Organising your song list might sound like a pretty dull thing to talk about on the 12 minutes for worship leader’s podcast, but organising your song list correctly can be one of the most rewarding things in your ministry.

Organising Your Song List Breathes Life into Your Ministry

OK, I will admit that organising anything can be a real drama, especially for those of us who are “free-flowing musicians and singers,” but even I grow tired of the disorganisation that accompanies much of our worship environment.  Put simply, we cannot have a songbook that is 3,500 pages long (not if we want to stay sane!), so we need a strategy that enables us to have a manageable song list.

You cannot have your worship team wading through mountains fo song sheets trying to find the right song in the right key, 2 minutes before you take to the stage at church!  Having identifiable songs in easy to access areas is absolutely key for your worship leading, and making sure everyone has a current copy makes life so much easier.  Now, I know this stuff is far from glamorous, but this podcast is dealing with the intensely practical issues of song lists, keys, adding new songs and all the little things that can make life a bit sweeter.

So this is 12 minutes on how you can transform your worship team, help them cope with new songs, old songs and everything in between, and make life and ministry a whole lot easier.  And if life is more cruisy for your worship team, trust me, it will be better for you in the long run.  Part of leadership is management, both of resources and also of people, and this podcast will go a long way towards giving you a great start as you manage your worship team.

Check it our now on the all new pod right here…

The Dream Team for worship might look different to different worship leaders, but we all have one in mind, or somewhere deep in our heart. What does your perfect dream team for worship look like, and who fulfils those roles.

This is 12 minutes that you can invest right now that might make a difference for your entire year, so check it out now…

, or somewhere deep in our heart. What does your perfect dream team for worship look like, and who fulfils those roles.

What Does Your Dream Team for Worship Leading Look Like?

Hey, it’s OK to dream a little.  I know you might be in a church situation where there does not seem to be much happening, maybe you are the only musician, but dreaming big is often the start of moving towards your destiny.

I have been in many situations throughout life where there’s been a lack of personnel (or at least the right personnel), and when I’ve started to dream and ask God, suddenly the right people have come in.  I do not believe it is wishful thinking, but rather it is allowing God to direct your dream and vision for the future, and letting Him shape your worship team.

Many times people have the abilities you need, and they are hiding in plain sight!  As you dream and believe God for something awesome, as you pray and seek His will for your worship team, then you can start to see the kind of players and singers you want coming your way!

So we wanted to start this brand New Year with an encouragement to step back, have a good long look at your band and singers, and start dreaming of the right and suitably gifted people the Lord is going to bring into your church.  It costs nothing to have a vision for the future of your ministry, but that vision could be the very thing that drives you and sustains you into what the Lord has for your ministry, and your worship leading.

This is 12 minutes that you can invest right now that might make a difference for your entire year, so check it out now…

1. New Year, New Podcast

It’s a New Year and we are launching a new podcast!

Some New Year Resolution, Right?

We know that so many people in our modern world have so little time, so we decided to compact our teaching and free podcast into just 12 minutes, the perfect time for you to listen on the way to work, or while you’re vacuuming the floor.

So rather than clogging up your new year with a long, elaborate podcast, that you struggle to finish, we’ve decided to ask just 12 minutes of your time,  Actually, this pod runs a little over, but the next lot of podcasts will all be 12 minutes.

I mean, what else are you going to do in 12 minutes?  You could boil eggs 3 times, you can watch just under half of the evening news, or you can invest in your ministry and your life by listening to our new podcast.  You could put 12 minutes a week into bettering your gifts, serving your church and your pastor and falling in love with worship all over again.

So worship leaders, this new podcast format is for you. Just 12 minutes a week, and you will be encouraged, challenged and at times amused by the wisdom and insight of two longstanding worship leaders.  Like you, we are finding that just taking a few minutes from your day can be challenging, and so a shorter, more concise but still fun and challenging podcast will definitely be better for all of us.

So please, check out the new look worship leader podcast, and invest 12 minutes a week into something that will change your life and ministry.  And as always, you can email us at and give us your ideas for our 12 minutes for worship leaders podcast.  I mean, we do this for you, so please let us know what you want us to spend 12 minutes on at the start of this new year…


Worship teams are made up of real people, and these people, while they might be musicians and singers, actually have real needs in the real world.

As this is our last podcast for the year, we thought that we would leave you with a forward-looking pod… how you can begin to affect the lives of your team for years to come!

Worship Teams are People Too!

Worship teams should become worship connect groups. You can share your struggles, you can encourage one another and because of your mutual love of music, you can connect on a level far different than most other people in the church.

