Silence in worship leading is not a common thing, but it comes in various forms and can be a real feature if handled correctly.

Or it can be just plain awkward, sounding like you have lost your place, or lost your mind!

Silence in Worship Leading can be Wonderful

Sometimes a silence in worship leading indicates that the band has lost its way, or that they are madly trying to rearrange their music to get the job done.  This is an awkward silence. Sometimes it indicated that someone has missed their cue, or has frozen up, unable to play or sing as required.  This too is an awkward silence.

On the other hand, sometimes silence in worship gives the congregation a tremendous opportunity to align their hearts with the Spirit of God, to plumb the depths of their soul and to worship in a new and beautiful way.  That’s an example of a golden silence (not just a plain yellow awkward one!).

So how do you avoid the awkward yet allow space for the constructive and beautiful version of the silence in worship?

Yes, silence can be your friend, even if all that proceeds and follows it is at maximum volume! And in this pod, we discuss whether silence has to be total, can hear a pin drop silence, or whether silence in worship can have some basic music behind it, holding things together.  We sometimes forget that there are many varieties of silence, just as there are many varieties of worship leading styles, so in this episode, we talk about how you can explore the various kinds of silence, and how you can incorporate these into your Sunday service.

Either way, this is an intriguing podcast looking at the silence in worship leading that can be golden, contemplative and beautiful or just plain awkward!


Political correctness appears to have taken over the world, with so many people, including Christians, being so careful about what they say that they are barely able to say anything at all!

We cannot say Merry Christmas anymore, because apparently, it offends some people, so we have to say happy holidays!  I am not allowed to be offended if you say Easter is about bunnies and eggs, but you can be offended if I mention Jesus in association with Easter.  What is the world coming to!!!!

Political Correctness is Stupid

This podcast is our praise and worship leader attempt to fly in the face of the political correctness that is sweeping the nations of the developed world.  Any passing person would recognise most of this linguistic standard is absolutely stupid!  These days if a man wears a skirt and wants to be called a woman, we have to address him as her!  It seems that long held standards in our society are being thrown away, along with our brains!

So we decided to stand against political correctness, even the type you get in churches.  Many churches have traditions, speech, and ways they do things which are not Biblical, yet it is demanded that we treat them as gospel.  So we ask the big question, “Why in the world should we bow to fear and prejudice?”

Surely we as worship leaders have the right, even the divine calling, to stand for truth and to proclaim the truth of God’s Word, regardless of the consequences!  Without trying to offend our congregations, surely we have the mantle and calling to lead people into God’s presence instead of trying to sidestep around some clearly man-made rules!  As political correctness in the world is stifling and affecting the way people are speaking, so it is also trying to do the same to us in the church!

One of the great hallmarks of President Trump (whether you like him or loathe him) is that he has ignored much of the pressure to speak in a politically correct manner.  While you may not agree with his politics or his mannerisms, I admire the fact that he is not bending over to accommodate the various lobby groups.  And in the same way as worship leaders, we do not have to bend over to the various lobby groups in the church, but under the direction of the pastor and leadership, we should stand for and sing about what is right and true!

So this controversial podcast on political correctness is worth listening to, even if you don’t agree with everything.

Leading worship for the first time can be daunting, but with a few simple tips and ideas, you can make your very first time a real winner!

Why is Leading Worship for the First Time so Hard?

Whether you are leading worship for the first time, or the hundredth time, there is always an element of pressure that can either bring the worst or the best out in you.

I know, because even after years of leading worship, I still have moments when I am nervous or challenged about a particular song, and this can place undue pressure on my worship leading.

If you are leading worship for the first time, you could really do with some helpful advice, especially if you know others who have led worship for years, all over the world.  Well, that is what we are trying to do in this exclusive podcast.  Erick and Darin want to reveal some simple yet powerful tips that could make all the difference to you if you find yourself leading worship for the first time.

And even if you are an accomplished worship leader, you can still use these tips and ideas to improve how you are leading your congregation at church. We all benefit from getting back to the basics at times, so whether it is for first time, or the fifty-first time, let these cool and easy ideas enhance your worship leading skills.

Leading worship in your church should be one of the most wonderful and satisfying experiences in ministry you have ever had, so our strong advice is to not be nervous!  A great way to not be nervous is to get some appropriate training, to enable you to lead worship like a pro!

And I have just the training you need right here, all at a heavily discounted rate and full of information that will not only send your worship leading into orbit but also help you as you lead and control your band, the sound people and others in your team.  This is the complete training that has transformed so many worship leaders around the world, and it is all here for you…




308- What do the Words Say?

What do the words say in the songs we are choosing for worship leading?

This is an important question because many times we find ourselves as worship leaders choosing songs that we like, or songs that are current. And let’s face it, some of the songs have some pretty uninspiring and even questionable lyrics, don’t they?

