry is a curse in almost every band on earth, but it is a particularly destructive element in your worship team!

Jealousy is More than a Feeling

Jealousy is more than just envying someone else’s ability. It can take many forms, and all of them are bad!  In fact, many worship teams have been blown apart by jealous individuals, and especially if those people are envious of the leader of the team.  Attacks against leadership can ruin the fellowship of a worship team and can destroy the anointing of the team what they need the Holy Spirit most… When they are leading their church in worship!

So why do we tolerate such a destructive force in our worship teams?  Part of the reason is that much of this sin, and it is a sin, folks, happens internally… In our heads.  So we might smile sweetly and look like we are rejoicing in someone else’s ability and skill, but underneath we are fuming and wishing we were like them.  This is a hidden sin in our life, and people only recognise it when suddenly bad attitudes or behaviour comes out.

In this podcast, the guys discuss jealousy both from yourself towards others, and from them towards you, and how you can make your worship team a jealousy-free zone.  And if you truly want to excel in your worship leading, this is a problem you need to deal with swiftly and lovingly, because it has the power to truly destroy all your good work and your dreams of the future in your ministry!

So listen to this podcast and don’t be jealous of anyone else, because God has anointed you to be you… Just make sure you are the best you!

Worship leaders, all of us feel down and discouraged at times.  I’m excited to bring you this podcast, because I know the Lord will speak to and encourage many who listen, to see beyond the current circumstances to your destiny!

Worship Leaders Have an Awesome Destiny

Worship leaders, you have an awesome destiny, and here’s the thing… destiny is not determined by circumstances, it is determined by the decisions you make.  And the best decision you can make right now is to decide to trust the Lord and believe in Him and to not give up.

Sometimes we feel like we are useless… Perhaps we might think we have no talent, maybe have no anointing, and the things that others say seem to inflate this sense of discouragement.  Words of criticism are never great, but we need to see beyond what people say (which after all, is usually nothing more than their opinion!).  This is especially true when it comes to people speaking against you who are close to you, maybe in your own family, maybe in your own worship team.

So our cry to you today worship leaders is, “Don’t Give Up!”  sometimes when things do not seem to be going well, we feel like giving up, but if you listen to this podcast, take the time to thank the Lord for His love and power in your life, and humbly agree to serve and honour Him, even when the feelings are not there, even when you are down and discouraged and ready to throw the towel in.

Worship leaders, young and old, new and experienced, whatever your church, your denomination, your age or your ability, this is for you… If you are down and discouraged, listen to this pod and believe that you are anointed, chosen of God and whatever you do, don’t give up!

An altar call should be an important, even a pivotal part of your Sunday church service.

Worship Leading Sets the Mood for an Altar Call

OK, some churches do not have actual altar calls, but many times the pastor challenges the people to respond in some way.

Whether your pastor is challenging people to come forward for prayer, or whether they fill out cards, these are the crunch time for any church service. Worship leading plays a key role because it not only provides the background music and ambiance, but it can also spearhead what the pastor is saying, cutting straight to the heart of the listeners.

In this podcast, we talk about how important music is in any challenges during the church service, and we also look at the altar call itself, what you must do, what you must never do, and how you can serve your pastor to enhance his or her ministry.

In the usual altar call, the preacher challenges people about a particular topic and then asks them to respond, often (but not always) by bringing them forward. If this happens, your worship team is right in the middle, and your contribution can make all the difference.

Altar call ministry is something you need to get right every single time.  If you do something wrong, you can cause people who are thinking deeply about the things of God to stop doing so.  In fact, and this is not overexaggerating, your music may be responsible for bringing souls into the Kingdom, or (heaven forbid) driving them away from an eternity with Christ.

So please, worship leaders, listen to today’s podcast with fear and trembling but also excitement.  I have been a worship leader for a famous evangelist for more than 25 years, and I have seen God do absolutely amazing things in the altar call.  What a privilege to know that my music, worship leading and ministry has been a part of something big and etrnal in the life of someone I don’t even know!

