journey of worship leadingWorship leading is not just about standing up in front of a congregation and singing a few songs… It should be a journey that as praise and worship leaders we have the privilege of leading our congregations into.


So what do I mean by the journey of worship leading?

This boils down to your perception of your role as a praise and worship leader. Many people feel that leading worship is just about singing songs, but to become a great worship leader you need to go beyond song leading and actually lead people on the journey of worship, from where they are in their life currently right to the throne of the Almighty!

Many times this journey is likened to the old Testament Temple, where you lead people from the outer courts through the holy place and into the holy of holies, where the spirit of God dwells between the cherubim.

The main point is this… People come to church and they are often not in a position to connect with God. They may have just had a fight with their spouse, been arguing with the kids or had heavy week at work, and they come to church carrying burdens and troubles in their lives.

Our job as praise and worship leaders is to not leave them there and sing songs at them, but to gently take them by the hand and lead them deeper and further into the presence of God!

If the longing of your heart is to lead people to Christ again and again, if the cry of your heart is to see your congregation worshiping at a level that they have never reached before, then this is a podcast you need to listen to!

And don’t forget we have great training available at our praise and worship leader University, so please check it out and become a part of our great fraternity of praise and worship leaders around the world. It’s awesome fun, phenomenal teaching and no matter where you are at in your worship leading currently, it will train you to become a better and more effective leader of your congregation in praise and worship.

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preparation for worship leadingOK worship leaders, you probably know that preparation for worship leading is essential, but what is it, how do you do it effectively and how does it help?

All will be revealed in this very special worship leader podcast, because the team are going to open their closets and let you see inside exactly how they prepare for worship leading.

Can you prepare your heart to lead worship?  What songs do you choose? What keys should they be in? How can you train your team to follow you, even if you deviate from the initial preparation?

Trust me, worship leaders, preparing to lead worship is not just picking a few songs and bellowing them out.  It is an intricate journey with the Lord, day by day,journeying to the end result of being able to lead the people of God in praise and worship that blows their fuses!

So settle back and get ready to prepare and plan the best worship you have ever lead in church… Just click below and start learning all the ins and outs of preparation for worship leading!

social media and worship leadingBoy is this going to open a can of worms… Social media and worship leading can be a volatile mix, so this could be an incredibly important worship leader podcast for all of us!

Social media is an incredibly popular way for many people in church Ministry to stay in touch with members of the congregation, and similar ministries around the world. I mean, we use social media all the time and it’s not all that bad, is it?

However, there is a right and wrong way to use social media and worship leading can sometimes bring out the worst in social media. In this podcast you will learn that it is not a place to vent, complain or organise revolutions in your church worship team, but it is a place to connect with people’s hearts and encourage them.

But how do you use social media and worship leading correctly?

This is a great time few to get off Facebook, turn off Twitter and turn on the worship leader podcast. Whether you are listening to us on your way to work, or just sitting relaxing with a nice cup of tea or coffee, this podcast is the perfect way to learn how to correctly use the many avenues of social media in a way that honours God, builds up others and doesn’t destroy your Ministry….

It is well worth a listen, so click the button below and start listening.

And don’t forget there are always heaps of really cool things happening at So if you are leading worship in any way and in any capacity, there’s heaps of things to listen to, training to be had and POD casts to be enjoyed right here on the site.

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So if you are involved in praise and worship leading in your church, either as a worship leader, musician, singer or anything else, then this is the place to be to become everything you long to be in the Lord!

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180- Is it Work or Worship?

Work or worshipWhen you walk onto the stage on a Sunday morning, is it work or worship?Now I know now I know many of you are going to say that it is worship, of course, but the reality is there is a fair amount of work involved when you are preparing and ministering correctly.

We need to not close our eyes to the fact that as a worship leader there is work involved, but we must concentrate on the end goal which is leading people in worship, right through to the throne of God.

