Does age matter in Worship Leading? Older worship leaders would say no, but younger ones would say, or at least imply a firm yes!

So Does Age Matter in Worship Leading?

Our modern culture celebrates youth and often mistreats age, unlike many cultures around the world where age is respected and celebrated.

Especially when it comes to music or anything to do with worship leading?

Now please understand, I am all for bringing younger worship leaders through and training and encouraging them.  That’s the reason we started the Worship Leader Academy… so that we could train worship leaders and bring years of experience to them, and save them from making the mistakes we have made in the past.

Does age matter when it comes to worshipping the Lord?  Of course, it doesn’t!  Here’s a news flash for all of us, young and old…. we will all join together and worship the Lord in Heaven forever. In that day, does age matter for worship?  Definitely not, because we will all be in our prime of life forever with the Lord, worshipping constantly and enjoying His presence forever!

So does age matter to the Lord?  I don’t believe so, I mean look at the likes of Caleb, Joshua, and Moses.  Clearly, He loves and uses aged as well as young people.

Does age matter for musicians? Again I would say no because some of the greatest musicians and singers of all time are now old and still celebrated.  I just saw a 70-year-old Paul McCartney perform wonderfully, so I don’t even think the secular world is as obsessed with age as some Christian churches.

So, does age matter in worship leading?  Well, listen to today’s podcast and decide for yourself, but we would argue that age can add something wonderful and powerful to worship leading and that the experiences and wisdom of aged worship leaders is a valid and important thing to bring to the team!







Unity in worship is a key ingredient in taking your worship leading from good, or even great, to anointed and amazingly powerful worship.

Psalm 133 says this…

Psalms 133
Behold, how good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell in unity!
It is like the precious oil on the head,
running down on the beard,
on the beard of Aaron,
running down on the collar of his robes!
It is like the dew of Hermon,
which falls on the mountains of Zion!
For there the Lord has commanded the blessing,
life forevermore.

Unity in worship is more than just having peace around you.  Unity is not simply about people being tense but not fighting, unity is an essential, and it has everything to do with the blessing that the Lord bestows upon you and your worship team ( and therefore your church)!

Unity in worship leading doesn’t mean everybody agrees all the time, but it does mean that your team (and yourself) need to agree to disagree agreeably. I have seen great worship teams full of great singers and players torn apart and effectively rendered useless by disunity.  Churches split, team fight, homes are torn apart all through disunity, and the devil has a field day!  We need unity in worship desperately!

Oh, and worship leaders, I know you have opinions and so do all of the members of your team, but this podcast will provide the breakthrough that your team and your church need to truly worship in spirit and in truth.  Ask yourself if being right or feeling justified in your own eyes is worth the cost of disunity, and losing the presence of God in your worship team because you want to feel like you’re right!  Do you want to be right, or do you want unity in worship?

This could be one of the most important podcasts you will ever hear, so please listen and enjoy and be blessed by this amazing teaching on unity and how it can bestow a blessing, even life forevermore on your worship team and your church!



304- Intimate Worship

Intimate worship is the essence of real worship, when your spirit connects with the Spirit of the Lord in an intimate and close way.

Why Intimate Worship?

When we talk of worship being intimate, we are reminded of the type of relationship we should have with the Lord.  Paul equates marriage with Christ and the church, and the implication here is that we should be as intimate with our Lord and in our worship of Him as a husband and wife are close.=

So much of what we call worship today is big and brassy, but in this special podcast we examine the often overlooked intimacy of true worship, where the world fades away and it is just you and the “Audience of One!”

True intimate worship is not about noise, not about laser lights and smoke machines, but rather is about a close relationship between you and the Lord.  If you as a worship leader can achieve a closer level of intimacy in your worship, then the opportunities for you to lead your worship team and your church into intimate worship is much higher.

And we all should want this kind of relationship.  We all should be striving for and reaching for a level of closeness that joins our hearts with God, where we forget about the performance, we forget about the chords and notes and we concentrate completely and exclusively on the Spirit of God.

And when you discover this level of intimacy, you will never want to worship any other way.  For worship leaders, the closeness and intensity of your worship will cause others in the church to want to follow you, and bring your entire congregation to a new and vibrant place in their worship.  And that, of course, is our job as worship leaders… to lead our people to the most intimate, most vibrant and most holy place of worship, deeper than they have even gone with the Lord.

This is a special pod for those who truly want to go deeper with the Lord…

Mic and voice control in worship leading is essential for leading really powerful worship in church if you have amplification.

Mic and Voice Control is Easy When You Know How!

Many people freeze when they hold a microphone or when they stand before one.  Yet this simple tool can be a great ally when it comes to leading worship, especially if you know how to use the mic correctly.

