An electric guitarist is a double edged sword for most worship leaders and worship teams.

But we Love a Great Electric Guitarist, Right?

Yes, we do, we all love a guy who can play an electric guitar like Santana! But most of us know that that can play out one of two ways.

First, you might find an electric guitarist who loves Jesus, loves to serve and sees him or herself as a servant, serving Jesus with genuine humility and self sacrificing obedience.

Or, secondly, you might get an electric guitarist who might love God, but they want to be the star of every show, playing loud and dominant over everyone else and who wants to make worship their domain.

Now you might think this is a bit harsh on your average lead guitarist,but having ministered in worship for more than 30 years, I must say it is a label that is often lived up to.

Yet over the years, I have shared the stage with some absolutely awesome and very humble guitarists!  The thing is, your guitars can be a huge asset, of a massive liability, and you have the ability to she them into one of the other.

Listen to this podcast and learn how to make your electric guitarist one of the greatest assets of your worship team. Or you can just let them play lead solos all over your worship, or just keep telling them to turn down 500 times a day.  It’s your choice, so we would recommend that you listen to this podcast with an open heart.

We are here for you, in this terrible time of world wide crisis, and we will have a special edition of the worship podcast coming up for you. Stay tuned, and stay safe whether isolated in your home or out and about…

Controlling your keyboard player might seem like an easy thing, but it’s often harder than you might expect.

Generally, its not a question of volume when it comes to keyboard players, unlike drummers for example, because they have a volume knob and can be turned down.

When we talk about keyboards, we are referring to the players who play both piano and traditional keys.  These days, of course, you can turn the keys down in the mix, so volume isn’t the issue.  The main challenge with a keyboard player is what they play. If they are primarily piano, then you need one thing from them, but if they are keys, then you need them to play in a specific way.

Your Keyboard Player Can Add Unbelievable Atmosphere!

The prize is that, if you can control your keyboard player, you can create a wonderful, anointed and amazingly awesome atmosphere.

And this atmosphere can add a tremendous anointing to almost every aspect of worship, from the praise section to the worship, from before the worship opens and right through to the response time.

In all aspects of worship, a well-played and sensitively applied keyboard can add a whole host of blessing to your congregation.

So settle back, especially if you are in lockdown (like I am right now), because COVID 19 can’t stop you getting the best from your keyboard player and indeed your entire worship team.  You will not be locked away forever you know, because soon this virus will be passed and your role as a worship leader will be to lead the people and inspire your church members to come back to the church.

So take the time and learn how to cope with, and get the very best from your keyboardists.  You’ll be glad that you took the 12 minutes to learn these principles…

The drummer… we all love drummers, but many times, especially in a small church, they can be difficult, even impossible to control.

The drums are the heart and soul of your worship music.  They do not just keep the beat, they provide the atmosphere to enable you to take the worship where you believe God wants it to go.

Learning to Control Your Drummer is Best for Everyone

I love drummers, and I love the power and majesty they bring to worship.  They are brilliant for injecting real energy into the mix, and if they are good, they are a huge asset.

So we are going to talk about the various aspects of drumming, and the various attitudes you may encounter in your drummers. From the smaller church where everyone complains, he is too loud, to the huge church where his style of drumming might not suit your worship, we reveal easy, fun and gentle ways of influencing your drummer.

And trust me, you are not going to want to get your drummer offside!  They can be a huge asset if loved, encouraged and guided, but a major pain if they grow an attitude, which sadly many drummers are prone to do.  So we explore better options than putting a cage around them, or sending them down the street and around the corner!  Like anyone on your team, you are well advised to work with them rather than against them.  Unity is essential to great, soulful worship!

In this pod, we share simple and proven ways that you can not only control the noise level and playing of your drummer but also bring the best out in his gifting.  And we can do it all with a smile on our face and love in our hearts.

If you lead a worship team, you better not miss this exciting 12 minutes…

At some point, you will find yourself reaching the end of your resources, and you will feel ready to give up on worship leading.

I bet some of you reading this right now are at that point.

If You’re Ready to Give Up… Don’t!


Leading worship is a daunting and sometimes difficult task, and it is made especially so by the criticisms and adverse opinions of others.

Perhaps it is someone in your band, or maybe someone you barely know in the congregation, but when you are in the public eye, whether preaching, leading worship, leading groups or anything else, you will always face opposition.

