278- Worship Team Patience

Worship Team Patience is something we all need if we are leading a worship team.
In fact, we need it in every aspect of our lives, not just leading a worship team!

What is Worship Team Patience?

Worship team patience is sorely tested in your ministry for a variety of reasons.
It might be a poor attitude, the inability to play or sing something or it could be just a personality clash, whatever the cause, we need to have patience with the people on our worship team.
And if you fail to have patience with your worship team, it is going to be a huge setback for you in your worship leading ministry.  Why is that?  Because the whole team, and indeed the entire church, are looking at you.
And no one can see the frustration that has given rise to your impatience, either, they just see the result and think, “Man, we need some worship team patience happening in this church, because nobody is perfect, right?”

So when you are spending way too long trying to teach somebody a new song, trying to get someone to sing a note in a particular way, or trying to get someone to play what you consider to be a simple lick, you’re going to need worship team patience!

When you are dealing with people’s bad attitudes or trying to settle a conflict between your team members, you are going to need patience also!

Whatever you are doing in leadership, patience is a virtue that carries a lot of WAIT!

This podcast highlights the areas where your patience may be sorely tested and helps you deal with those situations in a way that is gracious, godly and worthy of true leadership.

If you are leading a worship team, patience is not only needed it is required, because whatever you do is being watched by somebody.

Having patience with your team builds unity and enables you to minister more effectively because the Lord blesses unity (Psalm 133).

I know that worship leaders the world over have their patience tested week by week by the members of their worship team. If you can learn to be patient but strong, you will enhance your leadership abilities and hence enhance your ability to lead worship in church.

That’s why this pod cast is an important part of the growth that you as a leader need to face and need to do well at.

277- Worship Team Dislikes

Worship team dislikes are a part of ministry, aren’t they?

Do you like the people in your worship team? You may or may not like them, but despite how you feel you need to lead them as they lead the people in church into worship.

Like any ministry team, your worship team consists of individuals, some of whom you will love and be drawn to, and other of whom you simply will not like.  It’s life, and you cannot always choose who will be in your team, or who will have the talent and skill you need for your worship ministry.

Worship team dislikes are a Fact of Leadership Life

So given that you are likely to get a variety of people in your worship team, how do you deal with the team members you don’t like?  Well here is the interesting thing… everyone else in your team are watching you!

So how you deal with the Worship team dislikes, the people in your team you don’t really like, is going to play a big part in unity, which is going to play a big part in how effective your worship leading ministry is. And after all, eternity is a long time to spend with people you don’t like, so you need to find a way to like them down here on earth, right?

This is the second part of our series, and it deals with leading your worship team effectively, even if you, let us say, don’t exactly warm to them! Listen to this valuable information now…

And don’t forget, our exclusive training can help you navigate some of the tricky situations you might find yourself in, dealing with people you don’t like.

Dealing with worship team disagreements can make or break you as a worship leader.

However brilliant you are at actually leading worship, you have to lead a team who are not always on the same page as you and do so with a spirit of unity and love. And if you are leading any group, including worship teams, you are going to have some sort of conflict at some point.  Conflict is inevitable, but it is how you deal with it, and indeed how you harness the conflict that really matters in the long run.

Worship Team Disagreements Can be Positive

The fact is that worship team disagreements can become a plus for you and your team.  Handling it properly can build real support and help your team to have confidence and even develop loyalty when they see you under pressure making wise and godly decisions.  The question is, how  can you deal with worship team disagreements in a godly and honourable way?

This podcast looks at how you should deal with worship team disagreements in your church, and it might just usher in a fresh unity and power in your worship leading

Leading anointed worship looks amazing, and for some worship leaders, seems almost effortless. However, for the rest of us, leading truly anointed worship seems a long way off.

Learn Secrets of Leading Anointed Worship

Learning the secrets of anointed worship may sound scary or even mystical, but there are definite things that you can do to improve the power of your worship leading.

