Singing with a Microphone is a skill that every singer should learn, and learn well. I love singing with a microphone because it offers an amazing opportunity for every singer to explore new and intimate skills that are not available otherwise.

It’s similar to acting on the big screen as opposed to acting on the stage.  You can incorporate breathiness, intimacy, high notes, loud and soft,m light and shade in a way that you cannot without the aid of the microphone. You are able to drop your voice to a whisper or hit incredible high and loud notes, but in order to not freak your sound person out, learning these microphone techniques are required.

Take Control when Singing with a Microphone

So, rather than distress the sound guy, or blame him for your vocal problems, you can be responsible for your own sound.  In this podcast we talk about how you can set your microphone, adjust the equalization, change the sound and the feel of your voice and generally take control of your own vocals, and the team’s vocals if you want to.  Learn how to speak to sound people to get the tone you want in your voice, as well as controlling the volume using our tips and techniques.

This practical podcast will teach you all the tips and techniques about how to lead worship while singing with a microphone.  So whether you are leading the worship, or singing as a part of the team, these simple but practical techniques will improve your sound in a matter of seconds.

So if your church uses microphones, you definitely need to hear this podcast. And make sure that your team, backing vocalists, sound people and others have a listen as well. Singing with a microphone in your church worship should be a fantastic experience, not a disaster waiting to happen!

Song leading and worship leading are not the same things, and it is important that we have a close look at how we are leading and what we are leading.

Song leaders lead people in singing a selection of songs, but worship leading involves far more than just singing a few songs. Song leading might be fun, could even be inspirational, but it falls far short of your calling if you are called to be a worship leader.

Song Leading vs Worship Leading

Worship is so much more than singing a few tunes and feeling good.  You can sing songs at a disco or a football match, and feel pretty good, but that does not make the act of singing into actual worship.  In this podcast, we are going to explore what true worship is, what it looks like, and how you can change the spiritual atmosphere in your church. You can lead the service away from simple song leading into an incredible journey of worship.

After all, people in the church are not just there to sing a song or two. However, some pastors want the songs to punctuate what they consider to be the more important aspects of the service, things like announcements, communion, offering, missionary spot and so on.  If that is all the song is worth, then we are shortchanging our congregations!

Worship is so much more than just song leading.  Listen to this podcast, and be inspired to take your people on an incredible journey from when they walk into the auditorium right to the very heart and throne room of God!  That’s our calling, that’s our anointing, and we should never settle for second best by just song leading!

Learn the important differences, and how you can elevate your ministry into true worship leading in this exciting podcast…

286- Compared to What?

As worship leaders, we are often compared to others, both within our church or on You Tube, and if others are not comparing us, then we do it to ourselves.

So Erick and I thought we would do a podcast on comparisons, and ask what or who are you compared to?

As a Worship Leader, You’re Compared to What?

The thing is when we compare ourselves to someone else, it is a lose, lose situation… always.  If the person we are being judged with is better than us, we get depressed and feel like giving up (“I’ll never be as good as him/her!”)  If the person we are being compared to is worse than us, it feeds into our pride and makes us puffed up and haughty.  Like I said, it is a lose, lose situation, so anytime we are tempted to compare ourselves with others it is never going to end well!

But we cannot stop others comparing us with their favourite worship leader, can we?  Oh, they do it so much better than you, they sing that song with so much more conviction… it goes on and on, and once again, the end result is never going to be positive!

So how can you handle being compared to another worship leader, either by yourself or by someone else?  How can you respond, and how can you protect yourself from this most devasting and destructive pastime?

Today we take a frank, honest and sometimes painful look at comparisons and how we as worship leaders can rise above it all to become the worship leaders we are destined to be.  The unique, different, anointed worship leader, the one that doesn’t need comparisons but follows the Lord’s leading and serve with all his or her heart.  The result of this podcast is that you will be free to be you

The result of this podcast is that you will be free to be you, not to be compared to somebody else, but to be you, the best you that you can possibly be.  Have a listen and tell us what you think…

285- Atmosphere vs Anointing

Atmosphere vs anointing… what’s the difference and does one lead to the other?

This is an excellent question, especially given that many times these days there are many ways in which we know that we can enhance the atmosphere of our meetings. From lights and smoke to polished performances and how we stand, the big question is whether these bring the anointing of God, or whether we are just falling for a cool atmosphere.