You might be facing something personal that no one knows about, but that still causes you to overlook or forget the calling you once had and makes you ready to give up right now.

We all face it at some time, and I know it hurts, and even frustrates you, but it is so important for you to remember the calling that God has on your life.  He doesn’t change His mind, Numbers 23:19, so don’t you change yours and give up.

Most often I find we want to give up just before a breakthrough.  So if you feel like you are ready to give up, chances are that the breakthrough in your life and ministry is just around the corner!  So this pod has been designed to speak words of life and encouragement into your life, and say to you don’t give up!

Life is a journey, and ministry is a journey, and you will face times of joy and sadness, highs and lows, mountain tops and valleys.  You should never make a decision about the future of your ministry in a valley, yet that’s exactly what the enemy wants us to do!  So keep going, never give up and reverse any decisions about your life and your ministry until you are through the worst of whatever you are facing right now!

This 12 minutes could make all the difference in your life and your ministry…

Negative opinions can positively going to ruin your day!

And there is no shortage of Negative Opinions!


Any time you are involved in some kind of public ministry, there will be opinions of all kinds. Some, in fact usually more than we recognise, will be positive, with people saying things like how much they enjoyed the worship, how beautiful the singing was, and so on.

But let us be absolutely honest here, the ones you remember are the ones that are negative or critical in some way. True or false? You know it’s true, right?

So how can you as a worship leader deal with the criticisms and negative that come your way, and how can you do so in a way that is godly, honest and receptive? So we do not want to shut out valid ideas and comments, but we do want to have some level of protection against the opinions that hurt, discourage and even destroy ministries!

No matter who you are, you need to know how to deal with negative opinions in the right way.  Make no mistake, these can make or break your ministry, they can fill you with dread… I have even seen worship leaders so stung by negative opinions that they walk away from church altogether.

This type of criticism, no matter what seemingly pious, holy, religious word it may be presented in, can be venomous and poisonous to your soul, your loved ones and your ministry.

If you have been hurt by critical words, from your team, the pastor, someone in the congregation or anywhere else, then please listen to this podcast and seek God.  Gather with those who do love you, who do support you, and especially go deep with the Lord.  You might be soft hearted, but

This is a must-listen for every person in the public eye, and that included every worship leader…

No matter who you are, or what kind of church you have, you are always going to have to deal with difficult people at some point on your team.

Difficult People are a Fact of Life

People are people, and difficult people rarely acknowledge that they are in fact difficult.  They see themselves as forceful, as superior in knowledge or ability, and they think that their way is the best way, and have no hesitation in telling you so!

And while we might see them as difficult, they see themselves as a necessary part of your leadership experience. They see their voice as valid, important and probably more weighty than any others.  So the big question is how do you handle these people without hurting or destroying them.

And this surely is part of the calling of being a worship leader. So often we think it is all about singing and choosing songs and leading the people in worship, but it is also about managing your team.  I believe that a great worship leader not only minimises conflict and difficulties in their team, but also develops the team members and brings the very best out of those who are in the team.

So whether they be on instruments or vocals, your job and your calling as a worship leader should including making your team members better at their skills, and bringing them also closer to God.

And of course, some of the more difficult personalities can become your biggest support and strongest allies in the worship team.  As tough as they might be to manage, the rewards both in their personal development and also the development of the team are worth it!

So, we know you are all going to face these guys at some point, if you are not facing them already, so listen to this podcast and discover how in a godly, calm and rational way you can deal with difficult people, and build up not only them, but your entire worship team…

Unnecessary distractions occur at all kinds of times, but especially so in worship.

Worship is all about focussing on God, and so unnecessary distractions are anything that makes you take your attention off the Lord and place it somewhere else.

Beware Distractions of Your Own Making!

When we are worship leading, sadly sometimes we face a situation where we are the ones who are causing the distraction, or someone in our team, whom we are responsible for, is taking people’s eyes off Jesus and placing it on themselves!

Some distractions are external, and there is little you can do about them.  If your church is near an airport or a train and a noise vehicle rumbles past, then there’s little you can do about that.

However, sometimes we are the source of the problem.  Some worship leaders talk incessantly, some use arrangements that might be cool but are very misleading or difficult for the worshippers.  Others want to have great guitar or drum solos, treating the worship time as their biggest gig ever!

