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85- Controlling Foldback

Controlling foldback is a constant headache for sound people, and hence for worship leaders and the entire worship team.

Controlling Foldback is Essential for Good Sound

We all recognise that, if the sound on stage is too loud or horrible sounding, this affects the way people in the congregation hear it.  It also greatly affects the way the sound person can control the sound, muddying the overall mix and giving them, constant headaches.

Controlling foldback is always an ongoing problem for almost every band.  On stage noise and the fact that it spills over to the audience is a constant battle, especially when it comes to noisy acoustic instruments like drums or guitar amps.

So we see sound people constantly begging certain members of the team, notably the electric guitarists, to turn down!  And how difficult this it for a drummer to turn down to minimise the amount of foldback spill coming off the stage?

Part of the trouble is not just that electric guitarists are mostly deaf, it is that you have to turn amps up loud to get a valve distortion effect, adding much mud to the foldback mix!

So we thought we would do a quick 12-minute pod about how you as a worship leader can communicate with your sound guys and control one of the most difficult aspects of sound you will face, especially in a small church.

And trust me, if you can control the foldback properly, then you have an excellent chance of producing a balanced, easy to listen to mix for the entire church service.  In fact many would say that controlling foldback is the key to a good mix.

Tune in today and check it out!

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Worship Leader Podcast

84- How to Live Mix Properly

Learning how to live mix is essential for a sound man, but also a very handy thing to know for a worship leader.

You Need to Know How to Live Mix!

Many worship leaders do not know how to put music together so that it sounds great, balanced and pleasant to listen to. They rely entirely on the sound person, and hence are at their mercy! They have a vague idea of what they want to do, but most worship leaders really struggle to convey this in any meaningful terms to their sound people.

If you have no idea what the sound person is doing, how can you communicate effectively with them to try and get them to understand what you want.  If you find yourself using a lot of “kind of, sort of, I want it to be a bit like,” then you really need to listen to this!

So we wanted to put together a podcast for those worship leaders who have to deal with sound people, to give you a working knowledge of how to live mix, so you can tell the sound person what you want to hear, in a way they will understand.

Even for your own ministry, wouldn’t you like to know how to obtain a great mix of your music and vocals?  It is not that hard, and it is not impossible to do this!

OK, it’s not a full sound course, but hey, we only have 12 minutes right?  Invest 12 minutes into this handy podcast!

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Worship Leader Podcast

83- The Use of Vocal Effects During Worship

Vocal effects can add so much to your worship, but they can also create an embarrassing mess.  trouble is, as a worship leader you generally have no clue how to talk to a sound guy to, shall we say,  moderate his use of effects.

Vocal Effects are Sometimes Dangerous!

By vocal effects, we are talking about things like reverb and delay, which give an echo effect on your vocals.  They can sound really warm and nice, but in the wrong hands, or if your sound person is inexperienced., they can be a disaster.

In fact. many vocal effects sound like you are singing while lost down the toilet somewhere, echoing and booming like a canyon or a deep cave.

There is a real art to using effects on vocals, but there are also some very helpful things you can do to make use of these in a subtle way to enhance the voices, rather than sending them into a deep, dark, echo chamber!

That’s what this podcast is all about.  It is worth investing the time to listen and learn, so that you can tell the sound guy exactly what you want, and how he can achieve this for you.

There are many clever but simple ways, and some glaring potholes you should avoid, when it comes to using reverb and delay on your vocals, and we share these ideas and more in this week’s podcast.

So we thought we would do a session on vocal effects, how to use them, how to not use them and how to get the best out of them.  All in just 12 minutes.  Check it out now!

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Worship Leader Podcast

82- How to Take Care of Your Voice

If you need to learn how to take care of your voice, this is 12 minutes that will give you great and practical suggestions, and have fun while they are doing it!!!

It’s Your Instrument, Take Care of Your Voice!