So What do the Words Say?

What do the words say in the songs we are choosing, and how can we choose songs that are more uplifting, and specifically pointing to Jesus Christ as opposed to songs which are focussed on us?

I believe that we need to take note of the words of the songs when we choose them and that as we run one song into another when it comes to music, so our songs also should be compatible when it comes to the lyrics.

In this podcast we discover that uninspiring words are not a new thing, and we even look at a classic hymn that was written specifically to combat the plethora of ordinary and even heretical lyrics that were being sung in the church at that time.  Yes, folks, believe it or not we have been here before!

So this is not a shot at new songs and a claim that all old songs are lyrically sound!  This is an honest attempt to examine the types of words we are singing in church, and to honestly ask the question, “What do the words say?”  In any age, there are songs with great words and those with less than stellar words.  That is the point of this podcast… let us examine the words we are asking our congregations to sing, whether it be in brand new songs or in older songs.

If we are leading people into the presence of the Lord, the words are important, and we owe it to our churches to select songs with words that point to Christ, and exalt Him!  Listen, learn and enjoy today’s worship leader podcast


Put Jesus Back into Easter this Easter!

This should be the heart cry of every worship leader, indeed every Christian.

We live in a world that preaches political correctness to us every day, trying to remove Jesus and Christianity from Christmas, Easter and every holiday.  We are labeled narrow-minded, conservative and bigotted, yet the Church is the one being attacked by so-called liberated and open-minded humanists!

This Easter, worship leaders, it is time for us to say enough is enough!

Let’s Put Jesus back into Easter Today!

There are many reasons we should put Jesus back into Easter.

The first is that people will come to church at Christmas and Easter time when they will refuse to darken the door of a church at other times of the year.

Let’s put Jesus back into Easter for those who need to hear the good news message of the Gospel.  They are in the church for the day, so we should be able to lead people to the Lord in our worship.

The second reason is that our people need to realise that Easter, with all the hype, the chocolate and the bunnies, hot crossed buns etc., is still about Christ. Easter is about the incredible sacrifice that God made, sending His Son to die for our sins on a cruel cross.  We as believers need to remember and honour Jesus Christ at Easter, not get sucked into the culture that our modern society thrusts upon us.

As worship leaders, we need to choose songs carefully and make sure that we put Jesus back into Easter this season.  So listen to today’s podcast and make sure that we are pointing people to Christ in our music, not ourselves, not Church, not a denomination and definitely not bunnies, chocolates and eggs.

Worship Leaders, we can be the difference in bringing people to Christ this Easter, so let’s commit to putting Christ into Easter once again!




Does age matter in Worship Leading? Older worship leaders would say no, but younger ones would say, or at least imply a firm yes!

So Does Age Matter in Worship Leading?

Our modern culture celebrates youth and often mistreats age, unlike many cultures around the world where age is respected and celebrated.

Especially when it comes to music or anything to do with worship leading?

Now please understand, I am all for bringing younger worship leaders through and training and encouraging them.  That’s the reason we started the Worship Leader Academy… so that we could train worship leaders and bring years of experience to them, and save them from making the mistakes we have made in the past.

Does age matter when it comes to worshipping the Lord?  Of course, it doesn’t!  Here’s a news flash for all of us, young and old…. we will all join together and worship the Lord in Heaven forever. In that day, does age matter for worship?  Definitely not, because we will all be in our prime of life forever with the Lord, worshipping constantly and enjoying His presence forever!

So does age matter to the Lord?  I don’t believe so, I mean look at the likes of Caleb, Joshua, and Moses.  Clearly, He loves and uses aged as well as young people.

Does age matter for musicians? Again I would say no because some of the greatest musicians and singers of all time are now old and still celebrated.  I just saw a 70-year-old Paul McCartney perform wonderfully, so I don’t even think the secular world is as obsessed with age as some Christian churches.

So, does age matter in worship leading?  Well, listen to today’s podcast and decide for yourself, but we would argue that age can add something wonderful and powerful to worship leading and that the experiences and wisdom of aged worship leaders is a valid and important thing to bring to the team!







Unity in worship is a key ingredient in taking your worship leading from good, or even great, to anointed and amazingly powerful worship.

Psalm 133 says this…

Psalms 133
Behold, how good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell in unity!
It is like the precious oil on the head,
running down on the beard,
on the beard of Aaron,
running down on the collar of his robes!
It is like the dew of Hermon,
which falls on the mountains of Zion!
For there the Lord has commanded the blessing,
life forevermore.

Unity in worship is more than just having peace around you.  Unity is not simply about people being tense but not fighting, unity is an essential, and it has everything to do with the blessing that the Lord bestows upon you and your worship team ( and therefore your church)!