So what are the distractions, and let’s look at practical, sensible ways of dealing with them and getting back to the main thing, which is leading the people into worship.

OK, some of this podcast might cause a little bit of pain, but we need to recognise how we can cause our people to focus on Jesus, bot us, what we wear, how we perform or how cool we are!  Remember, your calling as a worship leader is to lead people into worship, and when you truly are an anointed worship leader, there is nothing better than knowing the people’s hearts are engaged with the Lord we serve!

This podcast gives some insight into what things could be a source of unnecessary distractions during your worship leading, and what you can do to minimise these and keep people’s eyes and hearts centred on the object of their worship, the Lord Himself!

50- Music for All Age Groups

Worship should be music for all age groups, but often in the church we find one age group and their preferences dominant the style of worship.

Sometimes the older generation sets the agenda, and the songs are hymns and ancient worship songs that have history and memories for those people. At other times, the youth take over and all the songs are upbeat, loud and in the style kids love but older ones hate.

Worship should have music for all age groups!


In this pod we explore ways you can make your church worship acceptable right across the age spectrum, using instruments and arrangements that appeal to most of not all the generations you have in your church.

If church is to be welcoming and inclusive, we need music for all age groups rather than one specific age genre in our worship!  Yet as I travel, I see so many churches catering to one specific genre, be it youth or hymns or something else.

So yes, you do need to stop and have a look at your congregation and discover what kind of age distribution you have attending.  Yes you have to cater for the various groups in some way.

Music can be used as a tool for unity rather than disunity, but the reports I receive from so many people in churches are that the music divides rather than unites them as a church, and as a church family.

In this podcast we have a look at some simple things you can do to broaden the appeal of the music you play in worship.  The various generations have preferences, and you might think that these will never connect or overlap, but if you arrange and produce certain styles you will discover that you can marry the various age groups together.

So wherever your church is at right now, this is an important podcast because we all want to see unity and joy in our worship, not exclusivity and tension, right?

Who is on your worship team?  Probably more important, why are they on the team at all?

Is it people you know and trust?  Is it iconic and masterful musicians, or sensational singers with a 4-octave range? Is it the pastor’s daughter, who can’t sing, but you know you just have to have on the team.

Forming your worship team is not easy

Different people want to be a part of the worship for a variety of reasons, some of which are noble, some self-seeking and some and godly reasons.  You have to learn about them, their history, their desires and dreams and their heart to serve.

And sometimes, it’s hard to look beneath the surface and see the real reasons these people want to be on the team. But remember, when establishing worship in your church, you need to form a team, and a team needs to be made up of people who can actually work together!

Many times we select members of the team because they are talented, or skilled at playing or singing. But the reality it that, while hey may have talent, some of these people are difficult to work with, and sometimes they cause incredible disruption and dissension within the ranks.

That’s why we decided to spend a 12-minute pod asking you to take a look at your worship team, and the reasons they are who they are, and help you assemble a dream team that will lead your church into a glorious and worshipful future.

The decisions you make about who is in your worship team and why could be some of the most pivotal and important decisions you make for the whole of your future in ministry, so listen to this podcast and make the right decision about who to include in you worship team…

Generations and ages may differ between people, and even between churches, but here at the pod, we believe that each generation brings something different and important to worship leading.

So What Does Your Generation Bring to Worship?

We all know there is often a difference between the generations, and especially when it comes to music and in particular worship music.

Worship should be something that unites the generations, not divides them.  So often in church, the leadership opts for one age group at the expense of the others.  Some churches are all about old people, old people’s music and style. Others are all for youth, with laser lights and smoke machines, and a volume that drives the older people screaming from the auditorium!

We believe that every generation brings something different, useful and valid to worship leading in church.  Surely our task as worship leaders is to see the good in every age group.  We are different, but every difference can be celebrated as we work with worship leading to bring the generations together.  So whatever generation you belong to, whether you are older, younger or somewhere in between, you have something to offer to your church in worship leading.

So what does, or at least, what can each generation bring to the table.  You may not realise the kinds of traits each age group brings, but this podcast will open your eyes to new and effective ways to bring the generations together around worship, right across every age group in your church!

This podcast takes 12 minutes to look at the various generations, both young and old, and how each can make a positive and unique commitment to worship… Have a listen, and start to see the wonderful contributions every age group can make to worship in your church.