Atmosphere vs Anointing

Now don’t get us wrong, we love all the atmospheric stuff.  Laser lights… awesome.  Smoke, unless you’re an asthmatic,… awesome. But are we just fooling ourselves into thinking that this is actually the Lord?  Is it just being cool, or are we genuinely ushering in a move of the Holy Spirit?

These questions and more are going to be answered in this exciting but slightly controversial worship leader podcast…

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Learning top worship leading tips and hacks can make a world of difference for many worship leaders around the world.

And there are definite things you can learn which will immediately improve the standard and even power of your worship leading. Some of these may be a surprise to many, but all of them are easy to learn and apply so that you can start using them this Sunday as you lead worship.

Learn Top Worship Leading Tips and Hacks Today…

Worship leading is not just about singing or playing, and no matter how experienced you are, there is always room to learn a little more or be reminded of something you may have learned before.

These worship leading hacks and tips will help to make you a more effective worship leading powerhouse in your church, but they are not going to automatically mean that you will lead people closer to the heart of God in your worship leading.  There is always a spiritual element to your ministry, which is more dependent on your heart and your personal walk with the Lord.

That being said, saying you are anointed of God and following the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean that you have arrived as a worship leading.  Learning the right tips and hacks can make you an even more anointed worship leader, so this is an excellent podcast to challenge and give you the fast track towards better leading of worship in your church.

We all want to become excellent at what we do, and we all want to be used by the Lord in a powerful way in our worship, so this is a fantastic opportunity to grab hold of some simple worship leader tips and hacks that really do work.  Listen and enjoy, then get ready to apply this to your worship leading, starting this Sunday. You are going to love these incredible worship leading tips and hacks…


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Building a worship band is not a simple task, but we all want to build it God’s way, not in human effort, right?

Build Your Own Worship Band

Like the famous “build a bear” stores, where you can go and design your teddy bear exactly as you like it, with a worship band you have the opportunity to build what you like.  However, regardless of your talent or musical preference, you surely want to build a worship band the way that God wants, rather than according to your own preferences and desires.

And that’s what this podcast is all about… building the right worship band in the right way, and just as God gave very specific instructions about the construction of the temple, He also has some pretty awesome ideas about building a worship band that glorifies Him, not themselves… and not you!

And this, after all, is where many worship leaders go wrong!  They love music, their style of music, so inevitably they build a band that reflects the type of music they love to listen to. If you like we build the band in our image.  But I do not believe that this is what the Lord wants!  He wants a band built for worship that is in His image, just as He wants us to build ourselves in the Image of His Son!

So if you want to build your worship team into a solid, cohesive and anointed band, listen to this week’s podcast and learn just how you can build something incredible in your church!

And what’s even better is that we will teach you how to build your worship team the right way, maintaining harmony and developing a chemistry between the members that will really excite your church and pastor. So if you really want to build the best worship band, listen and absorb the collective wisdom fo Darin and Erick on this one…

Trained Worship Leading?  How does it compare to natural worship leading, and should we place any emphasis on training if worship leading is, in fact, a spiritual ministry?

The balance between trained worship leading and natural leading has been debated for a long time.  Many people have a natural talent to sing or play music, and they believe that their natural abilities as musicians and singers should be enough to get them through their worship leading tasks.  But is this true?

Why Bother with Trained Worship Leading at All?

If you have a degree of natural talent, and if your heart is writing you are led by the Spirit, is this enough?

I mean, what place should man-made techniques have in a spiritual exercise like worship leading? That’s what this podcast is all about… We have a look at, compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of natural talent versus trained worship leading.

We will examine how you can add the right kind of training to your natural talent to supercharge your worship leading ministry long into the future. We will also discuss what type of training is going to be the most effective and the least expensive, and how you can use recognised and celebrated techniques to add real power to your worship leading.

So often in churches, the worship leader is the person who has a great voice or a good ability to play the piano or guitar. However, just because you sing well or play what does not automatically make you a wonderful worship leader.

Worship leading in the church is an incredible combination of natural abilities and the right kind of training.  The encouraging thing about this is that, even if you are not a brilliant singer or player of an instrument, you can still be a sensational worship leader by using the right techniques and getting the best training.  This includes not only training your voice but also training in how to structure and arrange songs, as well as the very spiritual aspects of getting your heart right before you lead worship.