And that’s what this worship leader podcast is all about… We want to share with you secrets that have taken us years to acquire in a way that you can start applying these principles and ideas, starting next Sunday.

So don’t hold back and try and do things yourself! Have a listen to this podcast and you will begin to understand that there are definitely techniques and skills that you can acquire that will improve the efficiency of your worship leading, and also reveal the secrets of leading anointed worship in a way that you can bless your church and your worship team with.

But leading anointed worship is not simply a matter of techniques and cheap parlor tricks. Leading anointed worship involves learning some techniques and having some ideas, but then in the power of the Holy Spirit you are able to build upon those techniques and ideas to create a phenomenal worship experience for your congregation.

Are there certain things that you can do that ensures your worship leading is amazing and anointed of God? Find out in today’s worship leader podcast…

Defusing worship leader pride is never an easy thing, and worship leaders can be among the worst at doing this.

Defusing Worship Leader Pride  Before it Becomes a Problem…

Worship leader pride is like any other form of pride, and it can come before a fall!

That’s what this podcast is all about… We don’t when she was a worship leader to fall victim of difficulties with pride, and if you do so it comes out in a variety of ways, many of which you are not even aware of.

And trust me, if Satan can use your feelings of pride to derail the effectiveness of your worship leader ministry he will definitely do so. That’s whites important for all of us involved in upfront ministry, and especially

So settle back and relax and listen to this week’s podcast with an open mind, and an open heart, ready for the Lord has to challenge you in the area of pride in your ministry.

Pride seems to be something that accompanies any upfront ministry, and because it can be an extremely destructive and volatile sin, defusing pride is an essential part of becoming a successful worship leader, as this podcast explores…


Single instrument worship leading, when you lead with only a single instrument like a guitar or piano, might seem like a challenge, but this exciting podcast shares some of the advantages and awesome things that can happen when all of your team lets you down and it becomes just you and a single instrument.

Is Single Instrument Worship Leading Good or Bad?

In this discussion, we look at the positives of only using one instrument when you are worship leading. Now I’m not saying you should fire your band and drop back to a single guitar or piano, but there are some definite advantages when you do this, and sometimes change is as good as a holiday, right?

Even in big concerts by famous people, who have huge bands and productions worth millions of dollars, and who have the best of the best musicians and singers, there is often a time where they grab a single acoustic guitar, or sit at a single piano and share an intimate song or two.  There is something revealing, simple and strangely intimate about having just one instrument, and today’s pod explores the various ways we can use this close feeling and gentle intimacy to draw people even closer to the Lord in worship!

So if you are in a small church where you might face this regularly, or if you lead in small groups where a single instrument is the norm, the team shares how you can make single instrument worship the best!  Don’t despise the day of small beginnings, let God use you to draw His people near so that they can worship and honour Him in a special way through the use of single instrument worship leading…

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How you measure success in worship leading is a debatable area.

And it is something that could be different for each person, and especially depends on the type of church you are leading worship in!

So How Do You Measure Success in Worship?

OK, let’s get right down to it…Is it how many hands are raised, is it how many compliments you get after the service, or is it something far less tangible like how you feel the worship leading went?

Success in worship is discussed at length in this pod, but we also recognise that the true measure of success is not hands raised or feet tapping, but hearts actually engaged with the Lord in genuine worship.  Erick and Darin discuss how this manifests in various churches, and how you can achieve real success in your worship leading week in and week out!

This podcast explores the measures we use for success, which ones are valid and we do a fascinating double top 5 on the reliable and unreliable indicators of success. If you want to become a great worship leader, you need to hear this pod…

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Learning how to give criticism in a productive and godly way is an important part of leading a praise and worship team.

Discover How to Give Criticism in a Way That Your Team Will Love You For!

If you criticise your team members the wrong way, you will not only build resentment against you, but you can destroy their ministries and even their lives!

