Restoration to the worship team is always a touchy subject, and one which almost nobody thinks about until they are faced with the exact situation of a repentant team member who wants back in!

If you have a team member who has fallen away, perhaps they have been involved in ungodly activity, sexual sin, destructive behaviour or anything else, how and when do you attempt to restore them to ministry?


This pod discusses Restoration to the Worship Team, the time frame, the method of restoration and what to do and not do to allow an erring team member back onto the team.  We also look at how to deal with a talented worship team member who is heading the wrong direction… we explore the whole talent vs holiness debate, and talk about the unique problems that small churches face when your most talented singer or musician is behaving badly.

An interesting and thought provoking podcast is worth listening to…
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Are you a Multi-Talented Worship Leader?

If you can do several or even many things well, choosing what you will do actually becomes a stress.

Now please understand, I am not saying that we are the best at everything on earth, or that we are God’s gift to every aspect of worship leading, but the fact remains that many of us do actually have many talents.  So the question we ask is, how do you manage these many talents, which do you prioritise and how does that even look when it comes to your worship team?

If you have several talents, and most often worship leaders do because that’s why their pastors chose them, then there are many good reasons to manage your own talents carefully.  First, for your own sanity and to avoid burnout, second so you can feel fulfilled but importantly, when you do something that means someone else is not being released to do it.  So what should you do, what should you delegate and what should you avoid?  All of these pressing questions will be answered in this week’s exciting worship leader podcast!

So if you are the kind of worship leader who tends to be good at everything, and you need to make decisions and use the time you have effectively, you’re going to really get something out of this week’s podcast.  If you have less talents, that’s more than alright because you can concentrate on what you are god at and release others into what you struggle with, and that;s a terrific way to lead a successful worship team!

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Worship leader depression is something we all know, and know well (if we’re honest).

Being depressed is a common thing for everybody, but sometimes worship leader depression seems like the worst thing ever.

So why is it that worship leaders are so prone to feeling down about themselves and life in general?  That’s what today’s worship leader podcast is all about.  We are going to look at why we get depressed, what we are depressed about and how we can look to he Lord to drag us out of our depression.

And trust me worship leader depression is a common thing we all face!

Things don’t go well, people criticise, you get frustrated and before you know it, you’re depressed.  Your team let you down, and you get down. Your pastor conveys to you, either by speaking or just by a look, that you have let him down, and you too are left feeling down.

Oh man, I get depressed just thinking about it, don’t you?

So settle back with a nice calming beverage, maybe a latte or a sweet tea, and get ready to explore your emotions, feeling and hurts in this worship leader podcast.  And we promise to not leave you in the lurch coping with feelings of depression, but we have some great ideas on how you can look to the Lord and triumph over worship leader depression



And if you want to learn more about worship leader depression, and how can you deal with it in a godly way so that you might be down but not out, why not join us in our worship leader academy.  We teach all sorts of things, in fact pretty much everything you need to know as a worship leader, including the practicalities of how to arrange songs, lead bands and put together stunning worship, but also how to grow in your walk with God, how to encourage or discipline your team and, of course, how you can overcome worship leader depression and every other situation you might face.

Worship leaders, here’s some excellent teaching about how you can spice up your worship leading by using multiple worship leaders.

The Challenge of Multiple Worship Leaders!

In today’s pod, we discuss the advantage, disadvantages and how to set up a scenario whereby you have not one single leader but several leaders, and how you can interact and share the load.

This is a great way for you to add value to your worship leading, using the skills that your fellow worship band and team mates bring to the table.  I mean, who says that worship leaders have to lead everything from the front, especially when you have people on your team who can not only lead worship well, but add some variation and excitement to the whole process.  Somewhere along the line we have lost the concept of a team and instead elevated ourselves to a position where it is all about us and our skills.

Worship Leaders Inspire, Elevate and Encourage

Leadership is not about doing everything yourself.  The best leaders bring the best out of the people around them, and in the praise and worship ministry, his should mean developing the skills and talents of those who serve with you, or under you.  Having multiple worship leaders is a great way of encouraging others, developing others and also providing a new and interesting experience for your congregation.

