Post COVID one of the realities we all will be facing is reduced numbers, either because of government legislation or because people are just not going to return to church in the same way.

Reduced Numbers Post COVID is a Reality

Reduced numbers post COVID is something every organisation, every sporting club and every church has to face. People are still scared, and less likely to leave the sanctity of their isolation to join even a socially distancing crowd.  This is life in 2020, and it could be life in an ongoing way long into the future.

So how can you deal with reduced numbers post COVID? In this environment, there are some practical things we can do that will make a difference, and also make things feel like church is fairly full and happening. Simple ideas that you would be wise to absorb and see if they fit your church and your situation.  As worship leaders, we have the opportunity to bring things to the fore and help our people move ahead after the pandemic.

And we all want to move ahead in the things of God, don’t we?  All of us want to hear from God speaking into our situation and be obedient to what the Lord is asking us to do. We can and will recover as churches, and the people of God and as worship leaders.  This is not the end, it is the start of something really wonderful.

So as you listen to this 12 minutes today, open your heart and ask the Lord which if any of these strategies might apply to you and your church and your worship team going forward.  I believe that this could be the best time to bring about changes in church, and it is probably the greatest time in history to bring change into even the most stayed of church environments.

Listen to this and discover how…

70- Keeping Worship Simple

Keeping worship simple is a must in these trying times.

Keeping Worship Simple is Not That Simple!

Many have noticed that worshipping has become more and more complex over the last several decades, with increases in production, costs, amps, lights and even things like smoke machines and lasers.  The old days of simplicity seem to be a thing of the past.

So in this pod, we examine how we can keep our worship simple, yet effective.  Do we need all the production, or do we need more hearts set upon the Lord, focused on Him and seeking Him willingly and deeply?

And please don’t get me wrong. I love the production stuff.  I appreciate lights and effects, but I also understand that the Holy Spirit needs none of these to penetrate into the souls of worshippers.  After COVID, one of the things we are discovering is that life in general and your relationship with the Lord could do with being just a bit simpler.

Us humans know how to complicate things, don’t we? We take a simple task like connecting with God in worship, and we make it more and more complicated.  Yet worship in essence is not something we do, it is a place where we live.  We can choose to live our lives connected to the Lord, or drop in for an hour a week… the choice is ours.

Connecting with and worshipping God has always been available to us.  We don’t need smoke, laser lights or loud music, we need hearts that are open and obedient to Him.  And that’s good news for those of us who have a budget. We don’t need to buy more stuff, we can just simply usee tools like a single guitar, a piano, even an organ.  We can even worship without any music at all.  Why? Because worship is not what we do, it is who we are!

Listen to this podcast and decide for yourself how you can improve your church by keeping worship simple…

69- Where to From Here?

COVID, isolation, church lockdown… so where to from here?

So Where to From Here?

This is a question many of us, especially leaders in the church, are asking at the moment.  We’ve been through the lockdown, some of us are still there, but where do we go to from this point?

And it’s not just us asking this, it applies to almost every area of life right now.  We have football being played in front of cardboard cutouts, we have stores drawing lines on the floor, we have schools disrupted and online, and or course churches have been severely affected, with services online only.  At some point, pending government restrictions, we need to get our churches back, right?

So how do we restart church, and what does that look like?

In this pod, I reveal what the Lord has been saying to my heart for our church, and I believe it will resonate with many pastors and worship leaders around the world.  And for those of you hanging out there for life to just get back to normal, well I’m pretty sure you are going to be in for a shock.

Seems like church as we knew it, and as we have known it all our lives, may be changing in some way.  People are craving community like never before, but with the rise of zoom, Facebook and the like, the chances are that things are going to transform and that the changes will be here forever, or a long time.

These are the kinds of questions we look at in just 12 minutes on today’s podcast, so this is definitely one that should not be missed.  As a worship leader, listen and gather ideas for your specific situation, because I believe the Lord has some real keys in this crisis that, if we discover and apply them and learn them well, we could see real revival among our communities.

Enjoy today’s pod with an open heart and let’s move on from here in unity!

COVID changes are here, happening right now, and while many are waiting for them to be reduced or removed, the fact is that some of them will stay… forever!

Some COVID Changes are Likely to Stay Forever!

