Taking Responsibility for Your Worship leadingTaking responsibility for your worship leading is a part of leading worship in church.  You are a leader, and leaders do not pass the buck, but they step up and take responsibility, not just for the good times but also for the bad.

That’s what we are discussing in today’s worship leader podcast… how to take the responsibility you need to take in order for your worship to not just be good, but move up a gear or two to become sensational!

In the end, no mater what others are asking you to do, if you are going to lead worship you need to be able to take the responsibility for how it goes, good or bad.  I was asked one time to lead worship, but was told what songs I could do, and how I could do them.  I could not change any of the way they had been done every weeks for months, and could not select any others songs, new or old.  Yet they wanted me to be a worship leader.  I politely declined, because they didn’t want a worship leader, they wanted a clone, and I refused to take responsibility for how worship went on Sunday if I could not bring any influence!

So, listen to today’s podcast and decide to step up, step out and face the responsibility of worship leading.  You will experience an awesome presence of God as you grow and learn, trust me!

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And don’t forget, you can learn more about taking responsibility by getting the right training for the job.  Click here to check it out!


K.I.S.SOften we make praise and worship leading so complex, when really the concept is pretty simple… worship Jesus with everything you have!  As praise and worship leaders, we want to make the music, the arrangements, the instruments and what we say and sing complex, interesting and inspired, but there is something inherently simple about worshiping God.

In fact, it’s almost like God wants the base things of this world to confound the wise, isn’t it?

Perhaps, in the middle of all the learning, all the rehearsals and all the instruments and performances, perhaps we need to get back to basics and keep things simple.  That’s what this great podcast is all about…

The Worship K.I.S.S

You have probably heard this before, but in worship we need to greet one another with a holy K.I.S.S… Keep It Simple, Silly!  SO grab a simple cup of tea or coffee, sit back and listen to the Praise and Worship Leader Podcast Team as they keep it simple and help you keep your worship leading simple before the Lord…

A spiritual odyssey




Happy New Year and welcome to 2015, and the spiritual odyssey we are all on.  I know it’s a bit of a play on the 2001 movie, but hey, we are all on a journey, and wouldn’t it be great to do it together?

So, in this special New Year pod, the team are joined by Zoey, Erick’s oldest daughter, who has a fabulous voice and is a great, young worship leader.  We share our highs and lows from the last year, and then concentrate on the goals and dreams we have for this coming year, both in worship and in life.

And there’s is so much which is going to be heading your way, both for the University and for every worship leader out there.  We even have a couple of projects which we reveal that will see us blessing a local church in our area.

Join us in  2015 A Spiritual Odyssey!

This is going to be the biggest and best Year ever for our site, and I believe for us as individuals, in business, home, marriage, personal growth and ministry.  So grab a cup of something really yummy and spend 40 minutes or so with your fave crazy worship podcasters today…

170- Surviving Burnout

Ssurviving burnouturviving burnout is a huge thing, and that’s what this worship leader podcast is all about.  Take it from someone who has lived through burnout, it is never, and I mean never ever, a pleasant experience.  It can no only ruin your life, but also affects those around you who love you, so this could be one of the most important podcasts you ever listen to…

Surviving Burnout!

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, tired or run-down as we get to the end of the year, then you are at risk of burnout.  In this podcast we talk to praise and worship leaders the world over, hard working, dedicated, above-and-beyond worship leaders like yourself who always strive for excellence, and we share with you ideas and techniques to not only avoid burnout if it is coming at you, but also deal with it if you have begun the slide into the nightmare of burnout.

So settle back and listen to the worship leader podcast, and if you want to reach out, feel free to email us so that myself and the team can pray for you and support you.  We are real people and we do genuinely care for you, your ministry and your life in Christ.

Blessings to ya at this Christmas time.  We will probably miss a week over Christmas, but will be back with a brand New Year full of promise after the Holiday.

DARIN and the team!



Christmas CarolsChristmas comes but once a year, and so does out BIG Christmas special worship leader podcast!

That’s right, if you ever wanted to know anything about how to lead powerful worship in and around Christmas, we’ll tell you how to convert your annual Christmas carol service into an amazing and anointed worship time.  We look at carols, how to select them, what your aims are for the service, and how to reach out with God’s love to those who only darken he door of a church once a year.

Better still, learn to create an incredible community Christmas Carols event, and use the opportunity to reach your community with the love of God this Christmas

So for a very merry Christmas, check out the Christmas Carols Worship Leader Podcast special!

Comparisons in worship leadingComparisons are a part of life, probably from when we are sill young kids (she walked at 9 months but he didn’t walk until 14 months!), but this worship leader podcast explores whether comparing yourself to others, either in your team or in other churches, is helpful.

