332- Worship Team Foldback

Worship team Foldback matters because hearing yourself on stage matters.

“Can You Turn Your Worship Team Foldback Down Please!”

This is true for every worship team, especially if you have a smaller auditorium and a worship band that is prone to be a bit loud. So trust me, if you find yourself telling your band members to turn down time and time again, or if you constantly have singers asking your sound guys to turn them up (“Dude, can you turn me up I can’t hear anything up here!”), then this is a podcast you really need to hear!

Your worship team foldback is a critical part of the way you perform as a worship team.  If the on-stage sound is too loud, the sound guy has nothing to work with at the front of the house.  In fact, some of the sound people I talk to have just turned off the front speakers and walked away!  When the stage sound is so loud that the sound person turns off the front speakers, and people still complain it is all too loud, then things are really needing to change.

One of the things we discuss in this podcast is in-ear speakers, which can minimise your onstage noise dramatically.  These are still quite expensive, but they can work well, so Erick and Darin discuss this as one of the more modern options for dealing with worship team foldback issues.

So whether you are leading worship in a big church, small church, traditional or modern church, if you are ministering on stage, the level of your on-stage sound really does matter!  There are new and innovative ways of dealing with hearing yourself on stage, and we even allude to new and innovative ways to deal with those who have their own sound too loud and refuse to turn down!

Learn all the tricks that could improve your sound week by week in this special podcast…

Bad attitudes in your team can blow your ministry apart! No matter who you are, at some stage you will have to deal with these attitudes in your worship team.

Bad Attitudes in Your Team can Destroy it!

Let’s not kid ourselves, bad attitudes in your team can kill the entire team, and ruin your ministry.  If you are the one with the bad attitude, you can lose the support of those in your team.   You can also lose their respect, so you definitely need to watch your attitude!

But often you encounter a bad attitude from someone else on your team.  If you strike this, you would be surprised at how quickly this attitude can spread throughout the entire worship community!

Now it might be a once off, due to lack of sleep or sickness, or it might be ongoing bad attitudes in your team, but how you deal with this has a massive bearing on how your team performs.  as a once off, you might be gracious enough to overlook bad attitudes in your team, but if it is an ongoing standard of behaviour, then you have a major and potentially destruction problem on your hands.

You will first have to make a decision as to when you deal with it, and then you have to decide how you deal with bad attitudes in your team.  And trust me, I can tell you from bitter experience that taking the easy road and failing to deal with the behaviour and the gossip that it generates will cost you in the long run because these things have a nasty habit of not going away but festering and exploding into a complete disaster in the future!

So this podcast is all about how to deal with bad attitudes in your team, and how to do so in a godly, kind and decisive way, while at the same time being firm and snuffing out any potential problems that can cause long-term difficulties.

It’s all happening on today’s worship leader podcast!

286- Compared to What?

As worship leaders, we are often compared to others, both within our church or on You Tube, and if others are not comparing us, then we do it to ourselves.

So Erick and I thought we would do a podcast on comparisons, and ask what or who are you compared to?

As a Worship Leader, You’re Compared to What?

The thing is when we compare ourselves to someone else, it is a lose, lose situation… always.  If the person we are being judged with is better than us, we get depressed and feel like giving up (“I’ll never be as good as him/her!”)  If the person we are being compared to is worse than us, it feeds into our pride and makes us puffed up and haughty.  Like I said, it is a lose, lose situation, so anytime we are tempted to compare ourselves with others it is never going to end well!

But we cannot stop others comparing us with their favourite worship leader, can we?  Oh, they do it so much better than you, they sing that song with so much more conviction… it goes on and on, and once again, the end result is never going to be positive!

So how can you handle being compared to another worship leader, either by yourself or by someone else?  How can you respond, and how can you protect yourself from this most devasting and destructive pastime?

Today we take a frank, honest and sometimes painful look at comparisons and how we as worship leaders can rise above it all to become the worship leaders we are destined to be.  The unique, different, anointed worship leader, the one that doesn’t need comparisons but follows the Lord’s leading and serve with all his or her heart.  The result of this podcast is that you will be free to be you

The result of this podcast is that you will be free to be you, not to be compared to somebody else, but to be you, the best you that you can possibly be.  Have a listen and tell us what you think…

Appreciated or tolerated?

Ouch, this one will hit home to many of us!  So often when we lead worship we just feel like we are tolerated, not appreciated or even celebrated.  OK, you we may not want everyone falling over themselves to tell us we are awesome, but a little bit of encouragement wouldn’t go astray, right?

