Learning how to build a worship team is all part of the position of being a worship leader. Yet so often worship leaders are chosen because they sing or play well, not because they have any leadership abilities. So when they start to build a worship team, they run into inevitable problems and hassles which go way beyond singing or playing.

You Need to Build a Worship Team

That’s why it is important for all worship leaders, regardless of how great they may sing or play an instrument, to train themselves in the skills they need to build a worship team.  Leaders need to be not only good at leading worship, but organizing, directing, inspiring and training becomes essential.  If you do this effectively, you can build a team that becomes the “Dream Team” for worship leadership in your church!

In this podcast, we look at one of the greatest and inspirational team leaders to ever step up, King David.  Darin draws great teaching from the way in which King David inspired and created his own Dream Team, without becoming a control freak or an overbearing micromanager.

You Can Build a Worship Team that Inspires Your Church!

If you learn the right principles, and if you diligently apply them, you can build an incredible worship team that inspires your church and moves the entire church forward.  You can have a team that loves an supports you, is 100% behind you and is also full of creativity and encouragement for every member of the team.

These principles actually work guys, so step up and become the worship leader you are destined to become by learning how to build a worship team that inspires, builds and lasts for years!

In this quick and simple podcast you can learn how to create your own Dream Team as you discover how to build a worship team that becomes truly great for you and for the entire church!


293- Music and Evangelism

Music and evangelism should be a great combination, but often times evangelists face a real battle with their music.

Music and Evangelism is More than a Church Service

We cannot effectively just treat an evangelistic outreach as a regular church service, so this week, Erick interviews Darin on his recent trip to India and the role that music can and should play in evangelism.

Now I know it may seem a little odd interviewing one of the hosts of the show, but Darin has specialised in worship and musical items in evangelistic crusades and outreaches for over 30 years, so he may just have a perspective worth listening to.

Australia’s renowned evangelist Dr. Bill Newman chooses to fly Darin all over the world to sing before he preaches because he believes that the right songs, ministered in the right way, can see more people won for Christ.

So many churches just transfer their regular church service songs and worship when they try to reach out, especially at special services like Christmas and Easter.  But evangelism requires music that is much more specific than what we usually sing in church because many times the songs we song and even the subject matter and content of said songs has little or no bearing on the person in the street, who probably has never been to church in their life!

So what is the secret of conducting a great evangelistic outreach meeting, and how can music and evangelism work well so that the songs actually add to the word preached, enhance it and see an even greater harvest of souls that would have been expected?  Does an evangelistic meeting mean we cannot use the songs we regularly use in church, or is there a place for both worship leading and solo singers in your outreach?

So learn how music and evangelism can work together for good in today’s exclusive podcast interview…



Sharing leadership responsibilities is an essential part of leading a worship team.  And leadership is not as easy as you might think!

Sharing Leadership Responsibilities is Real Leadership

If we think that we can do it all ourselves, we may be good at singing or playing an instrument, but we are lousy at leadership!  One of the big problems we face as worship leaders is that we are often chosen not because we have good or well developed visual skills, but because we have a talent like singing or playing an instrument well.  But being able to sing does not mean that we are able to lead our worship team properly!

Sharing leadership responsibilities is an essential part of being a great worship leader.  Inspiring your troops to not only be led but become leaders in their own right is absolutely essential if you are to grow anything of note in your ministry.

And raising leaders is one of the greatest thrills in ministry.  We should not be threatened by those who might have more ability than we do because when you are the leader, your job is to help them become everything they can possibly be in the Lord.  At the end of the day, we are all on the same team, and great leadership knows and recognises this fact, and develops those around them to step up into the breach and help the worship team.

So settle back and listen to the team as they share strategies on how to share leadership responsibilities within your worship team, and set your team up for long-term, sustained and powerful growth long into the future.

And remember, no matter what size your church is, or your worship team is, sharing leadership responsibilities is what can set your leadership apart from anybody else, and open the way for your church to see incredible worship Sunday after Sunday

Your worship leading is about leading the people into worship, but does your worship leading actually go anywhere?

So Where Does Your Worship Leading Lead Them?

