When you are worship leading for the first time , you can be overwhelmed by what you think is required.

So many songs to choose from, and limited time.  So which ones are going to be awesome and which are going going to bomb out? how can I know, how can I blend songs together, and if I am nervous because I am worship leading for the first time, how can I possibly lead people with confidence given that I myself am struggling to be confident.

You may have been watching others leading worship for the first time and seen them struggle, but hey, it’s your turn and now the pressure is on, right?

Worship Leading for the first time can be Daunting!

Well, the pod team have put together simple, easy to follow and easy to implement  tips which will make your first leading of worship a huge success.  We have discovered after being involved for many years, that there are certain things you can do that are simple, yet they can make worship leading for the first time a real success.

So even if you have been leading worship for a while, going back over these concepts and realigning the way you lead worship could see a real increase in your anointing and your effectiveness as you lead worship.

So worship leader, please don’t blunder into your first service and try and sound like a seasoned professional!  Step back, listen to our advice, keep things simple and trust God to do something amazing, rather than faking it.  He specialised in making the weak strong, and the poor rich, and the humble great!

So if you are facing

worship leading for the first time

, or even if you have done it a lot before, this podcast will speak to you and realign what you do!

And if you are worship leading for the first time, you’ve got to hear this podcast…

236- Arranging Worship Songs

Arranging worship songs is challenge even for a season worship leader. In fact, arranging any songs is always going to be a challenge, and something that you can never stop learning about or becoming better at.

Today’s podcast is about arranging worship songs in a way that is not only attractive, interesting and challenging for the team but also acceptable across all age groups in generations and above all, anointed!

Arranging Worship Songs adds to Your Worship Leading

It is often easier for worship leaders to get off on their own little tangent, arranging songs in the way that they feel comfortable while ignoring the needs of the church and of the people who are listening. It’s no good arranging songs in a way that makes them unattractive to your congregations. This is not only foolish, it is counter-productive!

So is there an art or a knack to arranging worship songs, and is this different to arranging songs in other places?

We think it is! When you are arranging worship songs, you are not only trying to produce a good sound or attempting to make the song clever, but you are setting the stage for people to enter into deeper and more fulfilling worship. When it comes to worship songs, arranging them is often about open a spiritual dimension of the songs rather than the physical playing and singing of tunes.

Arranging praise and worship songs has an added dimension compared to other song arrangements, and that’s what this podcast is exploring. We will show you how you can achieve this even if you only have a few instruments in your worship team.  We can make arranging your worship team easy and effective, and make arranging worship songs more anointed, less troublesome and just a whole heap more fun!

So settle back, relax and enjoy today’s worship leader podcast, and learn how arranging your worship songs in the right way can power your worship leading!

Hey singers, do you know how to get the best from your voice?  If you don’t, or even if you think you are singing well but want to know more, this is the podcast for you!

Learning how to get the best from your boys can be a life changing experience for most singers. It’s not just about voice care, although this is incredibly important, it’s also about how to expand your range and use of the voice given you to the best of your ability and to the maximum potential that you have.

Get the Best from Your Voice Every Time You Lead Worship

Singing is frequently overlooked when it comes to worship leading, but obviously leading worship requires a certain amount of singing to be done. Many worship leaders struggle to hold their voice together over a long period of time, especially when they have been practising hard, singing high notes or coming off a sore throat or the flu.

So in this podcast, Eric and Darin will take you through the steps that you need to not only keep your voice in tiptop condition, but to help you to get the best from your voice under a variety of circumstances.

But they want to go even beyond that! In addition to getting the best from your voice, they want to expand the range that you have so that you are able to sing higher, lower, louder and longer than ever before. They talk about how your voice can be moulded over a period of time to stretch its range and to make it a powerful tool for the Lord when it comes to leading his people in worship.

So settle back, grab a cup of coffee… Oh no, coffee is not good for your throat… Maybe grab a glass of lukewarm water or black tea, and settle back and listen to today’s podcast which will help you to get the best from your voice every time you Minister for the Lord in worship leading.




Learning how to bring the presence of God to a meeting is a skill many worship leaders have not really explored.

Now certainly God is God, and He decides when to make His presence known, but as worship leaders we can do certain things to open the way for a real Holy Spirit encounter in our worship leading.

That’s what this podcast is all about… the steps that you can take as a worship leader to prepare the way for an encounter with the living God!

Learning How to Bring the Presence of God to a Meeting is Life Changing!

Learning the skills that encourage people to open their hearts in worship is a life changing moment!

And let me also add that there is no recipe to bring the presence of God.  There is no secret sauce that makes this happen, but there are simple yet profound steps you can take that will make this more possible.  We teach this in the worship leader academy, and find that students increase the presence of the Lord in their meetings quite profoundly!

So we are not here to offer cheap, easy ways to fake it!  In this podcast, we will look at real and sensible strategies that not only lead people in singing and worship , but that also prepare their hearts for  move of God.  After all, that’s what we are supposed to be all about, isn’t it?

And learning these skills is definitely attainable for almost all worship leaders, regardless of how experienced you are. These skills and ideas open the way for your people to open their hearts and thereby allow God’s presence to move in their hearts, and in the meeting as a whole.