So if you want to be a powerful, anointed worship leader, learn to combine natural talent with trained worship leading…


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Constructing harmonies is an incredible and invaluable part of vocal arrangement.

Now we all know what harmonies are, and I think all of us can attest to how attractive a really tight and beautiful harmony can be.

We hear it, we recognise it, but hey, how hard is it constructing harmonies?  Most worship leaders do not know enough about harmonies and don’t really know where to start in constructing harmonies.

Construction Harmonies Can Make All the Difference

Harmonies can take average music and transform it into amazing and anointed worship leading.  If you are in a small church, or a traditional church, harmonies could be your ticket to raise the standard of your worship leading from average to unbelievable!  Even if your musicians are poor, even if the songs are old or outdated, even if the congregation are stayed or bored (or staying bored), harmonies can supercharge your worship leading, especially if constructed harmonies are clever.

So the big question is, “How do you actually construct harmonies so they sound amazing?”

While we cannot hope to teach you everything you need to know about harmonies in a half hour podcast, we can start the process, or continue the process of how, where and when you can create and construct harmonies that will add amazing dynamic and power to your worship leading.

After all, we all know there is something very special and extremely attractive about constructing harmonies.  It is a challenge for you as a leader, but you can also experience tremendous satisfaction when they 3 part, or even 4 part harmony, glides across the music and into the hearts of those listening.  Trust me, constructing harmonies is the pinnacle for vocalists, and a tremendous asset to the astute worship leader!

Listen to this week’s podcast and discover how harmonies can catapult your worship into the stratosphere!

And if you want to learn more about harmonies, and how to construct them, click this link and join our worship leader Academy today!

280- The Audience of One

The audience of One…

Is a phrase we used to refer to the fact that when you are leading worship, the most important part of your audience is God Himself.

When you lead worship you look across the crowd that is your congregation and you think to yourself,” I wonder what they are thinking of my worship leading, and why they are not fully engaging in worshipping the Lord.”

It’s moments like these that we need to remember the audience of One, the fact that God is your only true audience, and the one whose approval you need to seek over and above anybody else.

And yet in all this, we are human so we do worry about what people think, and whether we are doing a good job in the eyes of our pastor, and our congregation. This pod cast is designed to get you to think about why you are leading worship, and whom you are offering worship to… Is it to people, or is it to the audience of One?

Although we talk about leading worship for the Lord, we need to minimise the effect that worrying about what people are thinking can have on us.

Being human, and living in the real world, we tend to rely on our eyes and on perceived responses from people as we lead worship, I can’t they raising their hands or are they singing loudly.

When we discover the truth that we are truly only singing and performing for the audience of One, it can free you from the fear of man and from concern about how your worship time appears to be going and it can release you into the realm of higher praise.

So as you listen to this podcast, sit back and think about who your real audience is. Are you singing, playing and leading worship for the people, for the pastor, for yourself, or are you truly leading worship for the audience of One?

Feeling down? This is a common thing among worship leaders, so you are not alone!

This podcast will be dealing with the whole issue of feeling down, and how you can raise your spirits. Feeling down as a worship leader is not a unique experience, as the guys share in this episode.

So why are you feeling down? It might be because your worship leading has fallen short, it might be because of internal conflicts within the worship team or it could be something completely unrelated, like conflict at home or work.

Maybe you’re just going through a hard time in an area of your life that is affecting your ministry. Whatever the cause, you need to recognise that how you feel has no bearing on God’s plans for your life.

Many times we feel down although after a great success, which is exactly what happened to Elijah after the victory on Mount Carmel. (1 Kings 18-19). From such a great high, he feels so low he wanted to die, and sometimes worship leaders can feel that way… Frequently.

And like Elijah, many times we will fill especially low after we’ve had a great success. If we rely on our feelings, our life will be up and down continuously, so we have to look beyond our feelings at what God says about us, take our eyes off our circumstances and place them firmly on the Lord.

To quote an old song, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full and His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”

So as you listen to this podcast today, pause to reflect on the goodness of God in your life, the calling that he has for you as a worship leader and train yourself to look up rather than look down, look to him rather than to be overwhelmed by your circumstances.

So we decided to put the special pod cast together for you to encourage you, bless you and remind you that God has a plan and purpose for your life, regardless of how you feel.

If you are feeling down, we hope that this podcast will cheer you up and give you great hope for the future!