31- How to Make Practice Fun

Do you know how to make practice fun?

Make Practice Fun and Make Your Team Inspired and Happy!

Now, as a musician and singer, I am always about having a great time and enjoying what I am doing.  But some worship leaders take the role so seriously, they leave no room for fun!

This is a terrible mistake because when you do not make your practice times fun, you actually suck the life and enjoyment out of it.

So shouldn’t our practices be serious?  Well, getting it right might be a serious thing, but even while achieving what you want to achieve in the practice, you can still leave room for fun.  And trust me, the ideas we share in this podcast will inspire you to make your team practices the best night of the week for your worship team!

You should make practices enjoyable in some way, you know, because so often practice for the worship team is long, boring and particularly uninspiring.  As a worship leader, you should be looking for every opportunity to make practices fun.  This can include jokes, funny stories and the like, and it flows right throughout the entire practice.  So any mistakes are moments to have fun.  Any frustrations can be treated with a smile and a joke.  I have found that my team are far more productive in this environment than in a tense, highly professional and over-controlled atmosphere!

That’s what we are talking about in this 12 minutes for worship leader’s podcast, and if you want to draw the best out of your team, this could be a pivotal podcast.

Invest just 12 minutes, and inject some real fun and joy into your team, creating not only the right atmosphere but developing a loyalty form your team that will last a lifetime!  Tune in and check it out now…

30- Sound Mixing Disasters

Sound mixing disasters are a clear and danger when worship leading, so this 12 minutes, we want to look at how you can quickly and effectively deal with sound, and the possible disasters you might face.

Sound Mixing Disasters can Ruin Your Whole Day!

Any time you deal with sound gear, there is always a possibility that something could go wrong.  You know what I mean… those annoying buzzes, clicks, pops and the dreaded earth loop, that low drone that can ruin everything!

Now some of these problems are due to aging gear, so keeping your sound gear in tip-top shape can minimise the problems.  If you do run into problems, diagnosing what the issue is, a lead, the desk, a particular instrument, is often a long, involved and very frustrating exercise!

Some sound issues are due to “operator error,” and these can be a cause of much distress, panic, and bad blood in the worship team.  If your sound tech is inexperienced, or if they panic, then once again sound can become an unmitigated disaster.  This is also true of the sound guys who are perpetual fiddlers… trust me, I could write a book on the times I’ve had to deal with these guys!

So how do you deal with these sound mixing disasters effectively, kindly and in a way that keeps everyone happy, but still produces excellent results? How do you do so without upsetting, discouraging or making an enemy of the sound person.  And trust me, you want your sound team onside, not as an enemy.  Remember, these guys can make your worship leading, or destroy it, so be nice, be patient and be godly in all your dealings with them, no matter how frustrated you become!


This worship leader podcast is a must for every single worship leader who wants to lead worship powerfully, and peacefully! Tune in and find out all about it in just 12 minutes in today’s podcast!

29- Items and Solos

Items and solos can play a big part in worship leading.

Items and Solos can be Part of Worship

There is something about a solo that can reach right into the hearts of the listeners. As a worship leader, you can use this unique ability to touch the hearts of your congregation.

A solo voice often creates an intimate atmosphere.  So why not harness this power and use items from your worship team to bypass people’s heads and connect with their hearts.

And this item can be a part of the worship.  It might be a worship song, a song that someone in the team has written, or it might be a Christian song. this gives your team the chance to express their talent, and it also blesses those who are listening.

And listen people will. There’s such power in worship leading, and when you combine this with items or solos, you can enhance the effects.  A solo voice, even just introducing a song in the worship set, makes it extremely personal, and many people will stop singing themselves and start listening and opening their hearts.

So listen to this podcast and learn how you can use items and solos to reach into the heart of your audience, and thereby lead them closer to the Lord in worship…

28- Free Worship

Free worship is worship that you do freely, that is with little or no structure.

Free Worship Can Really be Free

Some worship teams find this easy, and for some it is absolutely never going to happen. Many churches and worship leaders are uncomfortable with the whole concept of open worship, but let me ask a question, is it something we should be terrified of?

Worship should just be an expression of the heart, our heartfelt love for our Lord flowing freely.  However, most of what we do in worship leading is more about structure or performance than it is about freedom.