So settle back and enjoy the fun, wit, or should we say half-wit, of Darin and Erick as the share insights and ideas to help you bring the presence of God into all of your worship leading.

Worship practice can be long tedious and dull, but let us show you how to Have Awesome Practices in this podcast.

Everybody knows that practice can not only be boring or uninspiring, but it can be downright depressing, especially if people are struggling to play or sing something. you might find the leader getting angry or short tempered, you might find the musicians being reactive, you might find the backing vocalists sitting in a corner bored and listless.

Or you might find people are genuinely having fun, trying new things and laughing all the way through…

It’s your choice!

Deadly dull, or have awesome practices… we know you are going to love this pod, and turn your practices into the best night of the week, and your worship team into the most joyous part of the church!

Not only can you make it awesome, you can make it everybody’s highlight of the week, generate unity and a joyous spirit in your team and transform them into a powerhouse of worship leading on Sunday!  Listen to find out how…

Self Centred worship… seems completely crazy to worship at all doesn’t it?

How can our worship, which should be God centred, suddenly become self centred?  When we are doing it for the wrong reasons, and that’s what this podcast is all about.

Self Centred Worship is All About…?

I’m coming back to the heart of worship, and it’s all about… ME!  OK, no worship leader is ever going to actually say or sing that, but quite a few of them inadvertently act like it is all about them.  From their hair to their clothes, from the way they strut about the stage to the way they sing, some worship leaders are actually straying into self centred worship leading rather than truly focusing on God .

So don’t be selfish when you lead worship, let this podcast guide you towards God not self centered worship leading.  I mean, isn’t that what we are all about?


This is a controversial podcast, dealing with how you can survive pressure from a pastor as a worship leader.

Now, we all love and respect our pastors, but some of them apply a lot of pressure to those serving in their church, especially worship leaders.

Worship is a big part of a church service, and pastors really want it to be right.  Sometimes they may upset you by seeming particularly demanding, but for the most part they have good intentions at heart.  Your role as the worship leader is not to become a doormat or a punching bag for a service that has not gone well, but you are responsible for serving your pastor, the people and the Lord as you lead worship in church.

Pressure from a pastor is no fun!

Being on the receiving end of pressure from a pastor is never going to be fun, but hey, it’s part of the territory some times.  This podcast will teach you how to handle it properly, in a godly way, and how to act now to not only bless your pastor and the church, but operate as a trusted member of the service team.

So listen to this podcast and learn how to not only survive the pressure from a pastor, but to give him and the church the worship they want in this very special podcast.

We often overlook how to finish a service, and the end of the service often collapses into a coffee and morning tea program, but we have put our heads together to come up with 5 stylish ways you can finish a service in church.

Finish a Service in Style, Not in Confusion!

Often the last thing we think of when we start worship (or anything for that matter) is the end, and then once the preaching and altar call are dealt with, we just stumble into some type of wrap up before coffee, if we are lucky!  Our churches deserve better than this, and so the pod team have set out to try and find new, innovative, clever and practical ways you can bring the service to a close in a stylish, classy and professional manner.

This worship leader podcast is practical, and not to be missed!

None of us are perfect, but here is a really fun podcast where Darin and Erick reveal all… or at least share their funniest worship leading bloopers!

Now, we are the first to admit that we have made mistakes, in fact many, many mistakes, when worship leading.  Some of hem seemed pretty nasty at the time, but looking back hey are actually hilarious!

Why Talk About Worship Leading Bloopers?

Why? Firstly because they are funny, and who better to be laugh at than ourselves.  Secondly, because our collection of worship leading bloopers also illustrate some of he mistakes you can avoid.  So there’s 2 reasons to listen to this podcast!
From missing the entry of a song, to wrong keys and so much more in the way of disasters, this is a podcast that will have you giggling as well as learning something about yourself, and how to lead worship in church.  This is totally not to be missed!

And if you want to avoid these embarrassing yet funny situations and more, check out our free webinar… Click here to see it!

Sex and the ministry is a potent mix at any time, and worship ministry is amongst the worst for sexual indiscretions.

You might be sitting there thinking, “I don’t have an issue with sex in the ministry,” and maybe you don’t right now, but I can tell you this is one of the most frequent tensions within a worship team, and you are not exempt from it!

In a praise and worship team, you have the love of music and worship in common. Many times your wife or husband doesn’t share that love, and this opens a sneaky little door through which the devil can invade your worship team and completely desptroy not only your ministry, but also your entire life!  That’s what makes this praise and worship leader podcast so powerful, and so important. Even if you are not sexually attracted to someone in your team, chances are somebody in your team is attracted to someone else.  We will share strategies on how you can put things in place to stop sex and the ministry becoming a force of destruction in your church!

This open, honest and revealing podcast is a must for every worship leader, married or single.  Avoid the biggest mistake of your life by listening to this…

And don’t forget, we have special teaching about this and all other aspects of worship leading in our exclusive worship leader academy.  Take a few months and learn all you can, and become the worship leader you long to be.  Check out our exclusive worship leader training webinar for free right now.

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