Every singer who leads worship or sings in the worship team needs to listen to this podcast. The tips and techniques revealed in this show can be applied right now and improve the sound and structure of the whole team, and also make the sound guy or girl’s job a lot easier!

singing with a microphoneMany times singers do not see their singing as an instrument, and so they just belt our every song at full volume, with little shape to their vocals, and no “light and shade”.  Yet vocals are not just another instrument, they are in fact the ultimate instrument, and vocalists should be able to use their singing in a way that adds tremendous power and presence tot he entire worship.

And the crazy thing is that the techniques needed to control both your voice and the microphone are not that difficult to master. You see them every time you watch a youtube clip of singing or worship, and so in this pod Darin and Erick go through how they use their voices and the microphone to good effect.  These mic and voice control tips and techniques have taken a lifetime to learn and master, but they managed to boil it all down to a half hour of fun and great ideas!

So if you want your vocals to improve, and if you want the team’s vocals to improve, listen to this podcast and learn how to use microphones, how to hold them, and above all, how to use your voice control to great effect when constructing and leading worship songs.

Check it out now and supercharge your vocals!

302- Worship Leader Goal Setting

Worship leader goal setting is the title of this week’s podcast, and let’s face it, all of us need to hear this!  Last week we looked at the team’s goals, but this week we pull back the curtain to reveal our own personal goals for the year and the kind of personal and ministry goals you should have as a worship leader.

Worship Leader Goal Setting

When you are a worship leader goal setting should be an important part of facing the New Year. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it all the time, so setting the right goals for your worship leading, and your own walk with God, is definitely a priority.

As a worship leader, and also as a believer, you should have goals and aims as you approach the year.  In this podcast, Darin and Erick share their own goals and how they are planning to achieve them, as well as making suggestions for your goals and the way in which you should not only set them but go about achieving them.

This is something we should all be listening to and acting upon because each of us only gets one life to invest in the things of God.   You can waste this one life of yours, or you can choose to maximise what it is you are doing for Christ.  As a worship leader and someone in ministry, I believe that it is imperative that we stop every so often and examine what it is that we are doing, and see whether that fits into the goals we have in our lives and ministries. SO many of us work so hard investing time, money and effort into things that ultimately achieve little and are worth nothing in eternity.

So settle back and seek the Lord in this fun podcast…

301- Worship Team Goal Setting

Goal setting is a part of every successful organisation or ministry, so worship team goal setting is something we all should be considering at the start of a new year.

Why Worship Team Goal Setting?

While you might have personal goals that you desire to achieve in this year, worship team goal setting is also important.  Your team should be able to achieve the goals you set for them in the next year, so setting the right goals is going to make your job a lot easier, and your team a lot happier and more productive.

Goal setting is a fine art after all… too difficult and everybody gets discouraged and overwhelmed, too easy and your worship team fails to achieve anything of significance.  So what are the right goals to set your worship team, and how can you make worship team goal setting a blessing rather than a curse to your team?

That’s what this podcast is all about.  Setting the right worship team goals in such a way that your team members are challenged, but not overwhelmed by the task ahead.  And trust me, if you get this right you can set yourself and your worship team up for an amazing 2018, with not only great worship and awesome team dynamics, but amazing personal growth in the team members lives and their musical abilities.

Darin and Erick bring years of experience to the table when it comes to bringing the best out of your team, and having incredible and increasingly anointed worship in your church!  Learn how you can encourage and inspire the team this year, without working yourself and the team members into the ground!

Worship leaders, you should be looking at your team and considering what the Lord would have you do with regards worship team goal setting, and that’s what this important podcast is going to explore…

300- How to Mix Sound Like a Pro

Worship leaders, learning how to mix sound well stands you in great shape to talk to sound people, and obtain the sound you want.

Learning How to Mix Sound Makes a Difference!

Learning how to mix sound puts you in a position where you can communicate with the sound people, and thereby obtain the sound mix that you want.  Rather than being at the mercy of sound folk, I find it is very helpful to talk to them about how I want the sound to change.  This enables us to work together to produce the best sound mix possible, and this in turn can make an incredible difference in the atmosphere of worship.

Learning how to mix sound is not that hard, as this special worship leader primer for sound mixing will show you.

These ideas are incredible and can make the difference between having a sensational sound and anointed worship and having everybody over the age of 55 complaining about the noise!

And who wants that!!!

In this pod we explore equalisation, panning, volume, and discuss banded EQs and sweepable mids.  Look, I know that might sound a bit daunting, but when Erik and Darin explain it, it is easy to understand, and easy to implement, starting this Sunday.

