The voices in your head can have a huge impact on how you lead worship , and even how you live your life.

If you have seen the movie “Inside Out”, you will have an idea of exactly what I’m talking about, right?  These voices are sometimes in conflict, sometimes leading you the wrong way, and sometimes attacking you and your talent, ability and self esteem.

Pesky Voices in your Head

Many people grapple with said voices, and it affects them and their attitudes towards their team, their church and even the ones they love. This podcast is about getting the voices in your head under control, and on your side!

And this podcast is also about having some fun, because the Voices in your Head most often try to make your life miserable,  We teach you how to distinguish between the various sources of the Voices in your Head, and also how to learn to control your thought life, both on stage, during the service, at practice and in every aspect of your life!

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Here you will learn many things from the practicalities of song arrangements and changing keys, right through to the preparation and controlling the Voices in your Head!  Something for everyone and it is all free!

Image is from Wikipedia and features a still from the movie “Inside Out”.  Brilliant kids movie you really need to see!

A worship leader nightmare is when you are doing your best, and you see no response. OK, in some denominations this might be the norm, but even in conservative groups there are still signs of life that ought to be there, right?

But often you see nothing!  No hands raised, no eyes closed, no smiles… nothing!  This happens more than you might imaging, even with experienced worship leaders, so this week’s podcast is one you need to check out and listen to, just for your own ministry’s sake!

You are up there singing, playing, worshiping and feeling like you are really tapping into the presence of the Lord, and you look across the auditorium and see… absolutely nothing. Some people might even be yawning or falling asleep, and you want to hop down from stage and go and shake them and say, “How about a bit of engagement, dude!”

Of course, you cannot do that when you see no response to your worship leading!

But what you can do is listen to the podcast and learn some switched on techniques that will connect with people and allow you to start engaging them in worship.

Another positive thing you can do is to watch our free online teaching and learn powerful and effective techniques that can help you engage your congregation.

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You should lead worship with a gratitude attitude, but people being people, we often are not as grateful as we ought to be.

It has been well said that the biggest sin of the western world is an ungrateful spirit, and this applies even yo us worship leaders, who have so much to have a gratitude attitude about, right?

Well, this is going to be a fun and very positive and rewarding worship leader podcast!  In it we discuss all the big reasons why we are grateful, and we talk about how you can lead worship with a gratitude attitude.

In fact, this pod looks at having that gratitude attitude in every aspect of life, including your worship leading, and how this attitude or gratitude can make such a difference no only in your worship leading but also in how you relate o others, how you lead your team and how you worship in spirit and in truth.

Worship Leading with a gratitude attitude?

And this pod will make you feel GREAT!  Plus, you can check out our free worship leader training, and this will enhance your gratitude attitude as well!  You are in an awesome ministry, dude, get thankful about it!

There is so much you can be thankful for in life, starting with Jesus dying for you and giving you eternal life, and moving right through the blessings you have in your world, like family, church, work, ministry and friends.  So we hope this pod will fill you with joy and thankfulness, and make you stop to recognize the unbelievable blessing that comes when you know Jesus!

224- Acoustic Worship Leading

Acoustic worship is one of the most popular styles of worship leading, and the great things is that, even for a small church, acoustic worship leading, even with just a solo guitar, can work sensationally.

Many churches feel that, to be contemporary, they need to have a huge band and singers, drums, bass, keyboards, screaming lead guitars, the whole deal.

But there is increasingly a place for simple, acoustic based worship leading, with maybe a couple of guitars, a little beat box and perhaps a simple keyboard.  People love it. Worship teams love it and vocals can become a major feature.

In fact Acoustic music is popular even outside of the church!

At a recent concert I attended, a rock concert by a famous secular artist, some of the most memorable songs were done not with rock music and the whole band, but by the artist out the front playing a solo acoustic guitar!

And Acoustic Worship is Cool!

It’s light to the ear, loved by most worshipers and has many other incredible advantages over the full worship team, as this pod explores…

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If you want to become a great worship leader, you need to understand and follow these steps to better leadership.

Ah, leadership, it’s an all but forgotten art at times, especially when it comes to worship leading. Most worship leaders think they can just play music, close their eyes and worship the Lord and their entire band and the whole congregation will just follow along and be insanely happy, right?

Wrong! To leader powerful worship you need to learn how to lead the troops as well as the congregation, so this is just the podcast you need to improve your leadership skills! These are the Steps to Better Leadership you need to succeed!

