Singing with a Microphone is a skill that every singer should learn, and learn well. I love singing with a microphone because it offers an amazing opportunity for every singer to explore new and intimate skills that are not available otherwise.

It’s similar to acting on the big screen as opposed to acting on the stage.  You can incorporate breathiness, intimacy, high notes, loud and soft,m light and shade in a way that you cannot without the aid of the microphone. You are able to drop your voice to a whisper or hit incredible high and loud notes, but in order to not freak your sound person out, learning these microphone techniques are required.

Take Control when Singing with a Microphone

So, rather than distress the sound guy, or blame him for your vocal problems, you can be responsible for your own sound.  In this podcast we talk about how you can set your microphone, adjust the equalization, change the sound and the feel of your voice and generally take control of your own vocals, and the team’s vocals if you want to.  Learn how to speak to sound people to get the tone you want in your voice, as well as controlling the volume using our tips and techniques.

This practical podcast will teach you all the tips and techniques about how to lead worship while singing with a microphone.  So whether you are leading the worship, or singing as a part of the team, these simple but practical techniques will improve your sound in a matter of seconds.

So if your church uses microphones, you definitely need to hear this podcast. And make sure that your team, backing vocalists, sound people and others have a listen as well. Singing with a microphone in your church worship should be a fantastic experience, not a disaster waiting to happen!

280- The Audience of One

The audience of One…

Is a phrase we used to refer to the fact that when you are leading worship, the most important part of your audience is God Himself.

When you lead worship you look across the crowd that is your congregation and you think to yourself,” I wonder what they are thinking of my worship leading, and why they are not fully engaging in worshipping the Lord.”

It’s moments like these that we need to remember the audience of One, the fact that God is your only true audience, and the one whose approval you need to seek over and above anybody else.

And yet in all this, we are human so we do worry about what people think, and whether we are doing a good job in the eyes of our pastor, and our congregation. This pod cast is designed to get you to think about why you are leading worship, and whom you are offering worship to… Is it to people, or is it to the audience of One?

Although we talk about leading worship for the Lord, we need to minimise the effect that worrying about what people are thinking can have on us.

Being human, and living in the real world, we tend to rely on our eyes and on perceived responses from people as we lead worship, I can’t they raising their hands or are they singing loudly.

When we discover the truth that we are truly only singing and performing for the audience of One, it can free you from the fear of man and from concern about how your worship time appears to be going and it can release you into the realm of higher praise.

So as you listen to this podcast, sit back and think about who your real audience is. Are you singing, playing and leading worship for the people, for the pastor, for yourself, or are you truly leading worship for the audience of One?

Single instrument worship leading, when you lead with only a single instrument like a guitar or piano, might seem like a challenge, but this exciting podcast shares some of the advantages and awesome things that can happen when all of your team lets you down and it becomes just you and a single instrument.

Is Single Instrument Worship Leading Good or Bad?

In this discussion, we look at the positives of only using one instrument when you are worship leading. Now I’m not saying you should fire your band and drop back to a single guitar or piano, but there are some definite advantages when you do this, and sometimes change is as good as a holiday, right?

Even in big concerts by famous people, who have huge bands and productions worth millions of dollars, and who have the best of the best musicians and singers, there is often a time where they grab a single acoustic guitar, or sit at a single piano and share an intimate song or two.  There is something revealing, simple and strangely intimate about having just one instrument, and today’s pod explores the various ways we can use this close feeling and gentle intimacy to draw people even closer to the Lord in worship!

So if you are in a small church where you might face this regularly, or if you lead in small groups where a single instrument is the norm, the team shares how you can make single instrument worship the best!  Don’t despise the day of small beginnings, let God use you to draw His people near so that they can worship and honour Him in a special way through the use of single instrument worship leading…

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It will be a complete 6 month course covering all you need to know to lead a worship team, from choosing the right songs, joining and arranging songs and going up keys, right through to management of the team, managing personalities, conflicts, encouragement and just about anything.

