Leading worship is hard enough at any time, but especially so when you have only a few instruments, right?

So how can you lead worship when you only have minimal instrumentation, and how can you make your worship leading sound awesome and world class with next to no instruments?

Check out this week’s podcast to learn all the secrets! So no matter who you have playing on your team, you will find loads of really cool tips on how to get the best out of your musicians, and also your singers.

PLUS, we will be discussing some very cool tips on how you can scale back your current band at times, and go for the acoustic, unplugged feel. That way you can use less instruments, on purpose, but sound twice as good!  Impossible I hear you say… certainly not, and we will reveal all in this very special worship leader podcast…

Learning new songs is a part of worship leading, but today the pod team discusses how you to learn new songs properly, so your team get it, your congregation love it and you see genuine worship, even with these new songs (and yes, it is possible if you do it right!).

If you are teaching new songs to your people, you might find quite a bit of resistance, especially among the older ones.  OK, sometimes it is the type of songs you are choosing, and the sheer numbers you are introducing, but sometimes it is the way you are introducing them.

We have discovered that, after years of working with new and old songs, new and old congregations, that there are ways you can introduce new material where people love it so much, they forget that they are being “forced” to learn new songs and just embrace them.

Who wouldn’t want that for their congregation?

So, don’t just go throwing new songs at people and expecting them to like it!  Listen to today’s podcast and be wise and smart about how to learn new songs in your church…

Learn How to Learn New Songs the Right Way!



What is it about the lyrics of worship songs?

Some of them are awesome, some are not so good, but like it or not we are singing these, and leading others to sing these. So the pod team asks the question, “What are we singing about?“, and this makes a really special worship leader podcast where you will stop and look at the lyrics you are singing, and make sure that your people are blessed as you lead worship.

I mean, the truth most often is that we sing things without really listening to what we are singing, or taking it in properly… we often like a song because the tune is good, and completely overlook the words.

Growing up as a Beatles fan, I was always more inclined towards Paul McCartney, who was himself more inclined towards the tunes of the songs rather than the deep lyrics of John Lennon.  Some people are just more one way than the other, right?

However, if we are going to be leading people to sing about someone as awesome and holy as God, we really need to get this right.  That’s what this podcast is all about… examining the lyrics and making sure that we are leading our congregations in the right way, and in the right truths!

So settle back and listen to this pod about the lyrics of worship songs, then make your own decisions about what you want your people to be singing…



Leading people using themes in worship leading is a super cool thing to do!

So is your worship leading all over the place, or do you work to a theme?  Does it have direction and does it fit with the rest of the service?  A theme is an awesome and very powerful way to not only bless people, but also prepare their hearts for a specific word, so that’s what this podcast is all about… theme-ingly!


OK, sorry about the theme pun, but hopefully you are getting excited about the possibilities of using your worship leading not only to connect people with the Spirit of God, but also to use the theme to fit in perfectly with the rest of the service and what the pastor is preaching on, thereby preparing the hearts of people to fully engage and receive the Word of God


Whatever you standard of worship leading, and however experienced you are in your ministry, this podcast is worth listening to and enjoying because it will make you a more effective ministry, and make you the pastor’s favourite!

Click the link below to listen here, or check out itunes or stitcher to subscribe

small group worship leadingSmall group worship leading is not something we talk a lot about, and to be honest, most of us would really rather prefer to lead worship in front of thousands than a few people in a small or cell group.

Yet small group worship leading can be one of the richest, deepest and best experiences for a praise and worship leader anywhere, and it isd an awesome place to train as well!

Why is Small Group Worship Leading So Good?

In a small group you have a unique opportunity.  Usually you do not have the array of musicians that you have with a larger group, so flowing between songs, modulating and tempo changes are much easier.

So is open or free worship. You can flow and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit easily and adventurously, and that is one of the huge advantages of worship leading in a small group situation.

So, tune into the guys this week and discover how small group worship leading can transform your own abilities as a leader, and bless your people incredibly…

For more information on all aspects of worship leading, check out our Academy site !



reasons for worshipSo What are your reasons for worship leading?

I mean, why do you do it at all?