These apply to any leadership position, and so in this awesome podcast we look at what it takes to be a great leader, and how you can bring the very best out of your worship team.  It’s a must for every praise and worship leader today!

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Do you feel like giving up as a worship leader? if you do then this podcast is especially for you.

So Do you Feel Like Giving Up Worship Leading?

We all feel like giving up worship leading at times. Maybe you have been criticised, hurt, let down or just don’t feel close to the Lord.  The reason is not the issue, it’s the discouragement, isn’t it.

The team share about times they have struggled, and how they overcame to continue in their ministries. A not to be missed podcast…


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Nobody likes it when ex members attack your ministry.It always hurts, and that’s a fact!

They may have left for any number of reasons, and they may even have left the church, but how do you respond when these ex members attacking your ministry?

In this week’s pod, we talk about how you should respond, as opposed to react, and we discuss godly ways you can love these people, even though they are attacking your ministry

How Do You React When Ex Members Attack Your Ministry?

This revealing and slightly painful podcast comes as a direct question to us from the Facebook page, and we’re betting that he is not the only one going through this right now!

I mean, when you become a worship leader you are going to face attack at some point, often from the very ones who were once closest to you and the ones you loved and believed in.  That’s all part of leadership, so don’t get discouraged, turn to the Lord and let Him do the worrying for you (you know He won’t of course!).

So settle back, relax and stop worrying about when ex members attack your ministry.  We have you covered here at the worship leader podcast, so check it all out now!

Going up Keys in worship leading can be one of the most exciting experiences a worship leader can have in their Ministry.

When you go up Keys in worship, you will notice that all of the congregation members will be straining a little bit harder to hit the notes, and usually will sing louder and with more commitment. However, the value of going up Keys in worship does not stop there.

The Magic of Going Up Keys in Worship Leading!

There is something spiritually amazing that happens when we go up a key. I can’t really explain it as a worship leader, but I know when I take songs that people know and go up Keys in worship, not only do people sing louder but also the spiritual atmosphere is raised accordingly.

In this podcast we are going to talk about the value of going up Keys in worship, how to do it and when best to apply this technique so that you get positive results from your worship leading. We hope to give you Keys about going up Keys that you will be able to apply starting this Sunday, and that will yield positive results from the very first time you do it.

So if you are not going up Keys in worship, you could be missing one of the best experiences and techniques for your Ministry!

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So don’t miss out, and make sure you are going up keys in worship effectively, starting this Sunday!

Coping with criticism of your worship leading is never going to be fun, but it is something that we all face, sometimes more often than we want to think about, right?

It’s a fact that no one likes to be criticised.  You don’t like it, and neither do I, and I don’t know many people running around saying joyfully, ” I love being criticised!” But when you face criticism of your worship leading, and you will, then you need to establish who is doing the criticising, why or what their agenda is, and is it valid.  Then you must ask the Lord how to respond in a godly and God honouring way.

OK, this all sounds good in theory, but how in the world do you do this when the criticism tore your heart to pieces?

Criticism of Your Worship Leading is Painful, but Often Powerful

Criticism of your worship leading is always going to hurt, especially if you’re a little sensitive like me (that’s not a joke, by the way, I really do feel i when others criticise me). Yet I have learned to respond in the right way, examine the validity of the critique, and have also learned that very often the one with the bigger problem is the one delivering the criticism, not me.

Well this podcast is for everyone who has been hurt but criticism, just or unjust, and we will show you how to not only cope but also use criticism to improve your worship leading


And by the way, if you want to minimise criticism, there are some really simple things you can do which can decrease bad reports of your worship leading.  We are launching new teaching in the next week or so, and you can get your hands on this for free, so listen to today’s pod and truly learn how to cope with Criticism of Your Worship Leading

218- Worship Beyond Performance

Performance vs worship leading, it’s always a tension, so we wanted to look specifically at worship beyond performance.

Some of you say you don’t perform, you minister, but the fact is there is always an element of performance, like it or not. So performing is not bad or evil, it’s what we all do, but how can you worship beyond performance, anointing what you do and making it miraculous, no just a good performance?  That’s what this pod is all about

What is Worship Beyond Performance?

Worship beyond performance is not saying you cannot or should not perform, it’s the part that supernaturally comes after the performance bit.  In other words, it’s God checking in and using the performance you bring to lead people into an amazing encounter with the King of Kings!

So come on, grab a cup of coffee or tea, have a seat and check out the craziest podcasters this side of the Pacific!  You’ll not only learn a lot, improve your worship leading and gain confidence, you’ll have a bit of a laugh at the same time!

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