It also helps take much of the burden from your shoulders, and is especially useful if you are struggling with a sore throat or restricted vocal range.  And the cool thing is that as you release others, you yourself will be blessed in the worship that you lead.  It’s a win-win situation, and we talk all about it on today’s worship leader podcast.

SO open your heart, open your mind and listen with a view to taking action and developing multiple worship leaders.

240- All About Free Worship

Free worship is an area that can be controversial, but can also be a beautiful part of  praise and worship leading.

But Many Churches Avoid Free Worship!

OK, I will be he first to admit that I have heard some pretty poor free worship in my time, and often it is forced, far from Spirit led and sees the congregation just checking their cell phones or staring at the band while the band does their thing!

Yet free worship can be effective worship, and it can lead your people to a place of worship they would never reach without it. It occurs when the congregation starts to sing their own song, and it can be anywhere from incredibly beautiful and anointed to forced and horrible!

How can you make free worship a part of your church worship?

So how can you take what is often forced and horrible and make it into something that’s inspiring and incredible? Well, all the secrets will be revealed on today’s worship leader podcast!

free worshipAnd those of you who are in more conservative churches, please don’t just switch off!  There’s loads of great information here for you also, and you can learn how to explore the introduction of simple, short and effective free worship, and let the Lord gradually allow your congregation to free their worship up!

This podcast is about how you can lead free worship effectively, even in a conservative congregation, and how to follow the Lord as you lead worship.  That’s right, you can even lead his stuff in a conservative church, if you do it subtly and with humility and grace (I know because I’ve done it myself before!)

It’s all happening on the worship leader podcast this week, so settle back and grab a coffee and listen to the boys…

Appreciated or tolerated?

Ouch, this one will hit home to many of us!  So often when we lead worship we just feel like we are tolerated, not appreciated or even celebrated.  OK, you we may not want everyone falling over themselves to tell us we are awesome, but a little bit of encouragement wouldn’t go astray, right?

Do You Want to be Appreciated or Tolerated?

So which will it be, appreciated or tolerated?  We work hard as worship leaders, we turn up early, train, practice and then give our all on the stage, doing everything we can to usher in the presence of God and prepare people’s hearts for the message.  However, so often we are overlooked and even criticised if he worship is considered sub par!  If you are feeling down and unappreciated, then this is the worship leader podcast you need to listen to.

Pastors have many things on their minds, preaching and so on, and often times church members fail to voice their appreciation. In this pod we talk about appreciation, what to do if you feel unappreciated and at what point you should consider leaving?

I mean, does your own band even appreciate you?  If they do appreciate you, they are with you and behind you in all they do?  If they are just tolerating you, then you will find it harder to move forward and really lead as the Lord wants you to lead.

If I Move Churches Will I Be  Appreciated or Tolerated?

appreciate or toleratedSo some of you will say, I might as well move on to a new church if my current church does not appreciate me, right?  Well maybe the Lord is speaking you you about serving and humility and the like, but then maybe He is telling you to move on.  So how do you know, which one is i and where should you be looking to move if that is what God has for you?  These are discussed in detail on today’s worship leader podcast.

It’s all happening on this week’s worship leader podcast!

Goliath: he comes in different forms for different people, but We all have Goliaths to face, those big tests, sins or people who come against us in our ministry. The pod team discuss and reveal their Goliaths, the ones they face every week as they serve, and show you how you can be an overcomer and a victor in your worship leading ministry…

Your Goliath needs dealing with!

So don’t sit around feeling defeated by these big monsters, because if you let him this big ugly dude will certainly try and destroy you.  Take the time and the opportunity to search your heart as to the biggest Goliaths you face, and ask the Lord for real clarity on how you can deal with them. Once you achieve a victory over one, the others don’t seem as big and nasty. Remember, you must not fight them alone but rather let the Holy Spirit within you fight each Goliath as they raise their ugly heads!

So worship leaders, don’t put up with an ugly


staring you down every time you step onto the stage. You’re worth more than that!  Discover who or what it is, and start taking the steps to victory, not only on the stage but in every area of your life, your family, your work and or course church.

Remember, this big old giant is not out there to bless you or your ministry, and he’s not keen on giving you a big kiss! Make no mistake, this giant want you dead and buried, and your ministry shot down in flames!

