worship the great adventureWorship should be a great adventure, not a boring progression of songs. As worship leader, you have the divine right and joy to invite your people on a journey, from where ever they are at the start right into the throne room of God.  This is our great joy, and our incredible privilege, and that’s what  this worship leader podcast is all about.

This podcast is all about how you lead that great adventure.  Where do you start, how do you progress, where are you actually leading people, but this fun pod could be incredibly revolutionary for many worship leaders because it changes how you view your ministry.

So will it be worship, the great adventure or worship, the boring selection of mediocre songs that is the preliminary to the main act, which is the sermon.

If you decide to treat your worship leading like you are taking your congregation on an incredible adventure, not only will the sermon be more powerful, but you will be able to see people doing incredible business in their hears with the Lord. So, settle back, and let the Holy Spirit inspire you with this very special worship leader podcast…

Perfect worshipHow do you create the perfect worship service… in fact, what is the perfect worship service at all?  I mean, we all know what a church service looks like, but how can you have a perfect worship service every single time you lead praise and worship?

Is it in the songs you choose, the clothes you wear, or is it about the God you serve and how you listen and obey?

If you have never lead the perfect worship service, this is your big opportunity!

The pod team discuss what the perfect worship service looks like, and the steps you can go through to get closer to it.  And don’t forget, it might look different depending on your church congregation!

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So sit back, grab a latte and listen to another inspiring, slightly crazy worship leader podcast…


160- Great Imitations

Great ImitationsIf you’re honest, we all in some way are great imitations of something, especially if we are praise and worship leaders.  The big question is, who are you imitating and why?  That’s what this worship leader podcast explores, and the team have a good look at who or what we imitate on stage, and how we can start to draw the best from those we decide to imitate, not the worst!

Great Performers are Great Imitations

Now, please don’t misunderstand me here, I am not saying that being an imitation means that you are no also original!  Hopefully you adapt some of the thing in others that you admire or like into your own brand of performance so that you are original, but influenced by other most accomplished performers.  OK, you might be a worship leader, but the reality is that you are also a performer, and you need to make sure that your influences are godly, and that the traits you add are also adding something to the way in which you lead others to Christ.

And that’s what this pod is all about… leading others to Jesus in worship, but taking the best bits from a host of performers, Christian and secular, and making them a part of how you lead others in worship.  Truth is, we all do this to some degree, so let’s talk openly about who we imitate, and remember that, at the end of the day, we must imitate Christ first and foremost in your worship leading, and also in our lives!

Lots to think about in today’s worship leader podcast, so grab a cuppa and tune in to what the team is chatting about today…


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159- Serving but Frustrated

serving but frustratedLeading praise and worship might be your passion, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be serving but frustrated at some point!

Let’s be honest, we all get frustrated at times with the pastor, the worship director, your own team or even yourself!  What do you do when you get frustrated, and how do you process and deal with it in a way that isn’t blowing up and walking out, but also isn’t being walked all over.

Just Because you Have a Hear to Serve Does Not Mean You Won’t Get Frustrated!

This worship leader podcast is all about how you can serve, with a genuine and loving, servant’s heart, but how you can do it without being frustrated and even depressed by what happens.  We talk about our own experiences on how we are serving but frustrated, and how we have brought about change or even walked away on occasions, and the team discuss methods to help you be less frustrated with your leadership, or with your non-supportive team members.

All this is brought to you by a full worship leader podcast team, who love serving you but are trying hard not to frustrate you as well.  Grab a cuppa and a cookie and listen to a team dedicated to not just improving your serving but frustrated heart, but who can show you in practical ways how to do it!

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influences in worship ministryWhat are your influences in worship ministry?

Maybe you are wondering what my influences in worship ministry are?  Who is it that I have modeled myself and my ministry style on?  Is it some old school worship leader, and old hymn writer, or one of the latest worship leaders like Darlene, Israel of Michael W Smith (OK, he’s a bit older, but you know what I mean, right?)

In this worship leader podcast, we will reveal all our secrets, all our influences and what made us adopt the styles of worship we now share with our congregations.

We are the product of various musicians and singers who have impacted our lives, and our musical development over a number of formative years.  This is fact!  And even outside of the church, we have all listened to many secular artists, and they too have had some sort of influence in worship ministry and the development of the style and way we lead people in worship.

