About the Worship Leader Podcast Team

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The Praise and Worship Leader Podcast is Unique!

worship leader podcast-gang

So what do you get when you put 4 praise and worship leaders (who have been singing, leading, worshiping and playing together for 15 years) in the one room? You get…

The Big Worship Leader Podcast, a supercharged, slightly crazy but amazingly informative radio show supplied direct to you online.  It’s a  a special weekly show made just for you to help you in your ministry, and we cover almost every type of situation you might find yourself in as you serve in the music ministry at your church.  But be warned, these guys are Aussies, they do have fun and any given episode can include…

A Ton of laughs and Giggles, and

More than Your Fair Share of Craziness!!

Welcome to the Big Podcast, Blog and Training!

The BIG Podcast Team is made up of…

Darin Browne

Podcast team leader, recording artist and author of “Worship in a Nutshell”, Darin has been leading worship and singing internationally for 20 years (started when he was 5… only kidding!) He is the Music Director for Bill Newman Ministries, Australia’s leading evangelist, and he travels with Bill all around the world sharing the Gospel, singing solos and leading worship. Darin has been a worship leader and director in many churches and has lead worship in everything from home groups to massive stadium festivals, with up to 50,000 people! He is the husband of only one wife, which means only one mother-in-law as well, and has 3 daughters, all of which are gorgeous. He is an optometrist in his area, and with his wife Fiona runs Lily House, a home for pregnant teenagers and young mothers. So, he is surrounded by girls, older and younger, and we suspect that this is why he is just a little bit crazy!

Erick Buma

Erick is a worship leader, recording artist and a completely weird and crazy Dutch guy! He designs and sells furniture for a living, and in Darin’s opinion is the best backing vocalist and harmony arranger on the planet. We all just call him, “The Voice,” but Erick is so loud, crazy and out there that many people just call him “Loud, Crazy, Out There Erick”. He is married with 4 kids, 3 girls and a son, all of who sing beautifully and are ridiculously talented, and if you listen the podcast, you will recognize him by his laugh for sure. Erick still sings and tours regularly within Australia and is a powerful and anointed worship leader.

Sue Sherwell

Suzie is the only girl on the podcast, so if you can’t recognize her voice you are in trouble! Suzie has been a music director and worship leader for many years, and brings a unique, girly-style view to all our discussions.  After all, there is only one girl brave enough to sit with our team! She plays the piano magnificently and sings divinely, and is married to an ultrcool guy called Ken, having 2 gorgeous daughters and a son. Suzie brings all the chocolates and treats that keep the podcast team going, and is always busy as a manager, a mum and even a grandmother. We all agree, she is the best looking grannie ever, and we are priveledged to have her experience and fun disposition on the podcast.

Christian Marland

Christian is an awesome leader who has been part of a traveling worship ministry based out of south east Queensland. This has given him invaluable experience in leading worship across all types of denominations, from conservative to modern and beyond. He has one wife and 4 sons, making up for the rest of the podcast team who are lacking on the male heir department! Although he is actually a student now, he swops this every week for teaching and brings life, joy and well timed little comments to the podcast.

So that’s a bit about our team, and you can hear them almost every week on the BIG Podcast show.

So, have a listen and make sure you get the praise and worship leader podcast every week!