118- Bring New Life to an Old Song

I love an old song as much as anyone, but I especially love reworking it to make it super special.

And an Old Song can Sound New!

Loads of the old classic songs and hymns are being reworked by Christian artists worldwide at the moment, and in your church you have the incredible opportunity to do this every week.

An old song can sound completely new if we rework the arrangement.

So tune in for this podcast and learn how to take those old songs, be they hymns or worship songs, and how you can make them new and special again…

117- Song Selection

Song selection is possibly the most important part of worship leading.  Yet it is overlooked by many worship leaders, who choose songs they personally like rather than songs the people recognise and enjoy.  It can be a near fatal mistake!

Song Selection can make or break you!

You can choose the wrong songs and struggle, even as an experienced worship leader, or you can choose the right songs and see people enter into worship in a way you have never experienced before.  The right songs make touching the hearts of your congregation so much easier.

So in today’s pod, learn how to make the most of your song selection, and impact people’s hearts in a huge way…

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

116- When It All Goes Wrong

When it all goes wrong

Worship leading doesn’t always go the way we want, so what do we do when it all goes wrong?

When It All Goes Wrong, We Need a Plan!

Things happen all the time when we are on stage, and we are not in control of these things.  Sound might feedback, people may sing off key, instruments might go out of tune, and my personal favourite, guitar strings might break!!


These things are always going to be a clear and present danger for the worship leader, but great leaders know how to handle the situation when it all goes wrong.

Learn how to be one of these worship leaders in this very special podcast.

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114- The Journey of Worship


The journey of worship is our term for how you lead someone from where they are at when they walk into church, right through to the throne room of God.

The Journey of Worship Happens Every Sunday!

When we see worship not as a series of songs but as a journey into the heart of God, then it changes how we see everything we do on a Sunday morning.

Ours is the incredible privilege of taking our people by the hand and gently, beautifully and excitingly leading them on a journey, the likes of which happens nowhere else.  We can lead them from the hassles of this world, the fears and pressures of life, right into the very presence of God.

Listen to this podcast to discover one of the greatest worship secrets you will ever learn…

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113- Transitioning Songs

transitioning songs

Transitioning songs is an important part of great worship leading.

Transitioning Songs Makes the Journey of Worship Better!


Rather than lining up one separate song after the other, transitions enable is to move seamlessly from one song to the next, without breaking the flow.

Learn how to do this in this exciting 12 minute podcast
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112- What Do Older Worship Leaders Offer?

We all get older, but what does being older offer a worship leader?

Experience, a close walk with God, the “Been there done that, got the T Shirt” attitude.

Older Worship Leaders a Wealth of Experience and Ability!

If you are an older leader of worship, or perhaps a young one wondering where these old fogies fit in the modern worship team (I can say that, cause I IS ONE!), then this is a special podcast you need to listen to for 12 minutes…

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111- Showing Respect and Honour in the Worship Team

respect and honour

Respect and honour should be part of the way we interact with everyone, especially those on our worship team.  However, this is sometimes not the case.

Respect and Honour are Essential

Whether it is familiarity, or inability, or attitude, we need to check ourselves and make sure we are honouring those around us, especially if they are less experienced or less skilled.

And if you are on the receiving end, when someone else is not showing honour for you, then you really understand how important this is!

Learn more about this in today’s pod…

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110- How to Shine Online in Worship

shine online

It is not easy to shine online, to produce worship that sounds great and is compelling in an online situation.  Yet here we are, all still dealing with the pandemic and lockdowns and restrictions and masks, around 18 months later.

You can shine online in your worship leading!

So let’s do a podcast which looks at simple, easy to apply ideas that can make you shine online.

Image by Luidmila Kot from Pixabay

108- Tightening Worship Arrangements

worship arrangements

Tightening Worship Arrangements can be a tough thing to do.

But Tightening Worship Arrangements is Essential

There is nothing wrong with becoming good at what the Lord has called you to do, as long as we do this in a spirit of unity and love.

So we wanted to make a pod on how you can get closer, and tighten things up, and sound terrific as well as produce a journey of worship that touches people’s hearts.

You can make great arrangements and have fun along the way, not fighting over how things are done but doing it all in a fun, exciting and unifying way.

So learn how to tighten your worship arrangements in the nicest and best possible way here…

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