Join the pod team as they discuss comparisons in worship leading, whether they are good or bad, helpful or not.

Thing is, if you compare yourself to others all the time, it is pretty much NEVER good.  If someone else is better then you at singing, playing or leading, you feel discouraged.  If you are better than someone else, you feel prideful.  Either way, we don’t believe that God is glorified in either of these!

So how you do face the inevitable comparisons, because even if you don’t do this, someone else will for sure, saying things like, “I think you’re a better worship leader than so and so.”

You cannot escape it, so this week the pod team discuss how you can deal with the odious comparisons that will follow you no matter what.  What is a godly response, and how can we protect ourselves from the damage and jealousy that this sort of behaviour inevitably causes?

Grab a cup of something nice, and an open mind, because this is a pivotal problem we all face so check out today’s worship leader podcast…

Coping with devastating sadnessCoping with devastating sadness is never easy, and if you have to lead worship while you are trying to fathom the depths of sadness, is can be even more difficult,  I know because this is what I am going through right now with my father dying.

Leading worship is an emotional experience, and I believe that the Lord can use even sadness as fuel for an incredible worship time.  When we are weak, He is strong, so when we are sad, the Lord can use this to His glory.


I am not suggesting that we downplay or ignore feelings like sadness, hurt or frustration, and I am not convinced that simply telling yourself to “cheer up and lead worship” is the answer.  Last Sunday I led worship, and as I thought about the Lord and concentrated on Him, my sadness began to lift.  Surely there will be people there in your church who need the tonic of worship to lift them above the trials and troubles they face?  Surely we can allow a gracious God to use our pain to bless someone else?


Let us not be so self absorbed, even in the midst of devastating loss, that we forget the incredible privilege and honour it is to serve, even if we have pain doing it!  That’s what this podcast is about… allow God to use us to His glory in worship, no matter what we are personally going through!


Coping with devastating sadness can lead to unbelievable times of worship if we let it and let God!



166- Hard Hearted Worship

hard hearted worshipAre you leading hardhearted worship? Are you trying to do it all sounding good but in your own strength?  Hey, all of us praise and worship leaders go through some sort of hard hardheartedness at times, when life, things, sins, worries or distractions get on top of us and we lead worship, but really just go through the motions.

What is the remedy to hardhearted worship leading?

Well, clearly it is getting close to Christ, but part of i could be this very podcast!  The gang get together and share their hardhearted times, and how the Lord has set them free and reinvigorated their ministries.

It is all here, with practical suggestions and heart felt (not half heart felt) advice that will thrill you, encourage you and cause you to lead awesome anointed worship!

So settle back and enjoy this encouraging pod, and stop leading halfhearted worship in your church!


165- Choosing Appropriate Songs

Chosing appropriate songsChoosing appropriate songs is an essential part of become a great praise and worship leader.  So how do you choose the best songs for your congregation on any given morning?  How many, what subjects and what styles are best for you and your church?  All these critical questions are answered in today’s pod, as the team gather together to give you insight into how they choose songs.

I am often asked about choosing appropriate songs!

When I am asked, I always answer that this question depends on your church.  Obviously if you have an elder population, heavy metal worship songs may not be the best thing!  Similarly, you would not choose 16th century hymns for a youth service (unless you travel back in time to the 16th century).

So grab a cup of tea, settle back and enjoy the gang as they share from their hearts about choosing the most appropriate songs for your church and your congregation…

And if you want to learn how to choose the right songs, every time, click here to learn more about choosing appropriate songs…





164- Sex and the Worship Leader

Sex and the worship leaderSex and the worship leader?  Can we even have a podcast about this very sensitive subject on a Christian website?  Listen, if we don’t talk about it among ourselves and get our attitudes right, we will see worship leaders falling all around the world, tempted and then destroyed because of the sin of sexual temptation, so we thought this would be a great podcast to share.

What About Sex and the Worship Leader?

Any discussion about leading worship and sex needs to recognize that, as worship leaders, we are very open to this particular temptation.  We have a gift and it makes members of the opposite sex compliment us, we have situations where we might stay back for practice alone.  We share a special bond with our team, that our spouses know little about.  All the ingredients are there for a big fall, and we need to be strong enough to stand for what is true and right, not fall for the prettiest girl in the singing team!

So settle back and listen to honest, open and sound teaching about how you can deal with and triumph over sex in your ministry.  Sex and the worship leader? Let’s get this right folks…

To learn more on how to resist this type of temptation, plus all the others, check this out!