Unity in worship leading doesn’t mean everybody agrees all the time, but it does mean that your team (and yourself) need to agree to disagree agreeably. I have seen great worship teams full of great singers and players torn apart and effectively rendered useless by disunity.  Churches split, team fight, homes are torn apart all through disunity, and the devil has a field day!  We need unity in worship desperately!

Oh, and worship leaders, I know you have opinions and so do all of the members of your team, but this podcast will provide the breakthrough that your team and your church need to truly worship in spirit and in truth.  Ask yourself if being right or feeling justified in your own eyes is worth the cost of disunity, and losing the presence of God in your worship team because you want to feel like you’re right!  Do you want to be right, or do you want unity in worship?

This could be one of the most important podcasts you will ever hear, so please listen and enjoy and be blessed by this amazing teaching on unity and how it can bestow a blessing, even life forevermore on your worship team and your church!



304- Intimate Worship

Intimate worship is the essence of real worship, when your spirit connects with the Spirit of the Lord in an intimate and close way.

Why Intimate Worship?

When we talk of worship being intimate, we are reminded of the type of relationship we should have with the Lord.  Paul equates marriage with Christ and the church, and the implication here is that we should be as intimate with our Lord and in our worship of Him as a husband and wife are close.=

So much of what we call worship today is big and brassy, but in this special podcast we examine the often overlooked intimacy of true worship, where the world fades away and it is just you and the “Audience of One!”

True intimate worship is not about noise, not about laser lights and smoke machines, but rather is about a close relationship between you and the Lord.  If you as a worship leader can achieve a closer level of intimacy in your worship, then the opportunities for you to lead your worship team and your church into intimate worship is much higher.

And we all should want this kind of relationship.  We all should be striving for and reaching for a level of closeness that joins our hearts with God, where we forget about the performance, we forget about the chords and notes and we concentrate completely and exclusively on the Spirit of God.

And when you discover this level of intimacy, you will never want to worship any other way.  For worship leaders, the closeness and intensity of your worship will cause others in the church to want to follow you, and bring your entire congregation to a new and vibrant place in their worship.  And that, of course, is our job as worship leaders… to lead our people to the most intimate, most vibrant and most holy place of worship, deeper than they have even gone with the Lord.

This is a special pod for those who truly want to go deeper with the Lord…

Mic and voice control in worship leading is essential for leading really powerful worship in church if you have amplification.

Mic and Voice Control is Easy When You Know How!

Many people freeze when they hold a microphone or when they stand before one.  Yet this simple tool can be a great ally when it comes to leading worship, especially if you know how to use the mic correctly.

Every singer who leads worship or sings in the worship team needs to listen to this podcast. The tips and techniques revealed in this show can be applied right now and improve the sound and structure of the whole team, and also make the sound guy or girl’s job a lot easier!

singing with a microphoneMany times singers do not see their singing as an instrument, and so they just belt our every song at full volume, with little shape to their vocals, and no “light and shade”.  Yet vocals are not just another instrument, they are in fact the ultimate instrument, and vocalists should be able to use their singing in a way that adds tremendous power and presence tot he entire worship.

And the crazy thing is that the techniques needed to control both your voice and the microphone are not that difficult to master. You see them every time you watch a youtube clip of singing or worship, and so in this pod Darin and Erick go through how they use their voices and the microphone to good effect.  These mic and voice control tips and techniques have taken a lifetime to learn and master, but they managed to boil it all down to a half hour of fun and great ideas!

So if you want your vocals to improve, and if you want the team’s vocals to improve, listen to this podcast and learn how to use microphones, how to hold them, and above all, how to use your voice control to great effect when constructing and leading worship songs.

Check it out now and supercharge your vocals!

302- Worship Leader Goal Setting

Worship leader goal setting is the title of this week’s podcast, and let’s face it, all of us need to hear this!  Last week we looked at the team’s goals, but this week we pull back the curtain to reveal our own personal goals for the year and the kind of personal and ministry goals you should have as a worship leader.

Worship Leader Goal Setting

When you are a worship leader goal setting should be an important part of facing the New Year. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it all the time, so setting the right goals for your worship leading, and your own walk with God, is definitely a priority.

As a worship leader, and also as a believer, you should have goals and aims as you approach the year.  In this podcast, Darin and Erick share their own goals and how they are planning to achieve them, as well as making suggestions for your goals and the way in which you should not only set them but go about achieving them.

This is something we should all be listening to and acting upon because each of us only gets one life to invest in the things of God.   You can waste this one life of yours, or you can choose to maximise what it is you are doing for Christ.  As a worship leader and someone in ministry, I believe that it is imperative that we stop every so often and examine what it is that we are doing, and see whether that fits into the goals we have in our lives and ministries. SO many of us work so hard investing time, money and effort into things that ultimately achieve little and are worth nothing in eternity.

So settle back and seek the Lord in this fun podcast…