So many worship leaders sing, even when they are causing damage to their voices, and with a few simple steps we can show you secrets to caring for and enhancing your voice/

After all, your voice is your instrument if you are a singer.  Most guitarists take care of their guitars, putting new strings on it, etc., but I find a lot of singers fail to take care of their voice.

And trust me, there are long term benefits to having a good voice well cared for and nurtured.  Abusing your voice is like abusing your body… you might get away with it for a time, but pretty soon you’re going to face some dire consequences.

And there are also immediate value from being kind to your throat. If you treat your vocal cords well, with a bit of love and respect, then you can often increase the range of your notes, the clarity, and the strength of your voice.

Trouble is, no one really talks about how they care for their throat!  Given they the vocal cords are muscles, we should be working them, stretching them and lumbering them up before we sing.

So learn how to take care of your voice, both now and long into the future!

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Worship Leader Podcast

81- Signs of Burnout for a Worship Leader

Burnout is a very real and very common result of overwork and overstress, and worship leaders are right at the top of the pile of those in the church who experience it.

Listen to this exciting podcast to learn more…

What is burnout?

Burnout occurs when you push and push and exhaust yourself to the point of collapse. It could be a spiritual collapse or a mental one, but it often is a physical one as well.

Now some of you reading this will have no idea what burnout is, and if that is you then God bless you, you’re on top of it.

But some of you will definitely relate to burnout as a phenomenon, and some of you will feel like you are sliding slow but surely into the abyss!  We produced this podcast to save you a lot of problems, and heartache because as someone who has experienced burnout, and knowing someone who has completely collapsed under burnout, I can assure you it is something you definitely want to avoid!

And that’s the thing, this condition happens to people who are serving, who are dedicated, and who are living sacrificially for their Lord, and their ministry. It is also slow and insidious, so it is often not something you see coming!  It is a slow burn into the condition and a slow recovery.

Honestly, dedicated hard-working worship leaders are prime candidates for this life-destroying condition, and it is their very dedication which drives them to ignore the early signs and keep going into a disaster.  Recognising the signs is only part of the solution because you then have to be brave enough to say no and step back for a time to recover.

Listen to this podcast to discover the causes and the cures, so you don’t have to experience the dark days many of us have had to live through!

Worship Leader Podcast

80- Never Give Up

In this current pandemic, how many of you worship leaders feel like giving up?

We Need to Make a Commitment to Never Give up

These are trying times. Apparently, at least in our country of Australia, you are only allowed 100 people at church, but it is OK to have 30,000 not socially distanced at the football grand final!  As we try and gather our folk back together to worship in church, our secular governments are making it increasingly difficult.

So if you feel like giving, up, I don’t blame you!  We all feel this way at times, but I want to encourage you that this is not the time to throw in the towel.  I believe that we are on the verge of one of the greatest breakthroughs in history for the church of God, and this is the moment we all need to stand up and never!

Often times when we feel like calling it quits, we are on the brink of a major breakthrough in our ministries. The enemy loves to discourage us, and he will use every means at his disposal to do so.  Sometimes it is events like COVID, but other times it is words from well-meaning people, discouragement, even sound failures or mistakes.

I urge you to never give up, in both your walk with the Lord and also your worship leading ministry.

As you try and lead worship in amongst the crazy, ridiculously implemented rules, let this podcast give you 12 minutes or encouragement and inspiration, not just for worship but also for life!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. – Galatians 6:9

I can do all this through him who gives me strength. – Philippians 4:13

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and helpyou; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41:10

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. – Philippians 1:6

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Worship Leader Podcast

79- Leading by Inspiration

Leading by inspiration is the best way to lead whatever group you are working with, and it is an especially powerful way of leading a worship team.

Leading by Inspiration Inspires Everything You Want from Your Team!

Inspiring your team is a tremendous way to not only achieve the worship goals you have, but to do so while developing the gifts and talents of each individual.