So listen to this podcast and let’s ask the Lord to use us and our worship leading ministry to challenge the people in our churches…


Stage presentation is something often overlooked in worship leading, but it can have a powerful effect for either good or bad when it comes to how your ministry is received. (Photo Pixabay)

Personal and Stage Presentation Matters

What you wear, where you stand, how you stand, how you hold the microphone and a number of other factors can dramatically affect your worship leading, and this is what we are going to explore in this week’s podcast.

Let’s face it when you lead people in worship you need to consider the whole package.  People usually worship with their eyes open, so they are looking at you, taking in the entire scene.  And trust me, your congregation will notice everything!  So we talk about what you are wearing, how you are holding the microphones, where the band members are placed and a ton of other stage presentation issues.

Everything we share on stage presentation in this special pod includes practical and easy ways that you can change and improve any deficiencies, so if you want your team to not only sound amazing and lead incredible worship, but also look sensational, then this podcast is not to be missed!

Even the little things, the ones you may have never even considered, are dealt with in this podcast.  We also share how you can change how the entire band presents itself, not as stone statues on stage singing and playing, but as real people relaxed and enjoying the worship, and interacting with each other in a way that presents as natural, stylish and cool!

We even make a stand against the current trend of blackening out everything, suggesting we can have colour and vibrancy in our churches instead of drab black! So, we may slay a few holy cows in this podcast, but I believe that in the end what the team suggests will be a great blessing to you, and definitely not that expensive to implement (we are basically cheapskates at heart!).

Learn more about stage presentation, the look, the feel, the positioning and the attire… it’s all here in this week’s worship leader podcast…

One of the constant desires of most singers is to be able to hit the high notes.

Hit the High Notes with Confidence!

Let’s face it, the high notes are what seem most impressive, and also as singers what makes us feel great.  High notes lift our spirits, and we often go up a key and find the worship atmosphere goes up a key also.

But sometimes we are not confident enough to hit the high notes with impunity. There is always an element of risk the higher you sing, so we thought a podcast revealing the secrets of exactly how you can hit the high notes as a singer was in order, and something that every singer, be they good, bad or average, would benefit from.

So this is an instructive podcast, where Darin and Erick will actually step you through how you can hit the high notes again and again with confidence.  We also talk about how you can change your voice over time, gently and safely raising the highest note you can pitch.  In fact, Darin can attest to molding his voice into a tenor doing exactly the things we talk about here!

So if you are a singer and you want to hit the high notes, don’t just tighten your belt or stamp on your foot hard to cause pain, learn the right techniques and start to get those notes you have always dreamed of getting in your worship leading!  Who knows, you might even break a few windows with your high pitched singing (and is that even possible???).  You certainly will inspire a few people if you can reach higher when you sing and if you can lift the worship at the same time.

Importantly, we will be teaching you how to hit the high notes without straining your voice, and this is incredibly important if you are to sing for any length of time. So we will teach you to sing and hit these notes, not screech and scream to try and attain the high notes!

If you have always wanted to hit the high notes without straining your voice or risking the dreaded “voice break”, then check out this free podcast now…


So you’re leading worship in church, and you want to display godly leadership in your worship. As a leader, you will face many pressures from those above and beneath you in the hierarchy, so the question becomes, “What does godly leadership actually look like?”

Godly Leadership is Powerful

This podcast examines what godly leadership actually is, and how we can as leaders become more godly in everything we do. The servant leadership that Christ talked about in Mark 10 comes to the fore, and we can take this humble yet powerful model into the way we lead our worship team.

The way we lead our team is going to either shine for Jesus, or become a way we attempt to control other people. I recommend the shining over the control, and we talk about how we try and exert influence over our team, while still maintaining the creative elements in our team members.  And make no mistake, you cannot control others and release them at the same time.

But here is the blessing.  As we inspire our team members and allow them to be creative and to reach their full potential in their gifting, we are not only showing godly leadership, we also earn a loyalty that will see them want to please us by doing what we want.  In essence, we can learn not to control them but to release and inspire them, and we tend to get things the way we want anyway.

Honestly, some worship leaders need a little mustache and a swastika armband, because within the realm of their worship portfolio they just want to be dictators.  Let that be none of us!

Listen to this podcast and learn how you can show godly leadership to your team and your church… leadership that inspires, challenges, trains, and releases others to become all that the Lord has destined them to be.

If you lead worship, don’t miss this exciting podcast…