The thing is, most of us are a little uncomfortable with situations we cannot control. Losing control is not a thing we enjoy, so the prospect of worship unbridled and free is, well let’s just say, slightly uncomfortable.  We’re a bit like Michal watching David dancing and worshipping before the ark of the covenant.

2 Samuel 6:16
As the ark of the Lord came into the city of David, Michal the daughter of Saul looked out of the window and saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, and she despised him in her heart.

Yet, as this podcast explores, we really have nothing to fear about free or open worship. It doesn’t have to be weird, tongues, or out of control at all. It doesn’t have to be prolonged, but just a few bars for people to worship without constraint is doable, no matter how conservative the church. You can have freedom in your worship and you can make free worship an acceptable part of your church worship today.

Learn more about free worship and how you can begin to see real freedom in your church worship in a way that almost every church will accept and enjoy, in this 12 minutes for worship leaders podcast…

Deciding what to wear worship leading can actually have a big effect on how your ministry is received by the congregation.

But How Do You Know What to Wear?

Fashion being what it is, worship leaders wearing different and modern forms of fashion can be quite strong reactions from especially older members of the church.  While many worship leaders try and look trendy, some of the older folk really find what we wear quite offensive.

So how can you wear something that is cool and modern, if you have a congregation full of old and old fashioned people?

Is a suit and tie the preferred option? (Oh, I certainly hope not!!!) What about jeans with rips in them?

What we wear can open the hearts of people, or it can close them down.  It can cause some to reject our ministry, even if the ministry is great because they cannot get over the way we are dressed.

Of course, a lot of this depends upon who you, and where your church is ministering.  I mean, a suit and tie are probably not going to work with a youth church and ripped jeans may not fly with an elderly congregation.

Another consideration, mainly for the ladies, is wearing clothing that is suggestive or provocative.  I’ll admit, as a middle-aged male I rarely have to think about such things, but certainly, some of you young beautiful ladies may have to give some thought to what to wear when worship leading.

So if you want to make the right impression as you lead worship in church, and if you want your ministry to be well received right across the various age groups, then this could be a super important 12 minutes for worship leaders podcast.

And for those of you, like me, who can tend to dress a little shabbily, it could start a great discussion with your other half about fashion and may involve a trip to the local mall to get that shirt, or pants, or dress that you’ve always wanted!  Enjoy, and have a good think about what to wear when you next lead worship…



The last song of your worship set is often the most important.  It is the point to which you are leading the congregation, the culmination of leading worship in your church service.

The Last Song Should be the Best

So why is the last song so important, and how can you make it the height of worship that you long for and that your church deserves.

Everything you do in your worship set should be done with the end in mind, the hope and the wonderful privilege of leading people closer to the Lord.  Ours is a  noble calling, taking people from where they are when they walk into the room, right through to an encounter with God Himself.

So we need to be mindful of how we are leading worship, and especially how it all leads to the last song, the one that reaches the highest heights of worship, and prepares the way for what follows, even into the delivery of the sermon.

In fact, if you get this area of your worship leading right, you can prepare the way for your pastor to share a more powerful word, and preach more effectively for the Kingdom.  So it is not an over-exaggeration to say that the final song you share in your worship set can affect people’s lives.

So settle back, have a coffee or tea and learn how to make the final song of your worship set the best song ever!  Apply these simple yet effective ideas, and you will find that the 12 minutes you invest right here could yield a lifetime of powerful and effective worship leading…

Does size matter in worship leading?

Worship Leading has Never Been about Size!

As worship leaders, we say size doesn’t matter, but we secretly think it does, and we all would love to be leading worship in a stadium full of people rather than a home group.  Come on, admit it!

Whether your church is huge or small, whether you meet in a home or a stadium, whether your team is 20 people or just you and a guitar, God can still use you and your gifts to lead people into an incredible worship experience.

In fact, some of the best worship experiences I have ever had have been in small churches.  When you have fewer people, it is sometimes easier to all be on the same page, loving and seeking the Lord together.

Now I know that big churches, big stages, big speakers and lights, and stuff are cool and attractive, but in God’s economy, they carry very little weight.  It is not about the size of your team, or your church, it’s about the size of your heart for Jesus!

Worship leading has always been about the heart, the heart of worship, not the excitement of a big crowd or a large worship team. So does size matter?

