Disciplining your teamLeading a worship team can be a real challenge, and let’s face it, worship team members can be hard to deal with at times.  No matter how good you are, at some point you are going to have to apply discipline, and many times worship leaders do this wrong and cause havoc in their ministry.

You can destroy the unity you work so hard to achieve if you discipline too harshly, and you can lose control if you do it too softly!

Even more important, are you discipling rather than always disciplining your band and singers?  Instead of bringing correction, you have a unique opportunity as a worship leader to care for them, grow their relationship with God and produce incredible growth in not only their personal walk of faith, but also in their ministry gift of playing and singing.

This worship leader podcast is more about discipling than disciplining!

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141- Keeping Worship Real

Worship RealThis worship leader podcast might slay a few Holy Cows!  I could not tell you the number of times I have seen worship leaders “faking” deep, anointed worship, and in fairness it is usually that they want God to move so badly they try and “whip it up.”  But how can we fake something that is real, tangible and life-changing and still expect the Lord to transform our worship?

This Worship Leader Podcast is About Things You Can do Which Will Help You in Keeping Worship Real!

It starts in your own quiet place with God, and from there you can safeguard the integrity of what you do, while still expecting the Lord to move powerfully on your congregation.  Why fake something so precious and special, and if you have really experienced the Holy Spirit leading your people, how can we try and make it happen and fake it ’til we make it?

This might be a controversial podcast, but I believe that every worship leader needs to listen to this with an open mind, and commit themselves to listening to and following the Lord Himself, not expectations, our own desires, accolades or anything else.  This may not apply to you, but the least you can do is listen with an open heart and ask God if what you are doing pleases Him.

Are you keeping worship real, or faking it until you make it?

Photo by SimpleSkye 141- Keeping Worship Real

new songs photoThere are tons of new songs around in worship today, and many worship leaders get all excited and want to introduce them to their congregations.  The big question is, “How can you introduce new songs without upsetting everyone?”

While there are never any blanket answers to this question, today’s worship leader podcast is talking about how you can introduce new material with sensitivity, consistency and in a way that does not upset your congregation.  We look at a sensible pace at which you can introduce new songs, and the methods you can employ to make them not only attractive but also help the new songs you love to become classics in your church.

Every Worship Leader Needs to Listen to This Worship Leader Podcast…

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Photo by MoreSatisfyingPhotos.com 140- How to Introduce New Songs

Photo by MoreSatisfyingPhotos.com 140- How to Introduce New Songs

stage fright photoStage fright is a fact of life for a public performer or ministry.  I reckon it actually sharpens what I am doing, but for some people it is a nightmare, so this worship leader podcast is about dealing with stage fright.  And here’s the good news… getting stage fright is not weird or unique to you, we are all in it together!

Stage fright is something we all must face at some time, but it doesn’t always depend on the size of the audience.  In fact, I often get more nervous with a small crowd than in a huge stadium, so go figure that one out!  It depends sometimes on who is in the audience, and it especially depends on how confident you are doing what you’re doing.

As a seasoned performer, I always experience stage fright EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk onto the stage, in a church, a hall, a stadium or even someone’s lounge room, so here is a special pod on how to deal and even harness it to improve your presentation, performance and of course, your ministry.

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See you next time guys, and keep on worshiping Jesus and growing in your ministry!



Photo by papalars 139- Dealing with Stage Fright

Photo by papalars 139- Dealing with Stage Fright

reading audience photoReading your congregation is an important skill, one which is most often overlooked!  This worship leader podcast looks at how you can read your audience, what they are thinking and how they are reacting, so that you can effectively lead them from where they are to a greater worship experience.

So many worship leaders fail to read they people, and the result is that they worship God and “do their thing” on stage, while the congregation stares into space, watches them or check their cell phones.  No secular performer worth his salt does this, but we seem to think that because we are worshiping we can do what we like, without engaging our audience at all.