Simple principles that are explained here in this podcast can give you a rudimentary knowledge of sound mixing, and allow you to take control of the sound situation, for the good of all concerned.  So come on, tune in and learn how to make a difference in your sound, how to talk to and understand what the sound people are saying, and discover how to mix sound effectively, thoughtfully and sensibly.

The mixing primer is ready to go this week on the incredible, practical and loads of fun worship leader podcast!

So often it is worship leader vs sound person, and there is almost a war between the two!

Worship Leader vs Sound Person, or Alien vs Predator?

This should not be the case, as we explore in this incredible episode. It should never be a case of worship leader vs sound person, because last I saw Jesus died for both worship leaders and sound people, and we should be on the same side.

But as we all know, when you get into the pressure cooker of a church service, when things are not sounding right and people perhaps have let you down, the pressure rises, the temperature rises, and suddenly instead of working together, you find yourself working against one another!

This pod explores practical and definite ways you can bring about peace, and develop unity between the sound guy and the worship leader.  And it should never be a case of worship leader vs sound guy, girl, system or anything else!  As worship leaders, we need to see unity so that the Lord bestows a blessing, and disharmony between the stage and the sound desk never ever improves the quality of the worship… NEVER!

Worship is so much more than producing a nice sound, but when the sound is great the people find it a lot easier to worship in the service.  That is why we need to be working together as a team, not as two warring factions and not even as an uneasy truce.  If we can genuinely honour and respect each other’s gifts and talents, and if we can relate to each other humbly with servant hearts, then we will see our worship leading move to a new level, and we will know that the team, not us as individuals but the team, has made a difference and allowed the Holy Spirit to move.

If you are leading worship anywhere, you really need to listen to this podcast because your sound person is a great ally, but a very scary adversary when it comes to the power and anointing of your worship leading ministry. Check it out now…

Do you want to learn how to WOW your congregation?

Most worship leaders do, you know.  And this is not about trying to make ourselves look or feel good, we want to connect our people with the Lord in worship in such a way that they are just blown away.

The last thing any worship leader wants is to just go through the motions every Sunday, week after week.!

How to WOW Your Congregation  the Right Way

Learning how to WOW your congregation is not about learning secret tips or techniques.  Great ideas and cool techniques can help, but to truly WOW your audience, you need to offer something far deeper than gimmicks or tricks.  The ability you have to lead people into the presence of God is going to be dependent on your own relationship with the Lord.

SO this podcast looks at both of these areas… we look at some great techniques that really can inspire and draw people into the presence of God, but we also talk about how to wow your congregation but offering them a genuine chance to connect to and worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth.

So at the start is this New Year, make a commitment to further your skills in worship leading, to deepen your relationship with the Lord and to step out and try something new that really wows your congregation. This is a God-given, God-inspired desire for all worship leaders, not to make yourself the best so everyone loves and worships you, not to sell your latest CD and not to form a fan club within your church.  You can desire to wow people because by doing so you can change lives and you can connect your people with the Lord on a deeper level.

And in the end, the best way you can WOW your congregation is to give them an awesome encounter with the living God!  So sit back, listen to this week’s podcast and be inspired and blessed as you start the New Year.  Let’s make this the greatest year ever in your worship leading ministry!

New year resolutions are a common thing, but statistics show over 94% are failures within the first month or two. So we reckon we need not new year resolutions but new year revolutions.

New Year Resolutions Do Not Work!

This is a great way to start the year in your worship leading ministry, not making vain promises you will never keep, but committing to long-term goals that will transform your ministry and life.

New year resolutions are what most people do every new year, year after year, but hey, 2018 is going to be different! This is the year when you can break the repetitious mold and change the making of New year resolutions to New year revolutions.  What are New year revolutions?  They are life changing, soul inspiring commitments you make which do not evaporate in a week or two, but which can last all year or even many years.

As Christians, and as leaders, we need to not be making frivolous resolutions like those around us.  We should be better than that, and we should be starting the new year with firm dreams and thoughts for the coming year.  Most of all, we need to be seeking the Lord with all our hearts to make sure that we are being obedient and faithful to the word He has given us.

Take a few moments at the start of the year, the new year, to listen to this podcast and make those long-lasting commitments that are really going to make a difference in your life and worship leading ministry.

Check it out now, but more than just checking it out, start applying these ideas and concepts to your life and worship leading ministry.

And if you really want to supercharge your worship leading ministry, consider joining us in the worship leader academy and do some really awesome training.  Start your year right, and get the training you need to become everything you can possibly be for the Lord.  It’s 2018… the ball is in your court.   Click here for details!