The answer to that is probably yes to us, but no to God.  We often talk about the audience of one, the Lord Himself, and having led worship at some pretty big and famous venues, I always try to concentrate on the audience of one… my Lord and Saviour!

So take 12 minutes out of your busy day and tune into this week’s 12 minutes for worship leaders podcast, and discover how being in a small church can open up a large blessing as you serve the Lord in your worship leading gift.



Negative opinions are something we all need to face at some time or other, and especially when you are in the public eye.

You Can Be Positive about Negative Opinions!

As a worship leader, you can be positive about negative opinions.  I mean, opinions are like noses… everybody has one, and most of them smell!

However, if you simply ignore every opinion, you are making yourself a dictator, so there has to be a way you can process what has been said about you and your ministry, while at the same time protecting yourself from the attacks that come your way.

This 12 minutes for worship leaders podcast is about how you can be open, listening to the Lord and to others, how you can be seen to be approachable and authentic, but how you can also surround yourself with the protection you need to be insured against discouragement and fear that negative opinions inevitably bring.

And those opinions can cut like a knife.  I have seen many worship leaders destroyed by stinging, often unloving words directed at them from members of the congregation, from fellow band members and from pastors and leaders in the church.  Part of what we discuss here is about not letting the dissenters be the deciders, and not letting criticism, whether valid or not, ruin your career in worship, and your life in general!

We explore how you can gather a team around you, to be honest with you when needed, and be supportive of you at all times.  Facing these opinions is not a journey you should embark upon alone!

So worship leaders need to recognise that we are targets for negative opinions, and that’s why Darin and Erick are keen to share their more positive opinions on how you can deal with these criticisms.  Listen to this, it could protect you from a lifetime of hard knocks and pain…

Harmonies… one of the most difficult, challenging yet incredibly satisfying aspects of singing, and of worship leading.

Harmonies have always been an area that even many accomplished singers find difficult to master. So OK, it’s a challenge, but hey, who doesn’t want to rise to a challenge, especially one that musicians and singers find so exciting.

And they are exciting. A beautiful harmony will inspire the people singing it, and harmonies will blow your congregation out of the water! If you want to catapult your worship team into the spiritual stratosphere, if you want people deeply touched and blessed by your worship leading, then harmonies are definitely a way to do this.

And they are not as difficult as everyone would have you believe.  You can learn them, train in them and you can teach your team simple ways they can use a 3rd or 5th part harmony to make your worship sound stunning and amazing.

Generally, in worship practice, we spend hours working with a team of musicians, trying to get our sound as a worship team to be amazing. We know that a great sound in the band makes it easier for people to worship.  Yet I am telling you now that simple music and amazing 3 or 4 or 5 part harmony will impress people more, and open their hearts amazingly more than nicely played music.

Learning how to sing harmony takes time, takes practice and takes commitment and patience, but trust me, the end will justify the hard work.

As a singer, there is very little in your craft that will satisfy as much as harmony singing.

So if you want your worship leading to get to the next level, then learn harmonies and teach your team how to sing in harmonies. This podcast will start one of the most incredible learning experiences you will ever experience…

22- The Art of Modulation

Modulation is a fantastic thing to do, especially for worship leaders, but there are a few techniques and ideas that can make you look like a phenomenal worship leader, even if you’re not exactly sure what you are doing!

Modulation Rocks!

Modulation is going up a key… or two… or three… or, well you get the picture.  Going up a key does something amazing for the congregation, and can easily see them move into deeper and more meaningful worship.

In this podcast, Darin and Erick reveal some awesome ways in which you can raise the stakes and raise the level of worship as you raise the key!  And listen, anyone can do this.  When you learn the techniques, it is easy to apply this powerful technique to your worship leading.

Going up a key really lifts the energy in your worship.  When you go up a key, without them even realising it, the audience stretches more to reach the notes, and thereby open their diaphragms, and their hearts!

Now I know some of you are thinking, well it is really the Spirit of God, so these guys are crazy teaching techniques and thinking God will move.  OK, let’s sort this now.  Techniques do work, but they do not replace the Spirit of God moving, of course!

What I can tell you is that techniques like modulation can enhance what the Lord is doing.  So please do not write this off, because as you learn techniques like this one you will enhance your worship leading skills, and the people will be more and more blessed!

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax and open your heart to learning a powerful new technique for your ever progressing worship leading.  Listen to this podcast, and master the subtle art of modulation!