The fact is, how we view our ministry time is going to be reflected not only in the results but also in our attitude towards the people on our team, our leadership and our congregation.

That’s what this worship leader podcast is all about… The balance between work and worship, the reality that we do face work, but the direction that we set leading people in worship, which is far more important.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle back and listen to a pod casts that is aimed at your motivation, and keeping you excited and motivated as you minister…

And don’t forget, we have loads more teaching on how to lead praise and worship in our praise and worship leader University. It’s really cheap and really effective training for every worship leader, and it concentrate on the practical aspects of being a worship leader.

So if you feel that you need help and support in your ministry, don’t forget to check it out now and take advantage of the current format before we change it and make it even better!

So whatever you are doing remember that as of worship leader you are leading the people in worship, and while it may be work, a pretty hard work at times, it is still a tremendous privilege.

That’s why you need to get the balance between work and worship right!




Enjoy worship practices (FILEminimizer)I know that for many of you the possibility of enjoying worship practices seems like a lost cause, but practices can be among the most productive times that you spend with your praise and worship team, and that’s what this worship leader podcast is all about.

Enjoying Worship Practices is Possible

Most of the practices that I’ve been to in my life have been long, boring and dull, and it’s especially so for singers who sit to the side while musicians go over and over things to try and get them right!

But when I lead practices they tend to be fun, a little bit crazy and, most of all, incredibly productive. I see practices is the opportunity to invest in your team, spend time with people who want to learn and want to grow in their craft, and also build a tremendous team spirit so that you can work together on projects and see them through to completion.

And that’s an aspect of leadership that we often overlook! We think that leading worship is standing in front of people singing, when the fact is that we need to lead our team, inspire them and develop their skills to the point that they are becoming more and more powerful and gifted at their task.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle back and enjoy this week’s praise and worship leader podcast, and see if you can apply some of this stuff to make your practices really enjoyable. A little bit of effort will go a long way, and you will find that you will win over your worship team, decrease the tension in the air that is often present during practice and produce a better product on the weekend, helping more people worship deeply because you are in unity before the throne of God (or at least, you should be).

So if you are genuinely interested in producing world-class praise and worship, you’ve come to the right place. We are about to relaunch
in a brand-new fashion with more information, better training and a whole heap more fun.

So stay tuned over the next few weeks or months and get ready for the greatest worship leader training experience of your life, right here on



disagree with your leadershipWe all want to serve the Lord, but what if you disagree with your leadership?  Do you have to be a doormat, walked on by overbearing or aggressive pastors and/or worship directors, most of whom will accuse you of not being a servant if you disagree with them?

This is a very sensitive issue, and as I am both a pastor and a worship leader, I think it is one we need to talk through, hence this podcast!  Often church leadership think they have a direction and call from God, and so they call us as worship leaders to join with them and serve heir vision, and trust me that’s all fine.  However, it doesn’t mean that you simply have to roll over on each and every issue.

Even pastors are fallible!  If you disagree with your leadership, you need to handle things correctly.

When you disagree with your leadership, and you will, sometime, you must be accountable for what you say and what you do!  We get so heated about things, but this worship leader podcast is all about how you handle the disagreement in a godly, humble and powerful way, and even how you can turn things around and see real change in a winsome and gentle way.

This is a podcast not to be missed, and please email us and tell us conflict and disagreements you currently face with your leadership.

Managing these inevitable disagreements could be the making or breaking of your entire ministry, so grab a cuppa and join the team…

unhappy teamIf you are a worship leader, chances are you have to at some stage deal with an unhappy worship team.  At very least, you will have somebody in your team who is unhappy with you and the way you are leading, and this incredible worship leader podcast is about how you can not only cope with them, but turn them into your greatest fans, and your best helpers!

Managing your worship team is a huge and often overlooked part of worship leading.  You might think praise and worship leading is all about singing… well, sorry to disappoint, you also need to actually lead your team.  And I have very often seen worship leaders do very badly on he team leading side of things, either showing no leadership at all, or being so heavy handed and controlling that they get their entire team offside, and have a miserable worship team!