As a worship leader, you are really moving into the role of being a worship pastor.  Pastors are called to shepherd, guide, care for and love their flock, and as the worship leader, you also have a responsibility before God to make the members of your worship team strong in the Lord.

So we thought we would finish this year off with an inspirational podcast that might just transform your ministry and your worship team.  

Worship teams need loving too… in fact, many of the team members are desperately in need of love and encouragement.  So in this pod, we explore great ideas as to how you can love and support them in every way.

Transforming worship teams into connect groups could be a key to the success of your ministry long term!  From short Bible studies and devotionals at each practice, through to being there when they are in need of support or encouragement.  You, as the leader, is the one who can make all the difference in your team member’s lives!

So as this year ends and a New Year begins, take the time to transform your ministry from just leading music and singing to shepherding and bringing the very best into the lives of your team.

And we will see you next year for another exciting year of podcasting and worship leading.  God bless and have a great Christmas and New Year!

Darin and Erick!

Evaluating your worship team, like your own ministry, is definitely a beneficial thing!

What Does Evaluating Your Worship team Offer?

When you evaluate your worship team, you are taking the first step towards greatness, but you may find that certain individuals are resistant to this.

Let’s face it, many people in your worship team will be resistant examine door, either thinking themselves above all of this, threatened that they will not meet your standards.

However, when evaluating your worship team need to assure them that this is not a way of controlling or criticising, but a way of helping you as a team minister more effectively for the Lord.

Just as you evaluate your own ministry, closely examining the way your team operates when you are worship leading can give you insights into ways in which they can improve. And you cannot only examine them as a team, that you can examine the individual lives represented by the worship team members, and have a positive impact in their lives pointing them back to the Lord, and restoring relationships you may have grown cold over time.

Your team members may offer up all kinds of spiritual reasons why you should not evaluate them, but if you want your worship team to improve, you simply cannot adequately improve that which you cannot assess!

A great time to re-evaluate how your team is ministering is at the end of the year, and that’s why we have done this podcast now.

This is an excellent time to take the time to be evaluating your worship team, not with a view from criticising or being antagonistic, but with a view of improving their ministry and their personal walk with God in a variety of areas.

This is an important podcast that every worship leader should listen to, because we all want to improve at what we’re doing whether we are newbies or whether we are in top-level worship leading. Grab a coffee settle back and listen to this week’s worship leader podcast…

340- Evaluating Your Ministry

Evaluating your ministry is an essential part of growing your ministry and improving your skills in ministry. Sometimes we are afraid to evaluate what it is we are doing and how we do it, but if we ever want to improve our skills and abilities in worship ministry, we have to have some means of evaluating our performance.

Evaluating Your Ministry

The end of the year is a great time to look back and have a frank and earnest look at how we have lead our worship team over the last 12 months.

The fact is, whatever we cannot evaluate we cannot change. Or if we can change it, what do we change it into? evaluating your ministry is an essential part of getting better at the ministry the Lord has called you to.  Even the best worship leaders on the planet constantly reevaluate what they are doing to see if there are any ways they can improve.

So I don’t know about you, but I certainly have not arrived as a worship leader.  I am always searching for ways to improve my skills, both as a musician and singer and also as a leader.

So settle back, grab a pen and paper and take the time to evaluate your ministry during and after this podcast.

Without being unduly harsh or critical of yourself, take the time to examine how you lead worship, and how you lead your team because there are so many ways we can do things and so many things we can say.  I believe we should be on a quest to improve in every area of our lives and our ministries, and that’s why we produced this podcast on evaluating your ministry.

It could make all the difference as you face the New Year, and see God’s power unleashed in your worship leading

Leading worship is an important task at any time, and especially if you have a guest speaker in your church service.

A Guest Speaker Presents a Unique Challenge

Having been the guest many times as visiting ministry, in many denominations and nations around the world, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly among worship leaders.

As a visiting ministry, I have been in churches where the worship team leader has come to me and asked what they can do to serve my ministry.  I have also seen worship teams so intent on their own portion of the service that they refuse to let the visiting ministry even soundcheck until the service is starting.

In the end, for both the visiting ministry and the worship team, we need to never lose sight of the fact that we are called to serve.  To serve the Lord, yes, and also to serve each other.

And leading worship for someone whose ministry style you are unfamiliar with is always a challenge.  This is especially true for evangelists, most of whom have a particular style of music and a way they want it to be played, especially for the appeal.  If you stop and think that the invitation could be crucial in eternity for many people, then the importance of getting your service for the visiting ministry right is paramount.