Being influenced by another artist is not wrong or bad, it is entirely normal.  The greatest worship leaders in the church today, in fact the greatest musicians and singers in the world today have been influenced in their youth by those who have gone before.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and listen to what has influenced our lives and ministries… and I guarantee you, you will be in for a suprise and even a shock with some of this information!!!

Influence is all about training, and I would encourage you to get the right training as soon as you can, to enhance the way you are leading worship in your church.  Our online training is the best value ever, and you can check it all out for just $1.00.

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women in worship ministryThis is a very special worship leader podcast talking about women in worship ministry.  We know it is often a little bit harder for a woman, and that there are different expectations, and so we have joining us, back after a long absence, original pod member Suzie, to give us a woman’s perspective!


In this pod we look at what is expected of women in worship ministry, what women want (No, not a Mel Gibson movie but what you ladies actually want to see in your worship leading), and also what women in worship ministry bring to the table that is unique and special, and worthy of our respect and support.


How do Women in Worship Ministry Feel, and What Should They Expect?


This and many other questions will be answered by the podcast team, so grab a cup of tea, sit back and join the gang as they explore the role of women in worship ministry…

And don’t forget, if you are a woman involved in worship leading, you can bring a unique and special aspect to worship.  Bu you need to get the right training, so you can lead and communicate with your band and singers effectively, and that’s where we can help.

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156- Worship Keys to Revival

worship keys to revivalThis worship leader podcast is about worship keys to revival, and who among us does not want to see revival break out in our church?

All through the centuries, worship has been an integral part of revival.  In fact, true revival often produces a range of new worship songs, so it stands to reason that your worship leading can have an effect on the move of God in your church and on the possibility of revival.

But how does worship become a key to revival, and can we influence, drive or even see revival start in our church through our worship?

These and many other amazing questions will be answered in a practical and easy to apply way in this exciting podcast.  So settle back, grab a cup of something warm and yummy, and learn about how you can see real revival in your church as you bring your worship leading gift before the Lord each Sunday…

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how to sing wellOK singers, do you want to learn how to sing better?  If you do, then this special worship leader podcast is for you!

Learn all the secrets on how to sing better, hit the high notes and improve every aspect of your voice and vocal control.  Darin and Erick will show you how you can sound great, and how you can care for and preserve your voice for the long term.

From warming up your voice right through to caring for your vocal chords, what to eat and even how you can increase your range and hit some of those high notes you currently struggle with.  This is a vocalist’s dream, and it’s all free and coming to you on this very special worship leader podcast.

Our pod team will reveal secrets on how to sing better and do it for longer…

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154- Is your Worship Boring?

worship boringThis worship leader podcast cuts right to the heart of our ministry…Is your worship boring

Is our worship boring?  Are people bored, are we bored with it, and maybe even is God bored?

If we are honest, sometimes we do lead boring worship, the same songs week in and week out, done exactly the same way.  Yet we don’t have to be boring, even in a church where everyone else seems boring.  We can be exciting and lead powerful praise and worship.  We can take people on a journey that thrills our congregation, challenges our worship team, excites our spirits and makes worship the most thrilling adventure people will experience on a Sunday!

SO whether you are enjoying your worship, or run the risk of leading boring, dull worship, this podcast will challenge all of us towards making praise and worship leading the most exciting part of the service, and the most exciting ministry we could possibly be privileged to be involved in.

Buckle up, keep an open mind and have a listen… we promise it will be worth it, and it won’t be too… well… boring!

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153- Is ANYBODY Listening?

Anybody Listening Worship Leader PodcastThis praise and worship leader podcast deals with something so many of us worship leaders face, whether we are brand new or even experienced worship leaders… in fact, more than would admit it!

Who has ever been leading worship, looked out across the audience and asked themselves, “Is ANYBODY listening?”  Who has been on stage, giving their all and looked out only to see people checking their cell phones, chatting and laughing together or leaving ‘on masse’ to go to the bathroom?

If you have ever wondered “Is ANYBODY listening,” then this is a worship leader podcast you need to listen to!

The guys give good, honest (sometimes brutally honest) ideas and if you listen to this worship leader podcast, then when you ask, “Is anybody listening,” then the answer will be a resounding “YES!”

So grab a coffee or tea, and click below to listen to this great pod…

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