OK, this is not a trick question it’s a genuine attempt to challenge you on where you are leading your congregation when you are the person directing the worship.  Is worship a series of stop-start songs, unrelated and used as a punctuation between items in the service?  Or are you able to take your people on a genuine and special journey from where they walking into the auditorium right through to the very presence of the Lord?

So where exactly are you leading your congregation when you are worship leading, and just as important, do you know where you are going yourself? How can your worship leading be effective when you have no idea where you are going?  This podcast is an excellent and very challenging look at how you lead people in worship, where you want to go and ultimately, the important question, how do you actually get there?

As the team discusses, your worship leading is not just a matter of choosing a few songs and belting them out.  When you lead worship, you should have a definite place in mind as to where the Lord wants you to lead your congregation.  If you know where it is that the Lord is leading you that service, you can then set about finding the best and most effective way to get there.

So settle back and listen to today’s worship leader podcast, and start asking the relevant question, “Do I know where I am going when it comes to worship leading?” Then, when you have clarity as to where your worship leading is headed, you can set course for taking your precious people right into the throne room of God when they worship.

These important and life-changing questions are answered in this week’s worship leader podcast…

290- Reformation Special

Reformation… the very word gets most Christians excited, and for all of us in the Protestant faiths, it was a significant time in our history.

So Here’s Our Reformation Special

In this week’s worship leader podcast, Darin and Erick pay tribute to Martin Luther, the father of the Reformation, on this the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses to the door of the church at Wittenberg.

Now the Reformation is not just about nailing thing to doors, but this simple act of protest against the Roman Catholic practice of selling indulgences (now thankfully no longer in vogue) started a massive chain reaction and catapulted the church of God out of the dark ages into the incredible light of what we now share today.

And we think that the Reformation is worth celebrating!  Don’t you?

So tune in and listen to Erick and Darin share their impressions of the Reformation, Martin Luther, our previous visits to places like Heidelberg and how all this flows through to affect us in the church today, and especially worship leaders.  Yes, we have a heritage too based around the Reformation, so list and learn, celebrate and cherish the wonderful freedom we have in worship leading as a result of one man’s incredible courage!

So you can do all sorts of things to celebrate this great anniversary, but before you nail anything to your front door, spend a little time in prayer and thanksgiving for the freedom we have to worship the Lord with all our hearts, all our creativity and in our mother tongue.  That’s right, were it not for this man’s courage to stand up against the greatest power of his age, we’d all be singing in Latin!

So a worship leader podcast with a twist this week, but certainly one that you will enjoy and gain a lot out of.




Does your worship leading reflect your life, or is who the congregation see on stage a different person to the real you?

Does Worship Leading Reflect Your Life

We are worship leaders, and hence we are leaders in the church.  But does worship leading reflect your life, or are you faking it on stage, hiding your true walf with the Lord behind your talent, your ability or the music you lead.

This could be a highly challenging podcast, but absolutely worth it because we look at transferring an on fire personal walk with God onto the stage and supercharging your worship leading. Have a listen and get inspired!

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It is a complete 6 month course covering everything you need to know to lead a worship team, from choosing the proper songs, joining and arranging songs and going up keys, to managing the band, dealing with personalities, conflicts, encouragement and just about anything.

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Praise and Worship Leader Ad

After attending a huge convention this week, we ask the question is bigger better in worship, and do you need all that stuff when it comes to worship leading?

Bigger, Better Best?

Now I for one love all of that stuff, the excitement and spectacle of any great concert, but it makes us ask the question, are we having a concert in the church, or are we actually leading people to a worship experience that is deeper and more profound?

Does having a huge PA, lights, smoke, lasers, etc. enhance or detract from worship, and does true worship need all that stuff? This is important information for all worship leaders to consider, whether you are in a small church or a large one. We all love the modern, awesome stuff, but does having a great spectacle lead people closer to the Lord, or distract them from actually connecting at the heart level with His Spirit?

So loads to explore today, as we look to make your worship leading bigger better and more exciting, not because you have bigger better PAs or lights, but because you are truly connecting your church with heart of God.