So worship leaders, even if you do not have guest speakers in your church often, you still need to listen to this podcast.  The importance of what we do cannot be understated, because the atmosphere for the guest can really stand or fall based on how we serve and minister. Our job as worship leaders is to prepare the atmosphere for the visiting minister, then go with him as he shares so that the music and atmosphere of worship add to what he or she is trying to achieve, rather than detracting from it!

This pod is designed to help worship leaders everywhere for those special and sometimes challenging occasions where you need to provide worship in and around a guest speaker…

338- Planning Christmas Services

Planning Christmas services is an important part of most churches. In fact, this is the time of year when you and your church, and your music team, are on display for the whole world to see.

Christmas Service can Really Rock

People who rarely or even never come to church frequently find themselves in Christmas Services, whether they are part of your regular church calendar or whether they are special services like carols.

This means that you, worship leaders, are in a unique and wonderful position when you can speak into the lives of people in your community and bless them in a unique way.

We all know there are some people who pretty much never darken the door of a church, except for once or maybe twice a year.  I always look at Christmas services as a chance to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to them.  Many people bring their friends and relatives during Christmas, and again, whatever the reason they come, I think it is a wonderful opportunity to share Christ with them.

So listen to this podcast and get ready when you are planning Christmas services to do the best job ever…

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It’s a complete 6 month course covering all you should know to lead a worship team, from choosing the proper songs, joining and arranging songs and going up keys, right through to dealing with the band, managing personalities, conflicts, encouragement and all the rest.

If you’re leading worship in any capacity, don’t stumble in the dark! For just $29.77 a month find the training you might want to not just muddle through, but get to be the worship leader that you are destined to be.

Increase your worship leading abilities today (maybe even get your church to sponsor you… best investment they could ever make!).

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Your leadership style is the way you lead your team, and having an awareness of the style in which you lead can help you as you lead the worship team.

Leadership Style Can Affect Everything!

Leadership style can make a world of difference.  It encompasses how you lead, how you inspire your team, and also how you deal with conflict within your team.

There are many different styles of leadership and each has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to leading a team.  Some styles are controlling, some are more empowering for your team, but even this style comes with risks. as a leader, you need to discover your style, and then apply the strengths of your leadership style to bring the best out of your team.

So do you inspire your team?  Do you control them to pursue an excellent result? Or do you empower your team to take the lead and inspire others to greatness?  Remember, being a worship leader is not about singing, it is not about playing well, or even about arranging music…  Being a worship leader is about leading your team in a way that inspires and challenges them. In the end, it is all about leadership style!

All worship leaders want to make a difference.  All of you reading this want to become great leaders, but frequently excelling in leadership takes courage to inspire, and also allow your team members to make mistakes and grow in their musical gifting.

Having the right leadership style for your specific situation can make an enormous difference in your ministry, so listen to this podcast and learn how to lead your team more effectively.  Remember, leadership is not just something you are born to, not something you are trained in, it is something that you can learn and grow into.  Yes, you can learn how to lead your worship team in a more inspiring and influential way, and this pod will help you understand your style and how you can bring the  =best out in and through your ministry…

Keeping your worship team inspired is important at any time, but it becomes even more important as the year rolls on and people become tired and more and more over-committed.

So we thought we would put together a special pod to inspire those of you who lead worship teams to keep the team fired up and inspired.

Why is Keeping Your Worship Team Inspired Important?

Every creative person wants to be inspired.  The trouble is that, as the year draws to a close, it is often hard to keep spirits, commitment and excitement up.  People get tired, they get run down, they get distracted and often things like family commitments and work seem to overshadow anything we do in the music team!

The great news is that with a little effort you can keep your worship team inspired, fired up and totally committed to the ministry.

Simple things can make all the difference as you battle the burnout and bring out the best of your team, both as individuals and together!  Whether it is changing your rehearsals, scheduling social time together or concentrating on sharing your walk with the Lord, there are so many ways you can keep people inspired.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t need to be inspired?  And who doesn’t grind down over time?

We live in such a busy and crazy world, and every member of your worship team is pulled and dragged all over the place by commitments, relationships, work, business, school and everything else.  It seems almost impossible to remain inspired, but certainly, you can if you do the right things!

So settle back and enjoy Darin and Erick as they share their thoughts on how you can keep your worship team inspired and fired up!  A few minor changes and you can set your team up to reach new heights in worship and worship leading over the next year!