You may not want to hear this, but it is likely that some COVID changes are likely to remain, if not forever, for a very, very long time.  I have a feeling social distancing in various forms is probably here to stay.  Certainly, restrictions are going to be in place for a long time, whether we get a second wave or not.

The smart move for worship leaders is to ask the Lord to show you how you can change to accommodate the new situation. Jesus might never change, but the manner in which we present Him changes often, generation to generation.  And during the coronavirus time, many of us have discovered new ways to reach people we would not otherwise be able to reach.

As worship leaders, we need to be listening to the Lord and obedient to what He asks us to do, even if it is a break with tradition.  Church folk have loved tradition for centuries, and rightly so, but there are some things that are not really about the gospel or Jesus or serving or unity, they are just our preferences.

So with at least some of the COVID changes being here to stay, or stay for many months or even years, listen to this and make the right changes in your team that will help you in your ministry both in the short term, and long into the future, no matter what the rest of society does!

So listen to this and get ready for the changes God leads you to make and let’s not let the times overwhelm us and our churches…

When your team falls away, which is very common in this current COVID 19 climate, it is always hard to take.

This podcast is designed to encourage you in your ministry if you have had a situation where the team you know, and love, have started to become distant.

When your Team Falls Away, God has a Plan!

Sometimes you see members of your team drifting away from you, from the church and sometimes even from the Lord, and it hurts. It is likely not you, not your church and not your personality that has driven them away.  It is very often they themselves, a change of heart or of emphasis that has caused your worship team to become less desirable for them.

Don’t worry, all is not lost. we want to encourage you in this hour, and tell you that sometimes there are blessed subtractions. Other times, there are great ways of drawing them back into the fold. either way, God has a plan in all this mess, and losing valuable people from your team is not part of it.

So listen to this and be blessed.  Also, be encouraged that if god does shift someone out, even someone you think is a huge part of the ministry, then He has a plan, bigger and better than you can imagine.  So pray, listen to this week’s pod, and trust that the whole situation is in His hands.  Like the rest of the world, even when things seem crazy and weird, God is always on the throne and still in control!

66- Maximising Lockdown

Maximising lockdown is something we all need to do in this current pandemic.

OK, we all have it and we all have to deal with the isolation and restrictions, but today’s pod is about how you can maximise lockdown.  Not just endure it, but use this time to reset and make life changes, and worship leading changes, that will last forever.

As worship leaders, and as any pastor in the church will tell you, this current crisis has been challenging to say the least.

We have had to modify, and indeed continue to modify the way we do church.  It is difficult, and we have found ourselves staring down the barrel of a monitor, phone or tablet trying to be pastors.

Image by Dipesh Parmar from Pixabay

And worship leaders too have had a difficult time trying to maximise lockdown.  Our band is scattered across the region, and our congregation is sitting at home in their PJs having breakfast instead of being in the church building.  Many argue it opens up a whole new audience, and this may be true, but I would be lying if I said as a pastor I’m loving zoom and Facebook more than real life!

It is difficult, it is downright weird, and for worship leaders and their teams, it can be soul-sapping and very disappointing.

Maximising Lockdown Maximises the Situation

Look, I know that the current situation is not ideal.  But we as worship leaders and church leaders can choose to see the glass half empty or half full.  Listen to this podcast so you can not only maximise lockdown as a leader in the church, but also maximise it in your own personal life, and in your time with the Lord.

In this middle of the greatest pandemic of our lifetime, listen to this and let’s make the very best use of the time and isolation afforded by the COVID pandemic.

Many around the world are still locked down over the coronavirus pandemic, and wondering if there is any hope in the lockdown.

This is for you!

Did You Say Hope in the Lockdown?

Is there hope in the lockdown?  Of course, there is, but for many of us going through this unprecedented time, it’s hard to see the hope of things ever settling down.

Great news… God is still on the throne, and you are still his child!  So we wanted to produce a fun podcast that blesses you and gives real hope for the future.

Here in Australia, we are trying to navigate an even harder situation, that is trying to come out of the lockdown in a sensible and law-abiding way. If we struggled for hope in the lockdown, in many ways coming out of it is even harder, especially for churches!

And I have a feeling church, and therefore worship leading may never be the same.  The fact is our world, our homes, schools and businesses may never be the same again also.  And the church, which is such an involved and social place, will be one of the hardest to get back to some kind of normalcy.