So don’t settle for being a poor leader, become all that you can be in the Lord as a leader of your team, and listen to this podcast to discover how to turn the whining, complaining, potentially divisive people into your best asset, and a source of real unity.

All is revealed in this worship leader podcast…

176- What are You Worried About?

worried aboutWhat are you worried about when it comes to your worship leading?

I know, it’s kind of a loaded question.  We are always worried about something, be it breaking a string or our voice cracking, or maybe it’s everyone getting out of time.  The thing is, whatever your worry, this podcast is especially for you!

It’s time to stop worrying and give it all to the Lord.  I mean give i to Him, and leave it with Him, not take it back so we can keep worrying about it.

This is a fun and encouraging podcast where we look at worry, in worship leading and in life, and we talk about how we should handle it, and why we should give it all to Jesus.  What ever it is that you are worried about, this is the pod for you!

To quote a typical Aussie phrase, “No worries, mate!”  This is the no worries worship leader podcast, coming right to your ears from the laid back, chilled, worry-less down-under podcast team…

people leaving churchWow this is an emotive question… why are people leaving church, and leaving churches in droves. Is it leadership, preaching, worship, the people or all of the above?

In my area, there are more Christians disenfranchised and no attending church than there are Christians actually attending church.  This does not even count the “floaters”, who are going from church to church seeking the one that suits.

Perhaps more than ever before we are witnessing people who have been active and involved in church life, and often in leadership, leaving the church and going nowhere.  In this worship leader podcast we ask the big questions, “Why is this happening, and what can we do to try and stop it?”

People Leaving Church is Happening More and More!

Years ago a family attended the same church for most of their lives, through all the highs and lows, struggles and controversies.  They remained committed, and it was their church.

However, in the internet age, where people stay on a webpage for 1.5 seconds at a time, we expect instant things, and I suspect we are applying the same reasoning to churches, rather than staying and waiting for change.  And let’s face it, some pastors and worship leaders are never going to change, so if the possibility is impossible, you can’t blame people for leaving!

The bottom line worship leaders is that we are in a position to actually bring about change and plug the hole that drains the church!  God has laid at our feet this enormous privilege, and we can either just keep doing what we are doing, or we can listen to the Lord and trust Him to use us to draw people into the church, not drive them away.  I am not saying we are the reason they are going, but very often we are part of it!  There are usually deeper issues, but wouldn’t you like to be part of the solution, not the problem?

So settle back and grab a coffee or tea and listen to the team grapple with this very important issue, not only for you as a worship leader, bu for your church and the Church Universal…

Praise and worship leaders, this is a critical podcast that you need to hear!

praise and worship leader leading

The big question is, are you leading your congregation in worship, or are you pushing them or, as many of us do, leaving them behind?

Let me clarify each of these before you even get to today’s podcast…

LEADING worship is about taking your congregation by the hand and leading them into a more wonderful and anointed worship experience.  This is what we are called to do, this is our mandate, and this is our aim!

BUT, and here’s the painful bit, many of us do not actually lead our people.  Many of us find ourselves PUSHING people into what we thing is worship, and I can tell you that while you can lead a horse to water, you cannot make them drink, and in the same way, you can push and reluctant person to worship, but it won’t be real worship.

As a result, many of us then find ourselves LEAVING our congregation behind.  We head off into the sunset worshiping on our merry way, and the people just stand around watching the band worship and checking their cell phones!  I have seen this countless times in churches large and small, so please forgive me for being so blunt about it, but I think as praise and worship leaders, we must stop and examine what we are doing, and search for (and pray for) new and powerful ways of leading our congregation into deeper worship experiences.

That’s what this podcast is all about, so settle back, grab a cuppa and enjoy examining what you do and how you can seriously improve your ministry with our podcast team…