Do You Want to be Appreciated or Tolerated?

So which will it be, appreciated or tolerated?  We work hard as worship leaders, we turn up early, train, practice and then give our all on the stage, doing everything we can to usher in the presence of God and prepare people’s hearts for the message.  However, so often we are overlooked and even criticised if he worship is considered sub par!  If you are feeling down and unappreciated, then this is the worship leader podcast you need to listen to.

Pastors have many things on their minds, preaching and so on, and often times church members fail to voice their appreciation. In this pod we talk about appreciation, what to do if you feel unappreciated and at what point you should consider leaving?

I mean, does your own band even appreciate you?  If they do appreciate you, they are with you and behind you in all they do?  If they are just tolerating you, then you will find it harder to move forward and really lead as the Lord wants you to lead.

If I Move Churches Will I Be  Appreciated or Tolerated?

appreciate or toleratedSo some of you will say, I might as well move on to a new church if my current church does not appreciate me, right?  Well maybe the Lord is speaking you you about serving and humility and the like, but then maybe He is telling you to move on.  So how do you know, which one is i and where should you be looking to move if that is what God has for you?  These are discussed in detail on today’s worship leader podcast.

It’s all happening on this week’s worship leader podcast!

Learning how to bring the presence of God to a meeting is a skill many worship leaders have not really explored.

Now certainly God is God, and He decides when to make His presence known, but as worship leaders we can do certain things to open the way for a real Holy Spirit encounter in our worship leading.

That’s what this podcast is all about… the steps that you can take as a worship leader to prepare the way for an encounter with the living God!

Learning How to Bring the Presence of God to a Meeting is Life Changing!

Learning the skills that encourage people to open their hearts in worship is a life changing moment!

And let me also add that there is no recipe to bring the presence of God.  There is no secret sauce that makes this happen, but there are simple yet profound steps you can take that will make this more possible.  We teach this in the worship leader academy, and find that students increase the presence of the Lord in their meetings quite profoundly!

So we are not here to offer cheap, easy ways to fake it!  In this podcast, we will look at real and sensible strategies that not only lead people in singing and worship , but that also prepare their hearts for  move of God.  After all, that’s what we are supposed to be all about, isn’t it?

And learning these skills is definitely attainable for almost all worship leaders, regardless of how experienced you are. These skills and ideas open the way for your people to open their hearts and thereby allow God’s presence to move in their hearts, and in the meeting as a whole.

So settle back and enjoy the fun, wit, or should we say half-wit, of Darin and Erick as the share insights and ideas to help you bring the presence of God into all of your worship leading.

We all know what a worship team looks like, but what does a healthy one look like?

Do you need to be doing exercises and eating healthy to have a healthy worship team?  Of course not, but a healthy worship team does have certain characteristics that you can foster to make your worship team all that it can possibly be!

In this exciting podcast, we examine what make’s truly healthy team, including the lives of the team members, the way they interact and the way you lead worship.

So if you want a healthy worship team, one that leads worship in unity and truth, and does so with an element of fun, then listen to this pod!

163- University of Adversity

Uni of adversityThis is a very special podcast where one of our own shares her struggles and faith in the light of the incredible adversity and hardship she has faced over the last few years.

Our very own Suzie opens up and talks about what she has been through, and is sill going through, and the worship leader podcast team draw positives and faith growing ideas from her devastation.  This is an open and honest reveal, and as you listen you will be blessed and encouraged with whatever you face, in your relationships, in your ministry or even in your life.

So settle back and listen to, and get ready to be encouraged and blessed by this weeks very special adversity worship leader podcast…

Let me also finish with a quote from Billy Graham, that I received this morning in my devotional…

“The eagle is the only bird that can lock its wings and wait for the right wind. He waits for the updraft and never has to flap his wings, just soar. So as we wait on God He will help us use the adversities and strong winds to benefit us! The Bible says, “They that wait upon the LORD… shall mount up with wings as eagles” (Isaiah 40:31).
Christians can rejoice in the midst of persecution because they have eternity’s values in view. When the pressures are on, they look beyond their present predicament to the glories of heaven. The thought of the future life with its prerogatives and joys helps to make the trials of the present seem light and transient. “For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.””

(Unto the Hills: A Daily Devotional)

And remember, there’s load to learn about, see and do in our exclusive University.  Check it out here…