Worship leaders, it’s time to get this one right and lead, truly lead our congregations into a deeper relationship with the Lord.  It’s not enough for us to have a good time while they watch, and this worship leader podcast is all about reading the people, knowing if they are with you or not, and gently leading them into a more wonderful relationship with Jesus.  It’s not theory, but this pod is all about how you read them, and how you respond when they are not tracking with you.

A no holes barred worship leader podcast about reading your congregation…

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Photo by New York Public Library

Photo by New York Public Library

Photo by New York Public Library

137- The Heart of Worship

Heart of worshipThis worship leader podcast is about coming back to the heart of worship, and it’s all about Jesus!  You would be forgiven for thinking that it’s all about the performance, or it’s all about the band at times, but in this pod we want to concentrate on the things that really matter, and worship is always going to be about the Lord Himself!

Worship leading needs to be about Christ, we all know that.  But how do you ensure that He is central to what you are doing?  I am not suggesting that your heart is not to serve the Lord, but all of us need to be reminded that, with all the emphasis on excellence, playing right, flowing in worship, creating an atmosphere, the heart of worship is till the most important thing.

So grab a coffee, kick back and relax and enjoy a very special worship leader podcast…

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136- Unmet Expectations

Expectations UnmetWhen you have unmet expectations you will have people upset and dissatisfied, whether it’s people in your congregation, or whether it’s you!  How do you make sure your congregation’s expectations for worship are met, and how do you handle it if your expectations of the pastor are unmet.


We all want to have our expectations met, but you may have been leading worship for a long time with little or no recognition, or you may have just been passed over for a position you know you are perfect for.  How do you manage this disappointment, and how do you faithfully keep on serving when it seems like everything you are doing is in vain?

A critical and powerful Worship Leader Podcast answers these questions and more…

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135- What People Really Want

Peaople really want thisAs worship leaders we should always ask ourselves what people really want.  The Spice Girls famously sang, “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want,” and this is pretty much the attitude of most members of your congregation… except that they don’t always know what it is that they want!

So in this pod, we ask the question what do people really want?

Do they want entertainment?  Do they want deep worship?  Do they want new songs?  Do they want joke and a fun atmosphere?  How will you know what they want until you ask the question?

Many worship leaders decide what they think people want and then do it, but we reckon if you are truly a servant, and you serve the Lord, the Pastor and the congregation before your own needs and desires, then you need to find out what your congregation wants, and move to meet that need.

That’s what this worship leader podcast is all about… Discovering what people really want (What they really, really want!)


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Rock Star Worship leaderWe have all seen worship leader rock stars, and maybe we have ventured down that road ourselves!  This worship leader podcast is about whether you can be a rock star and a worship leader, which we might as well frame as the question, “Can you be a rock star and a servant at the same time!


Seems that there is a type of personality that loves to be loved on the stage, but there is a not so fine line between being a star and being a servant.  You can tell worship leader rock stars by the way they walk, the way they talk, their dress, their swagger and the style with which they lead.  Most often there is an arrogance which is entirely removed from the humble servant, and that is one of the issues we discuss this week on the worship leader podcast!


So sit back, grab a nice cup of tea and relax while the team challenges and entertains you, and maybe even make you laugh a little… we might even see an old friend popping in, so click below and join in the fun…



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133- Too Old to Lead Worship?

too old to lead worshipAre you too old to lead worship?  Well, you may not think so, but increasingly we are getting loads of people emailing us saying that they are being told that they are too old to lead worship.  Pastors are being told that they need young, hip and groovy worship leaders, and you might be wondering what an older person can bring to the table that maybe a young one cannot.

No matter your age, you should be able to offer something unique as a worship leader.  Whether your church recognizes your value as a worship leader or not, this encouraging and important worship leader podcast will give you a real ray of hope for your ministry.

So are you too old to lead worship?  Listen to this and decide for yourself!

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