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Praise and Worship Leader Ad

Learning to implement your vision for worship leading is the next step in worship leader success.  In the last podcast we talked about discovering your vision for your worship ministry, but today is really exciting because we are going to examine how to implement your vision for worship.

What is the point of learning something, if you don’t implement the vision properly.  A vision without action is just a dream, nothing more, nothing less, so this pod is all about putting leg on your vision for worship leading and making it happen.

You might even be overwhelmed and drifting along in your ministry, waiting for the Lord to do something awesome.  But He will give you a strategy or a vision, then you must press into Him to get things underway and see Him do the awesome thing you are dreaming of in your ministry.  You can do this, and you can implement the vision for worship leading, starting today!

That’s right, the practical, hands-on issues of making your vision come to life is in this podcast…

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Worship practice can be long tedious and dull, but let us show you how to Have Awesome Practices in this podcast.

Everybody knows that practice can not only be boring or uninspiring, but it can be downright depressing, especially if people are struggling to play or sing something. you might find the leader getting angry or short tempered, you might find the musicians being reactive, you might find the backing vocalists sitting in a corner bored and listless.

Or you might find people are genuinely having fun, trying new things and laughing all the way through…

It’s your choice!

Deadly dull, or have awesome practices… we know you are going to love this pod, and turn your practices into the best night of the week, and your worship team into the most joyous part of the church!

Not only can you make it awesome, you can make it everybody’s highlight of the week, generate unity and a joyous spirit in your team and transform them into a powerhouse of worship leading on Sunday!  Listen to find out how…

reasons for worshipSo What are your reasons for worship leading?

I mean, why do you do it at all?

Sure, we all want to worship the Lord, but what really motivates us as worship leaders?  Is it the glory, the satisfaction of a job well done, the joy of making music, the joy of worshiping and giving honour to the King of Kings?

The thing is, if we are honest, we all have different reasons for worship leading.  Many are noble, of course, and many of us want to do the very best job we possibly can… for the Lord, not ourselves, right?

Psalm 139:23 says, “Search me O God and know my heart, test me and know my thoughts,” so no matter how pure your heart is, we all need to examine ourselves, what we are doing and even why we are doing it, and we need to do this regularly.

So please ask yourself the reasons for worship leading, and listen to today’s podcast with an open and receptive heart…

180- Is it Work or Worship?

Work or worshipWhen you walk onto the stage on a Sunday morning, is it work or worship?Now I know now I know many of you are going to say that it is worship, of course, but the reality is there is a fair amount of work involved when you are preparing and ministering correctly.

We need to not close our eyes to the fact that as a worship leader there is work involved, but we must concentrate on the end goal which is leading people in worship, right through to the throne of God.

The fact is, how we view our ministry time is going to be reflected not only in the results but also in our attitude towards the people on our team, our leadership and our congregation.

That’s what this worship leader podcast is all about… The balance between work and worship, the reality that we do face work, but the direction that we set leading people in worship, which is far more important.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle back and listen to a pod casts that is aimed at your motivation, and keeping you excited and motivated as you minister…

And don’t forget, we have loads more teaching on how to lead praise and worship in our praise and worship leader University. It’s really cheap and really effective training for every worship leader, and it concentrate on the practical aspects of being a worship leader.

So if you feel that you need help and support in your ministry, don’t forget to check it out now and take advantage of the current format before we change it and make it even better!

So whatever you are doing remember that as of worship leader you are leading the people in worship, and while it may be work, a pretty hard work at times, it is still a tremendous privilege.

That’s why you need to get the balance between work and worship right!




Worship Thoughts for the New Year

This morning, January 1st, I sat outside the balmy Sunshine Coast heat doing my first quiet time of the year, and this was one of my daily devotionals, so I thought sharing this with you might be of use.  It’s from a devotional book I read every day by Marva J Dawn.