Many leaders fail to inspire their teams.  Many lead by trying to control them, by demanding loyalty while failing to inspire them.  OK, this can work to a degree, but it really struggles to bring the best out of your team, and out of each of them individually.

Leadership is about inspiring your people to greater heights. It is about encouraging them to be all that they can be, exploring the depths of their character and having them step forward and truly improve their singing or musical skills.  It inspires them to add creativity and new ideas to the mix, to make the end product better than it would otherwise be.

And when you inspire your team, they become more loyal than ever before, because they can see that you are invested in them as people.  Not pawns in a political game, but real people, with real talents and gifts and real personalities.

So take 12 minutes to invest in your leadership abilities and learn to lead by inspiration as you worship.  Remember, your task as a worship leader is not just to sing or make music, it is to develop your team to become the very best they can possibly be.  So don’t just lead singing, and don’t just lead worship.  Lead a team that grows and becomes evey=rything that God would have them be!

Worship Leader Podcast

78- Less is More in Your Worship Leading

The old saying “less is more” has often been applied to music or art, and it is particularly important when it comes to worship leading.

Less is More

As musicians and singers, we are tempted to fill every single gap with sound!  However, the best are often the ones who leave space and gaps in their production.

I remember the first recording I ever made myself.  I have this excellent brass riff, and I played it every chance I could throughout the song.

My producer at the time said, “Hey that’s a great brass riff.  I have just two requests.  Number one, cut it in half.”

“OK, and what’s your second request?” I replied.

He said, “Now cut it in half again!”  I got it!  Nice riff, but way too much of it.  Less is more… which I understood more or less, but I had to be reminded of it!

If I have to choose one problem I heard in worship teams around the world it would be overplaying.  So we wanted to produce a podcast with this in mind, to give you some hints on how you can play great attractive and meaningful worship by playing less.  And the same applies to singing.  Holding longer notes, leaving space and pauses can accelerate your singing into new heights!

So this podcast is about how you can make less instruments, less playing and less singing into a huge more, a massive plus for your worship.  In this post COVID world, it will help you celebrate the fact that you have less people on your team, and quite possibly find yourself making a better sound and a better, more powerful worship experience than ever before!

Worship Leader Podcast

77- Incorporating Everything into Worship

Can you incorporate everything into worship?

We do so much during our church services, anything we can do to streamline them should be fully explored by every worship leader.  The truth is, with a little bit of insight and Godly wisdom, we can incorporate everything into worship and make things flow, improving the experience of our congregations.

Think about all the things you might normally do in a service, such as communion, announcements, prayers, mission spots.

It’s a wonder we have any time available at all! Yet as a congregational leader, you can be a huge help to your pastor by incorporating many or even all of these activities into your praise leading.

It’s not just about leading songs or getting people to sing, it is providing them an opportunity to come with you on a journey of worshipping which draws the worshipper deeper and closer to Jesus.  That’s why things like com

The fact is that we can, if we really seek the Lord on this, include so many things into our worship leading that would normally be placed between songs, or after worshipping.

Discover how to do this, streamline your church services and serve your pastor and your people more effectively in this week’s podcast…

Worship Leader Podcast

76- Incorporating Communion into Worship

Communion is an important part of many church services, but it can disrupt the flow of the worship service. After COVID, we have discovered that communion is perfect for doing within our normal worship flow.

Communion is Worship!

People love it, the service flows well, it takes less time and everyone is a winner.  And it enables you to have bread and wine in every service if you wish, and it truly becomes an act of worship.

Plus, and here’s a bonus, you do not have to reign in the layperson leading when they decide this is their big opportunity to preach.  Yes, ex-pastors are the worst for this, often running overtime.  When communion is part of worship, you can dispense with the long-winded talk and just let people worship.

We often consider worship leading to be about singing, about the sings and the music.  But of course, it is really about worship! So incorporating the wine and the bread into worship makes it a true and wonderful worship experience!

Tune in to this week’s pod and learn how to incorporate communion into your worship times…