So it is time to settle back, throw off your armour, pick up five smooth stones and discover how you can take the biggest issues and problems you face in your worship leading out with just one swing of he old sling.

Tell Goliath his number is up, and the Lord is taking over!



When you are worship leading for the first time , you can be overwhelmed by what you think is required.

So many songs to choose from, and limited time.  So which ones are going to be awesome and which are going going to bomb out? how can I know, how can I blend songs together, and if I am nervous because I am worship leading for the first time, how can I possibly lead people with confidence given that I myself am struggling to be confident.

You may have been watching others leading worship for the first time and seen them struggle, but hey, it’s your turn and now the pressure is on, right?

Worship Leading for the first time can be Daunting!

Well, the pod team have put together simple, easy to follow and easy to implement  tips which will make your first leading of worship a huge success.  We have discovered after being involved for many years, that there are certain things you can do that are simple, yet they can make worship leading for the first time a real success.

So even if you have been leading worship for a while, going back over these concepts and realigning the way you lead worship could see a real increase in your anointing and your effectiveness as you lead worship.

So worship leader, please don’t blunder into your first service and try and sound like a seasoned professional!  Step back, listen to our advice, keep things simple and trust God to do something amazing, rather than faking it.  He specialised in making the weak strong, and the poor rich, and the humble great!

So if you are facing

worship leading for the first time

, or even if you have done it a lot before, this podcast will speak to you and realign what you do!

And if you are worship leading for the first time, you’ve got to hear this podcast…

236- Arranging Worship Songs

Arranging worship songs is challenge even for a season worship leader. In fact, arranging any songs is always going to be a challenge, and something that you can never stop learning about or becoming better at.

Today’s podcast is about arranging worship songs in a way that is not only attractive, interesting and challenging for the team but also acceptable across all age groups in generations and above all, anointed!

Arranging Worship Songs adds to Your Worship Leading

It is often easier for worship leaders to get off on their own little tangent, arranging songs in the way that they feel comfortable while ignoring the needs of the church and of the people who are listening. It’s no good arranging songs in a way that makes them unattractive to your congregations. This is not only foolish, it is counter-productive!

So is there an art or a knack to arranging worship songs, and is this different to arranging songs in other places?

We think it is! When you are arranging worship songs, you are not only trying to produce a good sound or attempting to make the song clever, but you are setting the stage for people to enter into deeper and more fulfilling worship. When it comes to worship songs, arranging them is often about open a spiritual dimension of the songs rather than the physical playing and singing of tunes.

Arranging praise and worship songs has an added dimension compared to other song arrangements, and that’s what this podcast is exploring. We will show you how you can achieve this even if you only have a few instruments in your worship team.  We can make arranging your worship team easy and effective, and make arranging worship songs more anointed, less troublesome and just a whole heap more fun!

So settle back, relax and enjoy today’s worship leader podcast, and learn how arranging your worship songs in the right way can power your worship leading!

Hey singers, do you know how to get the best from your voice?  If you don’t, or even if you think you are singing well but want to know more, this is the podcast for you!

Learning how to get the best from your boys can be a life changing experience for most singers. It’s not just about voice care, although this is incredibly important, it’s also about how to expand your range and use of the voice given you to the best of your ability and to the maximum potential that you have.

Get the Best from Your Voice Every Time You Lead Worship

Singing is frequently overlooked when it comes to worship leading, but obviously leading worship requires a certain amount of singing to be done. Many worship leaders struggle to hold their voice together over a long period of time, especially when they have been practising hard, singing high notes or coming off a sore throat or the flu.

So in this podcast, Eric and Darin will take you through the steps that you need to not only keep your voice in tiptop condition, but to help you to get the best from your voice under a variety of circumstances.

But they want to go even beyond that! In addition to getting the best from your voice, they want to expand the range that you have so that you are able to sing higher, lower, louder and longer than ever before. They talk about how your voice can be moulded over a period of time to stretch its range and to make it a powerful tool for the Lord when it comes to leading his people in worship.

So settle back, grab a cup of coffee… Oh no, coffee is not good for your throat… Maybe grab a glass of lukewarm water or black tea, and settle back and listen to today’s podcast which will help you to get the best from your voice every time you Minister for the Lord in worship leading.