So rather than getting all upset and frustrated with the ridiculous situations we all face around the world, let’s inject a little bit of hope in the lockdown and see the great and wonderful things that are all around us.  The Lord has blessing even in the darkest of times, and that is what this podcast celebrates and encourages you with!

Listen to this podcast and be blessed, and remember that through all of this, God has a plan, and you are still called and anointed!

Habakkuk 3:17-18

Though the fig tree does not bud
    and there are no grapes on the vines,
though the olive crop fails
    and the fields produce no food,
though there are no sheep in the pen
    and no cattle in the stalls,
 yet I will rejoice in the Lord,
    I will be joyful in God my Savior.

Lockdown has been a challenge for all of us, and as worship leaders, it is especially hard to try and lead worship to a congregation who are only on a screen, and whom you cannot see anyway.

Lockdown is a Challenge, but Not a Deal Breaker!

OK, very few of us are enjoying being locked down, and it is especially hard for churches.  The whole point of church is that we can come together to worship together, and all of us including me are missing the joy and experience of corporate worship.

As worship leaders, we definitely have to think outside of the box on this one!  As a pastor, Darin can tell you it is different, difficult and even soul-destroying preaching to a camera or an empty auditorium.  As a worship leader, it is probably even harder.  We naturally feed off the energy of others worshipping with us, and of course, this is not available when we are on YouTube or Facebook live.

So how can you lead worship effectively to an empty room?  How can you motivate your team when things look more like a rehearsal than a worship time.  You can be effective as a worship leader, and then carry the lessons long after the lockdown finishes, and we want to share our ideas to help you do this!

So this special pod deals with lockdown, and how you can lead worship to your people who are in lockdown and needing to connect with and worship the Lord in a new, different and fresh way.  Listen and learn, because all of us are listening and learning as we go.  Even the best worship leaders and the most experienced have never seen or tried to deal with what we are facing during this lockdown, so let’s learn and move forward together

We re all going through it, and none of us like it, but lockdown is a reality for the entire world, and yes, even worship leaders.

Your Worship Team in Lockdown Needs a Leader!

Church is super weird right now, with zero contact, isolation, church on Facebook, zoom meetings, and frankly we are all getting a little, well, “over it” by this stage.

And so is your worship team. But rather than see all the negatives and difficulties, we wanted to change it all around and begin to see opportunities, perhaps even opportunities to minister to others in a way you might never have been able to think about just a few months ago.

And people need love right now.  Your worship team in lockdown is no different, stuck in a house or apartment, bored, frustrated and going out of their mind!  The social price that the world will pay for this pandemic is yet to be fully measured, but it will be extreme for sure!

So we want you as a worship leader to become the leader God has destined you to be!  And there is no greater opportunity that the once in a lifetime, even the once in a Millenium opportunities we now face.  You might be aware that the Chinese symbol for the word “crisis: is a combination of two words, danger and opportunity.  While the rest of the world is seeing danger we as the people of God can see opportunities that are unique.  And we can see chances to step up and be a leader to our worship team in lockdown, meeting their needs and pastoring them in their isolation and frustration.

In this special pod, we look at ways you can encourage and bless your worship team during their, and your lockdown.  The Lord can open unique opportunities for you, so listen to this pod and put some of these into action…

We all love them, and if he’s not there we sense a gap at the bottom end of our mix, but sometimes a bass player can disrupt things, especially if they are too loud.

The Bass Player

Bass provides the lower end of your mix and is often the most overlooked part of the music team.  The Bass player rarely has solos and lacks the pizzaz and prominence of a lead guitarist.  he lacks the romance of a piano or a saxophone, but if he is not playing, or not playing well, you can lose the entire mix!

And I would have to say that the “big bottom end” is one of my favourite things (it could be argued that my bottom end is bigger as a result of the lockdown, and the amount I have eaten!), but I love a great bass.  I generally equalise the bass lower, and take some of the bottoms out of the kick drum, and this gives it a rumbly, deep sound.

However, the risk with a bass player, because bass notes are of a longer wavelength, is that overwhelm many of the other sounds in the mix.  So controlling your bass player is going to essential if you want a pleasant mix, and if you want to avoid a hundred complaints about how loud the entire thing is!

So this week we are going to examine some sensible, subtle and excellent measures you can take to not only control your bass guitarist but to unleash their full potential.

Listen and learn how to encourage and get the very best from your bassist, who should be an integral part of your team and your worship sound…