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There’s a superb worship leader training college which is accessible to you a small price of the total cost of going to Bible College.

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Singing with a Microphone is a skill that every singer should learn, and learn well. I love singing with a microphone because it offers an amazing opportunity for every singer to explore new and intimate skills that are not available otherwise.

It’s similar to acting on the big screen as opposed to acting on the stage.  You can incorporate breathiness, intimacy, high notes, loud and soft,m light and shade in a way that you cannot without the aid of the microphone. You are able to drop your voice to a whisper or hit incredible high and loud notes, but in order to not freak your sound person out, learning these microphone techniques are required.

Take Control when Singing with a Microphone

So, rather than distress the sound guy, or blame him for your vocal problems, you can be responsible for your own sound.  In this podcast we talk about how you can set your microphone, adjust the equalization, change the sound and the feel of your voice and generally take control of your own vocals, and the team’s vocals if you want to.  Learn how to speak to sound people to get the tone you want in your voice, as well as controlling the volume using our tips and techniques.

This practical podcast will teach you all the tips and techniques about how to lead worship while singing with a microphone.  So whether you are leading the worship, or singing as a part of the team, these simple but practical techniques will improve your sound in a matter of seconds.

So if your church uses microphones, you definitely need to hear this podcast. And make sure that your team, backing vocalists, sound people and others have a listen as well. Singing with a microphone in your church worship should be a fantastic experience, not a disaster waiting to happen!

Song leading and worship leading are not the same things, and it is important that we have a close look at how we are leading and what we are leading.

Song leaders lead people in singing a selection of songs, but worship leading involves far more than just singing a few songs. Song leading might be fun, could even be inspirational, but it falls far short of your calling if you are called to be a worship leader.

Song Leading vs Worship Leading

Worship is so much more than singing a few tunes and feeling good.  You can sing songs at a disco or a football match, and feel pretty good, but that does not make the act of singing into actual worship.  In this podcast, we are going to explore what true worship is, what it looks like, and how you can change the spiritual atmosphere in your church. You can lead the service away from simple song leading into an incredible journey of worship.

After all, people in the church are not just there to sing a song or two. However, some pastors want the songs to punctuate what they consider to be the more important aspects of the service, things like announcements, communion, offering, missionary spot and so on.  If that is all the song is worth, then we are shortchanging our congregations!

Worship is so much more than just song leading.  Listen to this podcast, and be inspired to take your people on an incredible journey from when they walk into the auditorium right to the very heart and throne room of God!  That’s our calling, that’s our anointing, and we should never settle for second best by just song leading!

Learn the important differences, and how you can elevate your ministry into true worship leading in this exciting podcast…

286- Compared to What?

As worship leaders, we are often compared to others, both within our church or on You Tube, and if others are not comparing us, then we do it to ourselves.

So Erick and I thought we would do a podcast on comparisons, and ask what or who are you compared to?

As a Worship Leader, You’re Compared to What?

The thing is when we compare ourselves to someone else, it is a lose, lose situation… always.  If the person we are being judged with is better than us, we get depressed and feel like giving up (“I’ll never be as good as him/her!”)  If the person we are being compared to is worse than us, it feeds into our pride and makes us puffed up and haughty.  Like I said, it is a lose, lose situation, so anytime we are tempted to compare ourselves with others it is never going to end well!

But we cannot stop others comparing us with their favourite worship leader, can we?  Oh, they do it so much better than you, they sing that song with so much more conviction… it goes on and on, and once again, the end result is never going to be positive!

So how can you handle being compared to another worship leader, either by yourself or by someone else?  How can you respond, and how can you protect yourself from this most devasting and destructive pastime?

Today we take a frank, honest and sometimes painful look at comparisons and how we as worship leaders can rise above it all to become the worship leaders we are destined to be.  The unique, different, anointed worship leader, the one that doesn’t need comparisons but follows the Lord’s leading and serve with all his or her heart.  The result of this podcast is that you will be free to be you

The result of this podcast is that you will be free to be you, not to be compared to somebody else, but to be you, the best you that you can possibly be.  Have a listen and tell us what you think…