Sure, we all want to worship the Lord, but what really motivates us as worship leaders?  Is it the glory, the satisfaction of a job well done, the joy of making music, the joy of worshiping and giving honour to the King of Kings?

The thing is, if we are honest, we all have different reasons for worship leading.  Many are noble, of course, and many of us want to do the very best job we possibly can… for the Lord, not ourselves, right?

Psalm 139:23 says, “Search me O God and know my heart, test me and know my thoughts,” so no matter how pure your heart is, we all need to examine ourselves, what we are doing and even why we are doing it, and we need to do this regularly.

So please ask yourself the reasons for worship leading, and listen to today’s podcast with an open and receptive heart…

Holy Spirit in worship leadingWe all know that we need the Holy Spirit in worship leading, but not all of us are able to be totally Spirit led every time we lead worship.

The fact is, we tend to rely more on our programming and down natural musical ability when it comes to Sunday morning, even though we realise that what makes the difference between a good performance and anointed performance is the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This podcast is about the Holy Spirit in worship leading, and how you can be more led by the Spirit as you lead your people.

This is not a podcast about a formula, techniques or crazy ideas designed to improve your performance, but rather it is a discussion about how you can take whatever performance you have, with you are on top of the world or experiencing great weakness, and hand it over to the Spirit of God to allow him to move silently through your worship leading.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle back and listen to today’s worship leader podcast. If you can even capture a tiny amount more of the Holy Spirit and His leading in your worship, it will be worth the time you are investing in listening to our pod!

So have a listen and be blessed worship leaders!

lead worship


Do you ever feel like you are not good enough to be leading worship in your church?

Trust me, you are not alone!

Leading worship is a big thing, and it can be an overwhelming  task, especially if you are not familiar or comfortable with praise and worship leading.  Are you going to make a mistake, are people going to stand there and look at you like you have 2 heads, or are they going to follow you into awesome worship?

So here’s the good news… . When you lead worship, it is more about the Lord than it is about you!

Today’s podcast is a wonderfully encouraging, fun and inspiring one, especially for those of you who may not feel like you are God’s gift to worship leading!  We share openly and honestly about how we feel, how we have felt in the past, and what you can do to not only encourage and inspire your gift, but lead your congregation into amazing and awesome praise and worship.

It’s all here on the worship leader podcast this week!

Silence in worship Using silence in worship leading is a lost art, or at least a dying one!  Sometimes we find our worship entering a period of silence, but often this is just an awkward thing that leaves us feeling… well, awkward!

Silence in Worship Leading Can be Golden

But silence in worship leading is something that can be absolutely golden.  It can be powerful and help to center people’s thoughts, emotions and spirits on he Lord.  It can cause us to examine ourselves, examine our lives and help us reach out to God.

Or it can just be pain and, well… awkward!

Join the pod team to learn how to make silence your friend, not your enemy as you lead powerful praise and worship.

Grab a coffee and sit down to enjoy your favorite worship leading podcast…




worship leading depressedLeading worship is hard enough at the best of times, but how can you face worship leading when you don’t feel like it?

Unless you’re Superman, there will be times when you are feeling sick, depressed or just generally not on top of things, and yet you still have to lead worship in your church and do an incredible job.

You may not feel up to it, but the POD team believe that these are the very times that got often chooses to do something incredible in your service, because when we are weak He is strong, and when we don’t feel like leading worship can oftentimes be the very moment when God breaks through and uses our Ministry to His glory powerfully!

You lead worship in your church, this is a podcast you really cannot afford to miss, so grab a cup of coffee, click the link below and start listening to the team, and believing that God will use you, even if you don’t feel like it…

Worship Leading When You Don’t Feel Like It

This special podcast will really encourage you in your walk with the Lord, and help you to realise that regardless of how you feel you are anointed to be a praise and worship Leader.

Coming up we are going to have some huge changes in our website, and will be launching an Academy especially designed to train worship leaders from the ground up to help them become everything that they can be in the Lord.

So if you want to get specialised training in the Ministry of praise and worship leading, then you have come to the right place and over the next few weeks we hope to roll out our brand-new Academy.

Email us with any ideas or suggestions, and we look forward to hearing from you as you some of the Lord in this great Ministry of praise and worship leading!