End of year blues seeing you tired, run down, stressed or weary?

I’m too stressed to even think about it. If this sounds like you, then you need to listen to this encouraging, uplifting and fun podcast, where the team talk openly and honestly about being stressed, overworked, tired… and so on!

So don’t just be a stress head at the end of the year, build up your spirit and get close to the Lord, and cast your anxiety on Him while you listen to today’s worship leader podcast.

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Zero to Awesome Worship in 45 Minutes

One really great way to relieve at least some of the stress involved in leading worship is to get some training, and that’s where our free webinar really hits the spot.  You can learn exciting ways to improve your worship leading, probably a few ways you haven’t even thought of yet, and you will be able to apply these starting this Sunday.

So don’t get tired, run down, stressed, etc. get serious about God and get close to Him in our webinar, and of course this worship leader podcast!

I’m all up for making worship leading easier, and technology can help to do this.

It can also make your life more miserable!  Technology is absolutely a double edged sword, so today we take a look at what technologies are available and how you can use them in your worship for good, not for evil!

So whether it is sound, lights, instruments or microphones, technology seems to just roll on, and if you discover how to use it effectively, it can make worship leading easier and even more enjoyable.

This is not to say that technology makes your worship leading more anointed, or in any way replaces the Holy Spirit, it’s just fun and it can make life easier, so you can concentrate on the Holy Spirit and His leading in worship more.

Make Worship Leading Easier by Embracing Technology, no Fighting it!

It’s all here and happening on this week’s pod.  Trust me, if you lead worship anywhere, any time, this is a podcast you are going to want to hear…

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Learning what to say and not say, and learning how much talking in worship leading is the right amount… This is a lot more important than you think, but it is one of the most often criticised areas of a worship leader’s style, so it is definitely something we need to learn about!

Some worship leaders want to preach, and some say very little, preferring to let God move on His own.

So how much talking is too much talking, and what should you be talking about in your praise and worship leading? Should you share a verse, or an experience?  Should you lead in prayer, and if so, what about and how long should it be?

Your pastor and your congregation really, really want you to listen to his podcast, and get it right!  Trust me, this pod will save you a lot of heartache and cause you to think long and hard about what you are saying, how you are saying it, and how long it is taking you to say what’s on year heart when you lead in worship.  It’s all here, so

Find out how much talking in worship leading you need in this exciting podcast…

We have looked at teams, but what does a healthy worship leader look like?

If you lead worship, this is a great guide to see how you are doing, how your attitude and life is doing, and it will help identify how you can get even better at leading worship..

So settle back, relax and spend some time with the craziest and funnest guys in the worship leading sphere, and do a quick check on your life and walk with God as you find out what a truly healthy worship leader looks like…


209-Emotion in Worship Leading

Emotion in worship leading?  No calm down, we need to make sure that we don’t get too emotional, don’t we?

Listen, worship leading is not a job, it’s a passion, and as such emotion should be a part of what we do.

But how much emotion?

Can you be over emotional, or under emotional? This exciting podcast explores what emotion in worship leading is all about, and how you can have genuine emotion as you lead people into the presence of God!

In fact, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it, so I know you will be emotional when you hear this weeks worship leader podcast…

Worship leading for all ages in an ongoing concern for any worship leader, leading worship in any church anywhere.

While some churches aim at specific age groups, youth, kids, the elderly, etc., most churches have a huge range of ages involved in the services, and as such worship leaders need to choose and lead worship songs that have broad appeal.

That’s what this podcast is all about, so if your church is normal, you really need to hear this.  In fact, if you have a broad range of ages in your church, you need to be very careful and prayerful about what songs you choose and how you sing them.  Nothing offends quite as much as worship leaders trying to shove youth songs down old people’s throats, for example!

So check this out and make sure that you can lead worship not just for the young, not just for the old, not even for the middle aged, but you and be sure you are Worship leading for all ages…

Ouch, abusive leadership is a hot topic!

Let’s face it, no one likes to be abused by their leadership, and this abuse can take a variety of forms.  It could be verbal, emotional or controlling, but any time you put people in leadership positions you have the potential to have abuse of that position.

Yet Jesus talked about servant leadership, the exact opposite of abusive leadership (Mark 10:45)

In today’s podcast,we talk about what abusive leadership looks like, and how to behave in a godly way whether you are on the receiving end, or the one being abusive to people in your team (we’re hope that’s not you, by the way!). If you have ever felt used and abused by your pastor or worship leader, this is a must listen to podcast!

Grab a cup of something nice and tune in to make sure you are not abusing your team, and to discover how you need to respond in a godly way to abusive leadership in pastors and other leaders…

When God moves, we all get excited but how do you keep this move of God going? This podcast reveals 10 exciting points on how you can keep things going when God moves, and how you can see God move time and time again in your church service.

Leading worship is all about seeing God move in your congregation, and so when God does move, sometimes we are taken aback and we fail to let God move effectively.  Sometimes we simply step out of God’s will and stop the move of God.

When God moves we want to make sure that we are on the ball, ready to follow and see God move and continue to move…

Being a worship leader is an incredible privilege, but sometimes we can become cocky or overconfident in ourselves and our abilities, rather than relying on God.

Let’s be honest, we all struggle with pride at some time or other, and for some of us this can become a real stumbling block to not only seeing God move in our worship leading, but also seeing God move in our lives!  In Aussie vernacular, we call someone who is prideful cocky, and we also recognise that pride often comes before a fall!  (Proverbs 16:18).

So this podcast is all about not letting that happen to you!  Cocky Worship Leaders have no place in church guys!

Our cockiness can come out in all sorts of ways, from how we lead to how we speak to our team, and how we listen to and obey our spiritual oversight.  This is a revealing and open discussion, not to be missed by any who want to truly serve and honour God in their worship leading.

This podcast looks at what it is to be a cocky worship leader, and how we can avoid becoming one and rely more on the Holy Spirit to direct our worship, and our lives!  Listen and pray and make sure your heart is right before God!

203- When to Leave a Church Part 2

I’m sure that the debate will continue out there as worship leaders discuss when to leave a church. Please bear in mind, we are not advocating that you leave your church, but there are certainly times when it is the right and noble thing to do.

If you are wondering when to leave a church, think carefully!

Leaving a church is a major thing, especially if you are an integral part of the worship team, so please listen to this important podcast carefully and above all prayerfully…