This might sound a bit over the top, but in this podcast, we are going to look at how your ability to handle and give criticism can have a major effect on the life of your team, and overall on how effective your worship leading ministry is.

Psalm 133 talks about the powerful effect unity can have on your ministry, whatever your ministry might be, and I can tell you that mishandling the ways in which you give criticism to your team members can greatly affect unity, and therefore the power and effectiveness of everything you do!

So, every worship leader needs to hear this important podcast and learn how you can not only give critis=cism in a constructive and godly way, but also how you can bring the very best from your team in a way that doesn’t upset them, but actually, makes them love you even more!

So last week we looked at how to take criticism, which is the first part of this double podcast.  This week, we flip it around and teach you how to give criticism, especially when the aim is to improve worship leading and the overall band performance.  So how do you give criticism in a loving, godly and effective way?  Listen to this podcast and discover how you can do this the right way…

Don’t do it wrong, because you will definitely regret it!  Offer constructive criticism in a loving, godly and effective way?  Listen to this podcast and discover how you give criticism the right way…

269- How to Take Criticism

Learning how to take criticism is something we all are going to face at some time in our worship leading ministry.
And let’s face it, people can be brutal.  Especially when something as emotive as music in church is involved!  And you’ll find they are sometimes more than happy to criticise you for the craziest things, like how loud the music was or somebody else having a guitar out of tune.   If you are standing up and seeking to lead people into the presence of God, the devil is going to use every way he can to attack you! That’s why this podcast on how to take criticism in a godly, honourable and humble way is going to be so valuable for you!
In today’s episode, Erick and Darin discuss the sources of criticism, noting that most of the people who have something negative to say about you cannot even hope to do what you do in leading worship!  But they go on to discuss strategies on how you can respond in a godly way, rather than react in an angry, harsh or vindictive manner!

Learn How to Take Criticism the Godly way!

Nothing is off limits, and everything is completely honest and helpful.  Darin even reveals some of the recent attacks he has faced (trivial and all).
Trust me if you are up on stage, someone is going to take a shot at you, so all of us as leaders need to learn how to take criticism, and to do so in a godly, humble and loving way. Learn how you can take criticism the right way in this amazing and highly practical worship leader podcast.
And hey, if you haven’t yet seen our fantastic video series,

The Top 10 Mistakes Worship Leaders Make 

(And How to Avoid Them)

Then click the link and please watch it for free.  It could save you tons of pain in your worship leading ministry, and if you avoid these mistakes, you could also avoid a lot of criticism!

Connecting with and engaging your congregation… We all have to face this, worship leaders,  no matter how accomplished we think we might be. But it seems that connecting and engaging your congregation is easier said than done, right?

Ways of Engaging Your Congregation

We look out across the audience and see some people engaged, and some looking bored, checking their cell phones and so on.  How do you engage them in worship when they look like they’re not interested?  How do you peak their interest, and somehow cause those who are actually bored with worship to want to engage with you as you lead them?

And perhaps the greater question is, where are you leading them, and how are you leading them?

Now we all know that you will never engage all of the people all of the time.  You have no control over where their hearts are at, what they are thinking if they have had a fight on the way to church or anything else.  We recognise that in any church there are those who long to worship, no matter how bad the worship leading is, there are those who will never worship because their hearts and heads are not in the right spot, and there are also those who want to worship but need something to change in order for you to lead them effectively.

So what is is that you need to change to engage your congregation effectively?

In this podcast, we explore the many and varied ways in which even novice worship leaders can effectively connect with and lead their people. We have a cracking Top 5 with loads of great advice, and we have heart felt sharing from the guys as they open up about their struggles to engage their people.

So this is a must for all worship leaders… grab a cuppa, take a little time and learn how to engage your congregation before you lose their interest altogether.


Don’t miss our special presentation that contains many hints on how to connect with and engage your congregation by clicking the link below and learning how to avoid the common mistakes, many of which affect how you engage your congregation, or not!