grow your churchThis worship leader podcast is going to be awesome… we are looking at the Top 10 ways that worship can grow your church, and this pod is full of practical and inspiring ideas.

Whether you are worship director or just part of the team, the great news is that you can be part of growing your church, both in numbers and also by inspiring the ones you current have in church.  On the flip side, we will also teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of worship leading that can actually be detrimental to church growth.

Either way, if you want to know how worship can grow your church, this is the worship leader podcast you’ve been waiting for!

And we have loads more teaching coming up as well, including a special offer in the next few weeks that can set up your worship leading training for life!

It’s all happening here at Praise and Worship Leader, so enjoy your calling and become the worship leader God has destined you to be!

151- When Bad Things Happen

bad things happenWhen bad things happen in your life or in your ministry it is tempting to be overwhelmed or feel sorry for yourself.  You may even get mad at God (who doesn’t deserve any of your anger), and find yourself reacting badly to the situation.

You need to respond rather than react to whatever has happened or whatever has been said, and you must make sure that you respond in a godly way!

So this worship leader podcast is about how you respond to the times we all face when bad things happen to you.  It might be someone criticizing you, insulting you or circumstances seemingly working against you.  No matter what you face, or how you feel, this pod will help you to overcome difficulties and let God use them to build positive changes in your life and character.

So settle back and listen to today’s very special worship leader podcast, and turn whatever lemons you face today into lemonade!


150- How to Lead Bad Worship

lead bad worshipOK, I know it sounds like a crazy topic for a worship leader podcast, but learning how to lead bad worship and what makes worship leading really bad can be a stepping stone to learning how to lead worship which is great and awesome!

So it’s about time you learned how to lead bad worship, right?

In this pod we will actually teach you what you can do to really mess up your worship leading and make it terrible… super terrible!  It will be a lot of fun, it will also make a lot of sense and the end result is you will see phenomenal results in your worship leading and avoid some of the classic pitfalls that so many worship leaders face, and fall victim to!

So settle back and listen to this amazing and incredibly fun pod, and learn how to lead bad worship… then do the opposite, right!

Plus, if you really want to avoid discovering how to lead bad worship, then check out out exclusive video on the Top 10 Mistakes Worship leaders Make… it is definitely worth a look, and in a few minutes you could improve your worship leading and avoid potential embarrassment (and we all want to do that!)

Restoration of life and ministryManaged to find the internet and a few spare minutes in the United States at camp to add this very moving worship leader podcast about restoration of life and ministry, featuring Adrian Ross, and his testimony of restoration.

You will hear how this man has visited the depths of despair, losing his reputation, ministry, family life and personal walk with God, finishing in prison alone and far from hope.  You will also hear how God restored his life, family, personal relationship with God and also his ministry.  It is a tremendous testimony of encouragement, even if you have lost heart.

This testimony of restoration of life and ministry will bless and encourage you.

Whatever your situation, however you feel, what ever you have done, or what ever sin you have committed, this is a testimony you need to hear.  You will be encouraged and blessed hearing about how God not only forgives but also restores and rebuilds our lives and our ministries on this very special worship leader podcast…

Any you can learn more about serving the Lord in your ministry and how to avoid the pitfalls of ministry by clicking here!

Christian DoormatBeing a worship leader, you probably want to serve the Lord, your church and your praise and worship team.  But sometimes, indeed many times, we can become Christian doormats, and our eagerness to serve others results in them taking advantage of us and our abilities and walking all over us!  This can happen in any church, and even well meaning pastors and leaders or dedicated worship team members can hurt us or take advantage of us.

The question is, where do you draw the line and stop becoming a Christian Doormat?

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be walked over or even abused just because you have a servant heart!  This special podcast looks at where you can draw the line and how you can be a wonderful servant, anointed praise and worship leader but NOT a Christian Doormat!

And if you want to learn more about what you should NOT be doing as a worship leader, and avoid some of the most common pitfalls you might face, then check out our special presentation

The Top Ten Worship Leader Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!



quiet in your worshipThis worship leader podcast is about using quiet in your worship leading, which is a much overlooked technique that can have a seriously powerful effect as you lead worship in your church.  Often we make a lot of noise in our worship leading, and we love lots of instruments and also love arranging music.


However, quiet and even silence as you lead worship can become an essential and highly anointed thing to do, and that’s what the guys explore in this week’s podcast.  They look at both silence and also quiet music, and discuss ways that you can use both techniques every week in church and make it never sound awkward, weird or strange.


So settle back and find some quiet in your worship leading, and discover how you can use this to really touch the hearts and lives of your congregation time and time again!

And don’t forget, you can learn about quiet in your worship leading and loads of other teaching available at our exclusive Praise and Worship Leader University for just $1.00.

Click here and check it all out now and start supercharging your worship leading and learning!

technology photoTechnology in worship leading is a huge issue, but how do you know which technologies to embrace, which to ignore and how to not get left behind in technology.  This can enhance your worship leading, or kill it!

That’s what this worship leader podcast is all about, and we are joined by Paul Davis, who has designed an incredible Iphone app that can be a real asset to worship leaders everywhere.

In addition, he is probably as crazy as the rest of us, so that makes this a worship leader podcast to remember (and giggle along with!).

So don’t let technology in worship distress you, and don’t get left behind.  Many of these technologies are very cheap and easy to integrate into your church, so grab a cuppa and have a listen to this incredible pod, and it’s all just for you!

shine photoLearning how to shine for Jesus in every aspect of your life is not only important for you as a worship leader, but it’s essential for you as a committed and on fire Christian!

This Worship Leader Podcast Could Change Your Life and Ministry!

Here is one podcast you need to listen to, whether you are actively involved in worship leading or not, because all of us need to shine for Jesus, all day, every day.  So it doesn’t matter what you do, or where you are doing it, you must think about shining for your faith and impacting the world around you.

So whether it’s at the office, your school or your church, and whether you are leading worship, playing in the band, buying groceries, spending time with your family or filling your car with gas, if we look for them opportunities to shine for Jesus are frequent, and can directly affect the people around you.  Believe me, they are watching, and people notice what you are like on the stage and off it!

So grab a cup of tea, settle back, relax and take in this important podcast…

And or course, if you want to go even further come and join our University for just $1.00.  We don’t just talk about worship leading but about every aspect of worship, including your walk with the Lord, quiet times and how you relate to others in your team, and in your life.

Check it out now!


Photo by Jeremiah John McBride

didgeridoo photo

We discuss whether we can use culture in worship and whether cultural instruments are evil, or good, and we also look at ways you can incorporate them into your church worship.

This worship leader podcast even reveals how you can learn to play the didgeridoo!

I’m not kidding, Adrian shows us exactly how to play this super-cool cultural instrument, the first time on a podcast!  Check it all out now…



Photo by loloieg

Choosing anointed songsChoosing anointed songs is a huge part of being  praise and worship leader, and that’s what this worship leader podcast is all about.

In fact, we need to make sure we choose the right songs, anointed songs, every single time we lead, so whether you are an experienced worship leader or a brand new one, this is a must listen to pod!

Now a lot of this information is available in the Praise and Worship Leader University, but here we cut loose with a lot of our teaching, and load it with laughs and fun.

Erick, Chris and I are joined by Paul Davis, who is not only a great worship leader but has designed an incredible iphone/ipad app that is a must for every worship leader.  It can organize songs, help you transpose them, run your projection for words, run backing music and almost makes your breakfast in the morning.

But for those who want a fun worship leader podcast on how to choose anointed songs, click below and enjoy…

And if you want to know more, check out our exclusive Praise and Worship Leader University for only $1.00!




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