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96- Answering Your Critics

Any public office in the church will have critics.  Worship leaders are no different. If you have ever lead worship, you have probably faced criticism from some party somewhere, most of whom cannot sing or play, but feel they have the right to critique your ministry.

Critics are All Around

From the senior pastor right through to the humblest member of the church, everyone faces criticism at some point.  If you are criticised for your ministry gift, for the worship, the music, the sound the presence of God or anything else, then you are not alone.

It is how you answer the critics that can really set you and your ministry apart!

The huge tendency is to fire back, especially when the criticism comes from someone who has little knowledge of what it is like to minister in worship.  However, I can guarantee you that this is not the best way to handle such a critique.  How you respond says more about you and your relationship with God than anything else, so responding in a godly and humble way is essential.

Handling these critics with godliness and humility can be challenging, but this podcast will give you some insights into how you can handle your critics in the right way.

Worship Leader Podcast

95- Your Vision for Your Ministry

What is your vision for your ministry?  Do you even have one?

Vision for Your Ministry is Essential!

The Bible tells us,

Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint,
but blessed is he who keeps the law. (Proverbs 29:18).

You need a vision to help focus and direct your steps, but you need also to be sure that it is God’s vision for your life and ministry, not just what you want to see happen.

If you have nothing before you, you just go through the motions, or falter all over the place, not sure where you are headed, what you want to achieve and even if it is all worth it!

Vision for what you are doing for the Lord is key in moving you ahead, directing where your team is going, and setting the direction for the church in worship.  This important issue is discussed in today’s podcast, so don’t miss it!

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Worship Leader Podcast

94- Using Multiple Worship Leaders

Using multiple worship leaders during one service can be a very effective and exciting addition to your church.

Using Multiple Worship Leaders is Great for Everyone!

Not only can using several worship leaders in a single service be wonderful for bringing new leaders through, but it can also become a feature for the entire church to enjoy.

It can become a feature for the congregation, where different voices lead different songs, each bringing their own style and interpretation of the material.  If variety is the spice of life, then having more than one worship leader at once is a truly great thing for the audience to enjoy.

What a great way to bring through younger and less experienced worship leaders

Learn the secrets of using multiple worship leaders effectively here…

Worship Leader Podcast

93- The Role of the Worship Director

A Worship director is an essential person for the development and training of your worship team.  Sometimes they are worship leaders, and some are singers or musicians, but this does not need to be the case.

Worship Directors are Worth their Weight in Gold!

In this pod, we talk about the role of a worship director, how they plan, train, roster and interact their way into the worship team, and how having someone fulfilling this role can make your life so, so much better!

When you think about it, someone who is talented, creative, and sings or plays well has a strong creative side to their personality.  This is great, but it usually means that tasks like rostering, connecting, organising songs books, and the like are not high on their priority list.

That’s where creative types can hand over the organisation issues to someone like a worship director, who shoulders the responsibility for those areas, leaving the creative folks to be, well, more creative!

If your worship team is chaotic or stressed, then you need to listen to this podcast, because it may hold the key to developing your worship team long into the future…

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Worship Leader Podcast

92- Leading Worship with a Sore Throat

If you lead worship, at some stage you will experience a sore throat.  We all get them, but we cannot always step back and have a few weeks off when we experience a sore throat can we?

Don’t Let a Sore Throat Stop You Leading Worship

In this special pod, we talk about how you can deal with a sore throat, and still manage to lead worship effectively.  These are incredible and easy-to-action truths that might just help you cope with leading worship when you have a sore throat…


Worship Leader Podcast

91- Goal Setting in COVID 19

With the advent of COVID, you might think you are excused from setting any kind of goals for this year.  However, I believe that setting goals is more important than ever, and that your ministry and the health of your church depends on you setting honest, achievable and faith-filled goals.

Goal Setting is Still Important

Check in with the guys this week and find out how you can do this… because this may be the most important time in history to set the right goals for the future!

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Worship Leader Podcast

90- How Loud Should Your Worship Music Be?

The age-old question, especially for worship leaders who minister in more conservative churches, is how loud should your worship music be.

How Loud Should Your Worship Music Be?

Now we have a whole continuum here.  Some believe it should be very quiet, but then nobody sing up loud because it sounds very exposed.  Others feel it should be as loud as possible, but then you can’t hear yourself think, let alone sing.

When considering how loud your worship music should be, you need to look at your congregation, your equipment, even your culture.  Certain cultures love and accept loud music, while others find it intolerable.

And the final question should be, what is going to enable our people to worship effectively?  Surely that is the real question.  So as you ponder this, listen to the guys today and ask God how you should approach the big question on how loud your worship music should be.  I know He has an answer for you.

Obviously,how loud should your worship music this question depends on so many factors, that you will discover loads of opinions and ideas in this latest free podcast.

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Worship Leader Podcast

89- Hearing yourself onstage

Hearing yourself onstage is always a difficult thing, and something everybody complains about.

As you know, everyone always wants more of themselves so they can hear perfectly.

Hearing Yourself is Essential

Now if you are at a big church, with professional sound and in ear monitors then God bless you, and you can tune out.  But for the rest of us, who deal with imperfect conditions, rented rooms, foldback speakers and the like, this is a must listen to podcast.

So check it out and discover the secret to have a reasonable, listenable and balanced on stage mix

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Worship Leader Podcast

88- Sound Check Properly

The Soundcheck can be a very long and painful task, but we all recognise that it is important, actually essential, to be able to hear correctly on stage.

A Great Soundcheck Makes Great Sense!

Now some have in ear monitors, but for the rest of us stuck back in the dark ages, we have to balance our sound correctly, so that we can hear the band and the singers, ourselves and hopefully leave something for the soundperson to mix out front!

So check out this podcast on how to do a soundcheck in a simple, positive and stress-free way…

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Worship Leader Podcast

86- How to Have a Merry COVID Christmas

This year is going to be a COVID Christmas for many of our worship leaders around the world, but it doesn’t mean we cannot still have a merry Christmas.

COVID Christmas is Still Our Opportunity to Shine

Now more than ever we need worship leaders, pastors and churches to stand up and proclaim the good news that Jesus Christ is God’s gift to a fallen world. And we should not let a little thing like a worldwide pandemic stop us!

So many people are trying to just go through the motions of having Christmas this year, being the crazy, strange year it has been, so I believe this offers a unique opportunity for those of us blessed to be ministering.

After all, the message is still the same, the need is still the same and despite what the media might tell you, God still exists and is still on the throne!

So tune in to this podcast and get excited about sharing the message for Christmas with a needy world.

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