2015 needs to be the year that our worship leading reaches new heights, not a cut down version of last year.  What do you think of  this passage…

worship leading and worship thoughts Worship Thoughts to Start 2015

God of grace and God of glory, on your people pour your power;
Crown your ancient Church’s story; bring its bud to glorious flow’r.
Grant us wisdom, grant us courage
For the facing of this hour,
For the facing of this hour.
Harry Emerson Fosdick, 1878-1969

We often don’t ask enough questions or the right kind of questions about the foundations of what we are doing. Just as scientists sometimes begin to perform medical procedures before anyone has raised the necessary moral objections, so it seems that many congregations today are switching worship practices without investigating what worship means and how our worship relates to contemporary culture.

The Scriptures, the history of the Church, and my own faith, experience, and training convince me that the vitality and faithfulness of our personal and corporate Christian lives and the effectiveness of our outreach to the world around us depend on the character that is formed in us.

What concerns me is whether our local parishes and denominations have thought thoroughly enough about worship and culture to function effectively in contemporary society. How can we best reach out to this society without “dumbing down” that essential character formation?

My major concern for the Church has to do with worship, because its character-forming potential is so subtle and barely

noticed, and yet worship creates a great impact on the hearts and minds and lives of a congregation’s members. Indeed, how we worship both reveals and forms our identity as persons and communities. . . .

In light of the “dumbing down” that happens in worship in some places, we might paraphrase Neil Postman: “When the congregation becomes an audience and its worship a vaudeville act, then the Church finds itself at risk; the death of faith and Christian character is a clear possibility.” . . .

It is not too late to ask better questions as we seek to make worship meaningful for persons in our present culture. . . . Can the Church be a place of meaningful talking, attentive listening, and profound thinking? In short, can we develop a theology of worship for the Church to flourish and grow in a turn-of-the-century culture?


Before we adopt any worship practice, O Lord, guide our thinking . . .Amen.

Let’s make this year the best worship ever!

worship the great adventureWorship should be a great adventure, not a boring progression of songs. As worship leader, you have the divine right and joy to invite your people on a journey, from where ever they are at the start right into the throne room of God.  This is our great joy, and our incredible privilege, and that’s what  this worship leader podcast is all about.

This podcast is all about how you lead that great adventure.  Where do you start, how do you progress, where are you actually leading people, but this fun pod could be incredibly revolutionary for many worship leaders because it changes how you view your ministry.

So will it be worship, the great adventure or worship, the boring selection of mediocre songs that is the preliminary to the main act, which is the sermon.

If you decide to treat your worship leading like you are taking your congregation on an incredible adventure, not only will the sermon be more powerful, but you will be able to see people doing incredible business in their hears with the Lord. So, settle back, and let the Holy Spirit inspire you with this very special worship leader podcast…

living photo

What do You Live For?

Philippians 1:21

For me to live is Christ and to die is gain

What do you live for?  I mean, what is it that drives you in your life?  Many people live for their families, some for their jobs.  Many live for technology and science, or philosophy, and some just live for that next high on drugs or alcohol.

But we are different, worship leaders!  We must not give ourselves to technology, philosophy or addictions, for we have a higher calling.  Even our jobs or families fade away next the incredible privilege of serving Jesus.

What we are prepared to die for, we must also be prepared to live for everyday.  When we worship God, truly worship Him deeply either on stage or alone with Him, we are opening a window to the future when we shall be worshiping Him for ever and ever.  All the pains and troubles of this world will fade away as we worship.  All the knowledge and wisdom of this world shall dry up and be blown away by the power of His majesty and splendour!

So what do you live for?  In eternity to come, will it be of value or will it fade away to nothing?  What are you building into your life, is it wood, hay and stubble or gold, silver and costly stones?  Whom do you really worship with your life and your talents?

As you worship God today, think about what you really live for, and make sure it is eternal.  Eternity will be spend doing exactly what you have the privilege of doing right now, only on steroids!  It will be just like the best worship time you have ever had, only bigger, brighter and better,

Worship is a window through which you can discover what you are living for.

Photo by Uptown Saint John